How to Take Back Your Power

How to Take Back Your Power

How to Take Back Your Power

Let Revenge Inspire You to Phenomenal Heights

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You Are a Slave

Every one of us is at the influence of another, whether it be a critical or passive aggressive wife, an egotistical or savage husband, an aggressive boss, a selfish child etc.

Those aggressors lower your ability to maintain positive thoughts and command that you place all of your attention on them. You become obsessed with worry and anguish with characters like those in your life. And, so you are not at peace and never will be until you realize this drama is being played out.

You are someone’s slave and if you are not someone’s slave then you are a slave to your own demons or victimhood. You are shackled and don’t even know it. Your mind is imprisoned in a false painful reality and you are the jailor as well as prisoner. You hold the key to your own imprisonment.

There is a cycle in which the drama is played out, it does not matter if you are a CEO of a huge corporation or a house wife the process is the same.

1. Someone undermines you. They deceive you, they lie to you,
they abuse you; they take you for granted.

   2. You feel like cows’ manure, you feel awful.

3. Each and every day you process that hurt and wonder about yourself.

4. Every time you process that hurt you re-victimize yourself. By replaying that scenario in your mind, you are engaging your subconscious mind all over and inflicting that wound again and again. So rather than being hurt once you are hurting 100x plus.

The Human System is Very Sophisticated

There is a field of energy which you exist within. That field of energy supports your overall wellbeing. However, when that field of energy is compromised by negative feelings and injury to the psyche, it shrinks. When that field shrinks several things happen.

1.) You become susceptible to illness.

2.) You spiral down into depression

3.) You are unable to manifest beautiful things.

When you are not being appreciated by others or when you are being criticized those negative darts serve as a psychic sword to your field of energy. Now when you engage that dart of negative energy you are also helping to tear apart your precious energy field.

So, in essence you are assisting others to rip your vital life force energy. The more your thoughts spiral into negativity the lower your energy, the less power you have to live a full effective life.

What Happens When Someone Attacks You?

1. Someone hurts

The situation can never change until you learn to take back your power. That Person now Owns You, they have you Exactly Where They Want You…. Feeling Like SHIT and completely stuck in Grief. You are their slave and you are being pimped.


Revenge can be a pretty ugly word or it can be a beautifully empowering word depending on how you choose to look at it. Revenge can keep you bound up in hate, anger and regret or it can set you free.

I tend to believe that you will make of it what is naturally within your nature. I however will show you my perspective of it; hopefully it will thrust you into a new paradigm.

When you become aware that someone has hijacked your mind and your good thoughts and feelings it can make anyone very angry.

That CEO who runs that huge cooperation may have a wife who saturates his being with thoughts of guilt or she may undermine him at home. What happens is that at work he may take out his aggression on his employees but fear to rock the boat with his wife at home.

It makes no difference if you are one of his employees or a house wife or a student, all that matters is that your energy and mental space is being hijacked by someone who wants to imprison you in a bad dream.

When you realize this it can make you very angry. Thoughts of taking revenge can begin to dominate your mind. You may become consumed with doing harm but that never leads to freedom.

They imprison you by capturing your thoughts in a pattern of hurt, you imprison them in the same way, they become angry they imprison you all over again…it’s a horrible dance that goes nowhere.

Spiritual Power

The Wounded Deer Leaps the HighestBy Emily Dickenson

You are performing alchemy every day on small levels. Whenever you choose to see the good in a situation you have just transformed it from a bad situation to a good. A situation is neither good nor bad except for your perspective of it.

Everyone who drains your life force energy or who have imprisoned your mind has entered your life because you have allowed them too.

An aggressor never attracts nor attacks another aggressor. A passive person never chooses a partner who is also passive.

A passive boss will tend to have aggressive employees and soon enough the business will fall apart.

On a spiritual level we all choose people who are intended to light a spiritual fire in us. That spiritual fire is designed to stir our emotions and force us to change and push us to higher ground.

Often times we never take the steps that we are destined to take in life because we are either afraid or complacent.

You can choose to see what others have done or said to you and become a victim or you can choose to say, “Yes I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this shit no more…”

Yes Become Angry

There is nothing wrong with anger. Anger is a healthy emotion like all emotions. The only danger in anger is being reactive or wallowing in anger. You wallow in anger when you do nothing about the situation and allow it consume you.

This is where Spiritual Revenge or Alchemy comes into play. You can choose to wallow or you can allow that anger to stir you into a place of power.

