How to Stop the Hypnotic Induction of Negative Thoughts

How to Stop the Hypnotic Induction of Negative Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself locked in some heavy emotional state, where you couldn’t stop overthinking? Maybe you had a bad breakup, maybe you got into a disagreement with someone who means a lot to you. Whatever the situation may be, you found yourself over processing and overthinking, unable to stop the cycle of negative thoughts.

What eventually happens, is that you become locked into a particular thought pattern. This particular thought pattern locks you into a strong emotional state, based on what you are over thinking. You may even struggle to stop the negative thoughts but they seem to have a life of their own. They continue to replay in your mind over and over, keeping you in a state of what I will call hypnotic induction.

Hypnotic induction is a state in which a hypnotist places an individual, in order to achieve a desired outcome. In this case, you are the one placing yourself in a state of self-induced hypnotic induction. Because of the strong emotional connection, you have towards those thoughts as well as the story that it involves, you are essentially hypnotizing yourself. There is no greater form of self-hypnosis than a strong emotional reaction backed by constant mental repetition of certain thoughts.

So essentially, you are hypnotizing yourself when you get stuck in those negative mental cycles. The only way to avoid this self hypnotic state of Induction, is to willfully stop yourself from this continuous cycle of negative mental thinking.

The Path of Least Resistance

Was there a time in high school where you were expected to create a volcano? At some point most students get the opportunity to create a miniature volcano. One thing, you may have noticed is that every time you got the lava to spill from the volcano it always followed the path of the previous eruption.

It’s a bit like water running from a mountaintop. If you have ever seen water flowing from a mountain top, one thing you would notice is that the water takes a steady path following the very same route all the way down. In as much as the water has the entire mountain to flow, the water maintains a steady flow following a very strict outline. That path is always the path of the very first water flow.

Your thoughts work in a very similar way. Whenever you have an emotional reaction to something and find yourself over processing, what happens is that the mind begins to create a pattern which becomes very difficult to stop. It’s as if the thoughts create a groove within the mind and every additional thought seems to fit into that groove, made by the first thoughts and emotions. You become locked into a strong mental and emotional pattern, along with very strong mental images. This creates a very deep and lasting state of hypnotic induction.

You may even try as hard as you can, to get rid of this mental loop of negative thoughts. However, no matter how much you try, your mind seems to have a life of its own. And that is because whatever thought you have presently, is mirroring the thoughts that you had previously.

Each new thought, builds upon the thoughts and emotions of the previous thoughts and emotions, creating a rhythm of the previous thought. It is almost as if you become locked into a mental addiction which is very hard to break free of.

Breaking The Path of Least Resistance

Breaking out of an old mental and emotional state is quite difficult. It is difficult because your mind has a very addictive quality. This addiction causes the mind to follow along with whichever heightened emotional reaction you may have encountered last. So every additional new thought, tends to take on the pattern of the previous emotional state.

How many times have you found yourself very angry about a situation and just couldn’t stop overthinking that particular situation? You may have even found yourself struggling to get out of a very negative emotional state but find yourself unable to stop the cycle of repeated negative thoughts.

If you wanted to alter the path in which the water flows down the mountain, you would have to manually create an entirely new pathway. You would have to with tools or a tractor dig out a new path for the water to take a whole new direction. This is exactly what is required to deliberately stop the negative thought cycle.

In other words, just as you would have to cut out a new path on the mountain for the water to flow differently, you also need to cut out a new mental and emotional thought pattern with just as much purpose and force. If you are waiting for the negative thought loop to change on their own they wont you have to deliberately carve out new thought patterns and do so in an aggressive way to shift the mind from its hypnotic state.

When you cut out a new thought pattern, not only will your thoughts naturally gravitate to this new pattern, but your mind will create another form of mental and emotional addiction to that new pattern. Basically, you are creating a new mental loop, a new mental groove, a new mental addiction, in which every new thought moves into.

In other words you are continuing to form another state of hypnotic induction. however, In this case it would be a more positive form of hypnotic induction. One deliberately carved out by you, one that is powerful and in alignment with your highest purpose. If the mind is going to create a hypnotic state anyway why not let it be an empowered hypnotic state.

How to Stop the Hypnotic Induction

The one thing you want to do, is to acknowledge your present thoughts and feelings no matter how painful it may seem. Don’t push those thoughts away. You want to have an inner dialogue with yourself. You want to have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions such as, Is This Feeling rational? Can I shift this negative experience into something more positive? How do I overcome this present situation? Did this situation come to lead me in a new Direction? How can this situation enhance what it is I really want?

By questioning yourself, you break up the cycle of repetitive thoughts. Not only do you break up the repetitive cycle, you also give your mind an opportunity to seek out answers that could benefits you in creating a new positive thought cycle for a new form of hypnotic induction.

You want to write out your thoughts and feelings and what you have discovered in overcoming this negative loop. Writing it out gives you an opportunity to release your pent-up emotions, also releasing your thought patterns as well.

Finally, you would have created a new thought pattern pertaining to the circumstances. It’s very easy to go back to feeling negative about the situation. One of the fastest ways to overcome the situation, is to create a list of statements that are empowering. These new statements should create a new mental and emotional dynamic for you.

In other words, if you were feeling sad about a particular situation, by understanding the situation and creating a new way of looking at that situation, you can deliberately create a new mental thought pattern regarding that issue.

Write those thoughts out and just deliberately repeat them over and over again to break up that previous old thought pattern that was controlling your mind and keeping you in a negative state of mind. Force yourself to repeat those new statements until you feel a shift in your mind and emotions to where you are no longer recycling those old negative thoughts.

Sometimes it could take 5 minutes straight, other times it may take hours. It all depends on how deep of an emotional connection you had with that situations and those thoughts of the situation.

The key is to willfully control your thoughts by being deliberately proactive about keeping the thoughts in a new more empowered groove. Like the tractor carving out a new path for the water to flow.


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