How to Shield Your Mental Energy

How to Shield Your Mental Energy

Everyday you are conscious of protecting your physical body but how many times do you consider protecting your mind? The human mind is the most powerful tool we have as human beings. Without the mind your body wouldn’t function, yet we give little thought to protecting it.

The interconnection between mind and body is often felt after experiencing something which brought you so much fear that you could not physically move. Another example could be after having a big fight, where moments later you find yourself physically tired, maybe even drained and depleted. You may even feel that drained feeling after watching the news, or listening to one of your friends complain about how hard life is for them.

When you feel drained and low on energy you think low and negative thoughts. Your outlook on life always matches the way you are feeling at any given time. Thoughts proceed feelings and feelings proceed motivation.


The first thing you want to become aware of are your thoughts and how certain people or situations impact your thinking and how you feel.  Your thoughts are motivated by your environment.

That environment consist of the people you surround yourself by, what you read, the things you watch on television, and whatever content you consume on a daily basis. You are not separate from your environment, though you may think you are, you are not. What you are seeing, hearing and speaking about seeps into your mind. You are mentally absorbing information every second which has an impact on your mind and mental energy. Every thought you engage in, is also a visual in your mind.

You are forming mental pictures everyday from the information you are absorbing from your environment. If what you are engaging in suits your goals and the way you want to live then that is a good thing. However what happens if you are in the midst of situations which keep you in mental turmoil? What if what you are seeing and hearing daily keeps you feeling tired, uninspired and unmotivated?

Set Your Tone

Setting your tone requires a little bit of reflection time, a pen and paper. Your personal tone is that place where you feel a sense of harmony, peace and that everything is possible and everything is flowing in line with your highest potential. Because everyone is different everyone’s tone will require different things. Your goal is to focus on your individual tone and what it takes to get it to that level.

  • Begin by getting in touch with that feeling.
  • Hold that feeling in your mind for as long as you can until that state grows strong in you. You must be able to identify it again and again, until you own it.
  • Identify the people, things, places and situations which bring you to that state.
  • Identify the people, situations and things which take you away from that state.
  • Now ask yourself what in your life do you need to eliminate or at least distance yourself from for a while.
  • Journal all of your reflects, eliminate nothing. No matter how trivial something may seem write it down. Those seemingly small things can make or break your over all tone.
  • Trust your intuition.


Setting boundaries can seem very scary, because it would mean blocking some people out and saying no to others. The fear that we may turn people against us by saying no, pushes us into very unhealthy situations. Sometimes we are afraid of saying no to someone, even tho saying yes just to please them would really mean say no to our self.

Do you believe that someone else’s happiness is more important than your happiness? When you say yes to someone even though you mean to say no, you are really actually going against your own self.

It’s ok to walk away from unhealthy conversations, or everyday things which do not feed your soul. The more you can identify your own personal tone, the easier it becomes in identifying things or situations which do not match your personal tone.

Shielding Brute Force Style

During periods of manifesting your desires one has got to become very dedicated to the practice. In so doing one has got to be Focus with intensity during the period of manifestation. At that time you must under all circumstances protect your mental energy. And, if you go about the manifestation process in the correct way you will learn to completely abstain and fast from anything which does not feed your mind and your soul in the direction of the goal that you’re trying to achieve. If you can apply the same practice on an everyday basis and not only when you’re manifesting then you will learn to keep your mental energy very high and protected at all times.


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