Anger is a force of emotional energy equivalent to Love, they just exist on a different spectrum. Both anger and love can drive you to an end result with an intensity of emotion.

Often times people are able to accomplish great things when driven by anger. When you feel the desire to take revenge on another ask yourself if the energy of revenge will add to your wellbeing.

Remember if you have already been damaged by negative energy and your own life force energy has been compromised then taking revenge that destroys another won’t do very much for you. You may feel a temporary satisfaction but it won’t be a lasting one that will propel you forward.

Living a Good Life is The Best Revenge

When you do things, which add to your wellbeing this is the best way to recuperate your life force energy. You will begin to feel better about yourself. You will slowly begin to feel stronger. Your energy will begin to grow and that person will no longer be able to hurt you in the same way that they did.

As you build up you become stronger, more confident and less susceptible to mental and energetic harm.

Proactive Revenge Technique

Take the following exercise. If you just read this eBook and did not actually take action it would sadden me. After all it took time to create this eBook and I honestly did this from a place of love. All too often people reach old age and all they have to show for their life is regret…Sad stories of stolen dreams. Don’t let that be you.

1.) Take some quiet time where you will not be disturbed. Settle down with a journal.
2.) Ask yourself what power has this person over you?
3.) Why have you allowed this behavior to exist?
4.) What past experience have you gone through that is similar to this one?
5.) Are you replaying this drama to learn what life lesson?
6.) Do you need to be more loving to yourself?
7.) Do you need to set better boundaries?
8.) Did you attract that person in order to spur you to get out of fear and move into action?
9.) What new action or goal can you now take that would make you feel healed and empowered over that person?
10.) How will you FEEL having accomplished that goal? Aim to feel empowered and dynamic.

The next step is to now see yourself taking that goal and succeeding with it. See yourself become more powerful than the other, moving beyond those feelings of weakness and victimhood.

Rapid Action

This is where the energy of anger really begins to work. The energy of anger works as a moving force. It propels you into motion probably far more than love or your desire for something. Anger is a powerful force that can move mountains.

While you are spurred by the feelings of anger you must take massive action NOW. Anger is like a ball moving down a hill. Once it starts it just can’t stop. It picks up speed and keeps going. Where it goes is really all up to you.

When you do not take action Anger festers in you. Like the ball going downhill it continues to grow big and big but it goes not where really because you are not taking any action to direct it. Well it causes stirred up energy inside of your body. It may give you an ulcer but it sure won’t add to your life.

The person who has angered you will have won. However, when you seek to take revenge by choosing a goal you are now directing that energy of anger at a target. Like a bull you are going to GET it. One way of another you are going to be so damn angary that you are going to MAKE it happen.

When anger grips you and forces you to channel it into someplace which will enhance your life there is no place for fear or worry or anything. There is just you and your goal. Find out what actions are necessary to reach your goal. If you don’t know what actions are necessary find others who do know, get it from them at all course and DO IT!!!!

It’s an EMERGENCY!!! You need to reach your goal now. IT’S A DO OR DIE MATTER. Hey anger can kill you. So, you need to channel this anger into an end result FAST. You need to build your life force energy and regain your sense of self NOW.

Putting all jokes aside all successful people use a technique which pushes them to a mad dash action otherwise you lose momentum. It’s a Now or Never Scenario.

Rapid Action Meditation

         1.) Think of how awful you feel right now. Huh!!!

2.) Now ask yourself: How would you feel if you don’t achieve your goal?

3.) How many years or months have you been feeling just plain shitty?

4.) Do you think those people who trample on you don’t feel a bit glad to see you suffer this way? I am sure they do; their well-being depends on it. Geese after all!!

We live in a world where people derive joy just by seeing other people suffer. It’s what causes ratings to go up on the television or magazine sales to soar.

5.) Now imagine, what if you worked on your goals and achieve those goals without telling anyone, (except those people who are actively helping you) until it was all done?

6.) Make a list of 7 things which would cause you more pain and long-term frustration if you DO NOT ACCOMPLISH your goal. Besides humiliation, knowing that secretly you are bringing pleasure to others. You would suffer far more by not taking action than by taking action and achieving your goals. It’s easier to achieve a goal than to sit and pine away in the “what if” mode. Losers sit around wondering what if….

Losers Vs Winners

Losers focus most of their attention on what they could potentially lose than the possibility of what they could gain.

Winners know that every action good or bad is a win. They understand that if an action does not lead to the end result they have learned what not to do.

Winners have tunnel vision. Where driven by pain, anger or frustration they will beg, steal, borrow, and leap over mountains to get what they want. (Figuratively Speaking!!!)

Losers wait for validation from others to take action.

Winners know that the only validation is their driving force to reach a goal. No Tom, Dick or Harry is needed. Besides, winners know that Tom, Dick or Harry will be too envious of their ideas and will only try to discourage them.

Losers live on blind Fear! Winners live on blind Faith!

Losers set a goal then flounder all over the place. Winners set a goal and are consumed by every step until they reach their aim.

Losers let embarrassment get in the way of asking for help.

Winners block out those emotions that prevent them from getting to their goal. While they may feel it, they tune it out.

Losers fear rejection

Winners know that a certain amount of rejection is part of the game of life. Soon enough they will get a yes. It’s a numbers gain, get with it!

Losers stop at the first failed attempt.

Winners see a failed attempt as an opportunity to begin again and as a lesson on what not to do the next time. They take each failed attempt as enhancement in reaching closer to their goals.

Losers fear the steps which they must take to reach their goal. Winners fear the pain of never reaching their goal.

What are you really?

Creating a Breakthrough

It can be very hard to make changes in life because most people are stuck within their personality. They become so caught up in who they think they are and what rules have been placed upon them by other people’s expectations of them. This by itself is imprisonment.

Others hold an idea of who they think you are. They tell you what they believe you are capable of and the more you hear it the more you begin to believe it.

Somewhere deep within you, there may be doubt. You may know that what they say is not accurate, you may know that you are capable of much more but for some reason you can’t seem to shift beyond the mode that you have been living it.

More often than not people are fake. They live a fake existence based on what they think others want to see of them. The more you practice this fake personality the stronger it gets, leaving no room for the real you to emerge. As you get older the real you become submerged below a pile of rubbish and darkness and a personality that is not genuinely who you are. Sad!

Most people will die and never reach their full potential. The dream of who they really are will be lost in the problems which push them to the bottom of the river impaled by the muddy surface.

You are not free when you curtail your actions based on the dreams that others hold of you. When you limit yourself, feel sorry for yourself, hold on to regret or allow others to hold dismal ugly dreams of who you are or could be, all these lower emotions create hell on earth and imprisonment for you.

Trapped, Stuck, Imprisonment, Hurt, Fear, Failure, Sadness, Loneliness, Poverty, Hate, Darkness are all born out of madness.

This starts when you give away your power to those around you, when you allow others to place darkness in your mind.

Others Imprison You

Every time someone projects an image of who they think you are they tap into the field of energy around you and on a subtle level they shape and shift who you are. They are feeling your mind an image again and again which it recreates subconsciously.

If that story is an unfavorable one it is molding you into a negative form. The more that person communicates this dreadful story and characteristic of who they think you are the more concrete it becomes.

The tongue is a powerful tool, it can bring salvation, freedom or it can imprison. Every spoken word can liberate your soul or do damage.

It can be very hard to make a shift and that is why I wrote this book. I want you to learn a technique that will push you beyond your concept of who you think you are and what you think you are capable of off.

Until you learn to take your power back you remain locked inside the mold that others create for you.

Here is a secret: If you are irritated by the actions of another and want that person to change in a favorable way, here is what to do. Instead of complaining about that person over and over, change the dynamic of the dream.

Say to that person, “Oh I so love it when you do XXXXX. The more you speak the positive of the dream, you begin to construct something new out of that person. Soon enough they will transform before you and become more to your liking.

The more you speak a person’s nature into existence the more they become that nature. So imagine if you continue to allow others to speak defeat into your life, they too are molding you into a horrible, ugly form until you learn to say NO and then change that form.

The Steps

1.) The first step to creating a breakthrough is to know what YOU want from yourself.

2.) Write it out. WHO the hell are you really? No, I don’t care about who you have been told you are by mother, father, wife and all the lot. To hell with those limited dreamers. WHO ARE YOU????? Who are you when you close your eyes at night and begin to dream of yourself? What are your secret passions? WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR? WHAT DID YOU COME HERE TO DO?

3.) Become aware of your own present story. Who are the people around you who hold an impression of you which does not match this image you have of yourself? Don’t get angry understand that much of this negative image they are holding comes from a dark place which first exist within them. No one can see beauty or potential if beauty and potential does not first exist within them.

In the following chapter I will show you a very powerful shape shifting technique.

Shape Shifting

Shape shifting is the ability to alter one’s physical form to take on the attributes of another being, animal or source of nature. The concept of shape shifting does not just belong to comic books and science fiction.

Shape shifting has a real part in the cultural and belief systems of many indigenous groups from the heart of African to Native American Tribes. There are many who know the secrets to the physical transformations of the physical bodies. Of course, these secrets are not modern-day pop ideas of “secrets” that will soon be divulged after paying your 19.95.

It may be hard to believe that such things could happen but if you do understand that all is energy and energy is not fixed but malleable, then by all means you know that there are secrets which exist in the universe that you may not be aware of.

The more common concept of shape shifting is the deep subconscious transformation of a person. The American Indians used this form of shape shifting to take on the powerful attributes associated with certain animals or elements of nature to empower themselves.

Every animal has a core nature that is deeply associated with its very existence. You can learn a great deal by observing certain animals and learning from their powerful nature.

By meditating on the animal’s core power qualities, you can very easily merge into that animal’s nature and break free from your old limited nature and personality. You will find that you are able to do things that you were unable to do previously.

The Mirror Effect

Scientist have become aware of something mystics have been speaking of for centuries. When Shamans and Mystics tap into the higher sphere to discover the way reality works the information that they bring back can be very hard to express. Because scientists have not yet discovered many of these concepts there are no names which those mystics can use to express this to the average person.

One example is the mirror effect that has been spoken of for centuries. Now in present day, scientists are discovering phenomena that is sure to bring about a greater understanding to many of our modern-day concerns.

By observing a person or object for a period of time our brain begins to build repour with that image but not only that the cells in our body begin to showily mirror that object. The longer we spend focusing upon something the more we become like it.

This may explain why some pets begin to look like their owner or why spouses who love each other and spend a great deal of time with each other begin to look like each other. Since there is no biological tie to each other the mirror effect supports this phenomenon.

Mystics have long said that looking upon the images of a great spiritual teach will bring those attributes into one’s being.

The Stigmata

The stigmata are another example of this. Scientist became puzzled by those who manifested the wounds of Jesus on the cross without inflicting those wounds on themselves physically. They discovered what was common to every single one of those people was that they had all been looking deeply at the image of Jesus on the cross while fasting and praying for several days. The Mind then the cells had begun to mirror the images and manifest the wounds of Jesus in the body.

In order to practice the principles of shape shifting you have to spend some time immersed in the nature of the object whose qualities you care to adopt. The longer you spend time looking at, thinking about that thing the more easily you become like it.

This is not an effort driven technique. Shape shifting happens almost spontaneously when you relax and allow the changes to happen. It cannot be forced; it must be a fun effortless enjoyable contemplation and engages your body and your mind. The longer your body and mind merges with that object or animal a shift begins to happen that can be a very long-lasting breakthrough.

People often find that they are just not the same again after doing the upcoming techniques. Sometimes other people may witness the changes in you, before you can see the changes in yourself.

If you tend to procrastinate, if you feel hurt and attack, if you feel fearful about your future these shape shifting techniques can really transform you quickly.

Breakthrough – 

The first part of creating a breakthrough is to become aware of YOU and who you are and what you want from your very limited time on this earth.

The next part of creating a breakthrough is to shift out of your personality. SHIFT OUT OF AND BREAK THROUGH THE FORM THAT OTHERS HAVE CREATED FOR YOU. Break out of the ugly dream that others have locked you in.

When you allow others to hold a bad and limited dream of who you are YOU SHAPE SHIFT INTO A LIMITED BEING. Your life will begin to mirror those complaints or things that others repeatedly project onto you. The spoken word is like casting a spell. People are practicing black magic all the time while very few understand the greater power of white magic.

Use your tongue to create beauty and freedom in others and this will return to you 100 folds. The power of divine 8 will return to you many times over.

You can also use the power of shape shifting to alter your own present state. Whatever mold you have been incased in you can begin to have a breakthrough using the power techniques of shape shifting.

Shape Shifting Techniques

In this shape shifting technique you will find that your body and mind will take on a new force, a new sense of power to make the changes that you deeply want.

In order to gain success with this technique you must practice this every day for a 20-30-day period along with any other courses you are working on. Some people may find the changes happen quickly after just one session, while others may find it takes them a bit longer for several reasons.

However, no matter how quickly the changes happen to you the more you do these sessions the more long lasting the changes will be.

You will need a journal for this. Please don’t try to skip this part and hope to benefit from this. Those people who will make the most changes are those who will actually keep a journal through this process.

Part 1

What are you struggling with most at this present time in your life? Is it fear, procrastination, feelings of being a victim? Whatever it is label it and be honest about it.

In your journal write out your feelings. Let it all out; because before you can change you have to know what is holding you back. You have to face the demons in your life.

Part 2

What personality do you need to have in order to feel powerful and victorious over that issue? Take time to think of this. DO you need to feel fearless, physically stronger, happier, powerful…?

Name the personality that you want to embody

Part 3 

What animal or force of nature reminds you of this personality or quality you would like to embody?

To help you with this one I will give you a few examples but be free to choose something else if you like. What comes to your mind when you think of?

A Bird

A Whale

A Lion

A Butterfly

The Sun

The Stars

An Angelic Presence

A River

A Mountain

A Superhero

Part 4

Now that you have chosen your Symbol of Power and transformation you need to engage in the next step. Sit for as long as it takes and begin to document all the characteristics that are within that Power Symbol. I will help you out by giving you a template but it’s only an example you have to fill in the rest.

       1.) How does your Power Symbol act?

2.) What immediate characteristics come to mind when you think of it?

3.) How many core qualities does your Power Symbol possess?

4.) Now that you know what those qualities are ask yourself what are they        good for at this present time in your life. The better to do what with?

        5.) Each quality that your Power Symbol possesses must be an
attribute which will empower your present life.

Here is an Example:

I choose a River.. A river is constantly flowing, it is never in the same place for long. Yet it is everywhere at the same time. A river represents freedom, movement.

At the same time a river can be powerful rushing downstream with a force while at other times that very same river can be calm. The river makes very beautiful melodies if you listen to it.

If there are any boulders in the way of the river it rushes over the boulder, or it rushes around the boulders. Either way it moves and finds a way through or around.

When you examine those characteristics ask yourself how can those characters serve my life? How can I be both calm and powerful? How can I learn to go around these issues in my present life? How can I learn to flow like the river by moving on rather than being stagnant in fear or attachment?

How can you begin to be melodious like the river? Perhaps in the way you speak to others the things you say…

There is no reason you cannot adopt an entire new way of being. There are no boundaries to who you become and how you chose to express your own unique nature. The whole idea of this exercise is to move beyond your present form.

The Shape Shifting Meditation

This is the source of shape shifting. Now that you have studied the object of power that you would like to become its time to do the trance meditation. This is one of the most powerful exercises you will ever do. This will help you to break through all patterns. Your body and mind will begin to transform.

You are going to take the characteristics of your Power Symbol into your subconscious by going into a deep trance. Each and every time you do this you will merge more deeply with the being or force of nature that you want to become like. YOU WILL CHANGE!!! This is a very powerful meditation.

1.) Find music that raises your spiritual to intense levels. High impact music that makes you feel empowered or filled with the desire to dance is what you need. BUT let it be music void of lots of junk lyrics. You don’t want your thoughts being contaminated by other people’s stories. Find drumming music.

2.) As you listen to the music become your Power Symbol. Feel yourself transforming into that Power Symbol. If you are bird begin to fly. Recall all the characteristics that you labeled and begin to see yourself expressing those powerful characteristics.

3.) Stay with this meditation for as long as you can. Pay attention to whatever is going on inside of your body. Feel yourself becoming more powerful. Make sure to experience every single characteristic.

4.) At the end of that meditation write out any new thoughts or feelings that you had while doing the meditation. Do this every single day for the 20-30 day period.

5.) Make sure to note any changes that are happening to you or anything unexpected.

6.) At the end of your 20-30 day period face your problem. NOT BEFORE…after this time period you are now ready to face whatever issue you want to change as your new more powerful self.

You have just broken through your own mold. Whatever hurt and pain that has been placed upon you has now been shifted. You have the power now to live as a winner and to accomplish whatever goals you set your mind to granted that you continue the learning process.

Continue to learn the secrets of manifesting. You will realize that you are better able to follow through with the steps of manifesting what you want as your new self.

It is very hard to manifest what you want as your old limited self. After all you create in your life based on your old mind set.

With your new mind set you are now a Powerful FORCE!

The following courses are sure to help shift you further. You can incorporate them into your life while you practice the shape shifting technique. In fact, they will enhance the shape shifting mediation.

Learn the secrets to protecting your energy. Self-protection is Key. Only when you read this book will you realize just how necessary self-protection is. What you don’t know may be damaging to your well-being.

Think you know about the law of attraction? Think again! Success with the law of attraction is much more than visualization alone. What is great about the course below is that it is that you get the audio version to listen to again and again until you get it. You will learn much more through repetition. Put it in your Mp3 and play it several times.



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