How to Protect Yourself From Someone Who is Draining Your Energy

How to Protect Yourself From Someone Who is Draining Your Energy

At this present time, you may be battling with a spouse, your children, your friends or family members. No matter who you are battling with, that battle can become very depressing. It can become locked into your mind and take away all of your joy. Not only that, but it can also take away your desire to do the things that make you feel joyful and happy. All because you are completely consumed by thoughts of the battle that you are having.

After a while, you begin to feel the negative thought projections, as if they were real. If you are a sensitive person, those thought projections may actually feel like daggers going through your body. In this case, the battle is real and not just something going on in your mind.

You could try a little harder to create more peace. You could try giving up your right but all of these things just don’t work. You see, the battle is not a physical one. The battle is an internal one going on inside of you first. So, when you learn to understand the internal battle going on within, you can begin to create a powerful shield that will protect you, heal you and transform you as well.

The Dangerous Tug of War Happening

So you and someone else are having a hard time of it. The two of you just can’t seem to see eye to eye on any matter. You can feel the negative drain this tug-of-war has caused but no matter what you try to do to create peace nothing seems to work. It’s eating away at every part of your being and here’s why it is really eating away at you.

Much of the fight that you’re having with the other person is all psychic. You feel unhappy, angry thoughts towards them. Then you mentally project those thoughts on to them. Then on the other end, the other person whom you are fighting with, they are also feeling angry towards you. In their anger, they project angry hurtful negative thoughts and feelings towards you as well. Soon what you have is an entanglement of two people sending negative thoughts back and forth to each other.

As this goes on for an extended period of time, what the two of you will succeed in creating is a dark negative energy. Soon both of you will complain that nothing is working in your lives. You will encounter all sorts of mishaps and tragic happenings without understanding why. That is because, you do not understand that what you and the other have created is a living organism made up of the negative thought projections that you both created.

The longer you and this other person stay in battle, the stronger this dark negative force grows. Because of your strong feelings against the other person, it may be hard to believe or accept that you and the other person are deeply connected and intertwined.

This is so because you are connecting with them, through thoughts and emotions constantly, that you have both locked yourself into a cocoon of darkness. This cocoon is made up of strong psychic thought energy created by the two of you, constantly feeding this field on a daily, constant, moment to moment basis.

Before you can create a powerful shield it’s imperative that you understand this dynamic that is happening.

The First Form of Protection Starts With Making Peace With Your Perceptions

Energetically, you cannot alter a thing by being in opposition to it. When you are caught up in a war with something you cannot change it, you cannot alter it, you cannot bend it to your will. In order to change the dynamics between you and the person you may be having a battle with, you need to alter the energy between the two of you.

How can you create a shield against something that you are presently attached to? You cannot change the other person, but you can change yourself. You can change your part of the energy field by changing the dynamics of energy that you put out. When you stop feeding negative energy towards that force field that you and the other person have created it loses its power.

Your first form of power and protection is to change the energy dynamic between you and the other person. The way to do that is to change your perception of the story and the situation. How about looking at the story from a completely different perspective than you presently are?

There is something to gain out of every single situation. One situation may come to highlight an aspect of yourself that you need to work on. Another situation may come to teach you how to become stronger within yourself. Another situation may come to teach you better communication skills. You have to look into every single situation in order to see what it has come to teach and provide you with.

Ask yourself this question, If I removed my emotions from this situation, what am I learning from this particular fight that I am having? What must I learn from this experience? How has this fight been working for my betterment? If I picked this experience before I even came into this life, what was this experience designed to teach me?

Spend some time reflecting on these questions. Go as deep as you need to go. Write it out in a journal. That way your thoughts are organised and the shift can happen at a deeper internal state. The deeper you go the deeper the shift. It could take you hours, or it could take you days to shift your emotional state, from one of anger and frustration, to one where you understand that the situation has really come to teach you, valuable lessons.

Let yourself become empowered by the new perspective. Write it down and place it in an area where you could see it frequently. That way every time you become triggered you are reminded of what that situation has come to teach you. Another suggestion is to write it out on a note card and commit to reading it out at least every hour, throughout the day.

Doing this will help you in retaining your power. It will help you to regain a sense of purpose and bring you back to a place where you’re no longer losing energy over the situation. It will no longer plague you as it previously did, because you are now using it in a way that will benefit you in the long run.

By blocking the negativity, the moment you change how you feel about the other person and the situation, the energy between the two of you will also change. They won’t know why but they will feel the shift.

They will for some reason not feel as bitter, or angry towards you as they previously did. That is because they are no longer feeling your negative projections or that psychic entanglement towards them as well. Even if they are the ones attacking you, by you changing your energy towards them you change the dynamic between the two of you.

You block their negative vibes when you no longer engage in it from the same level where they are. When you fight and push against the anger it only creates more negative thought energy. Anything you push against with force only gets bigger and stronger. However, when you transmute the energy that they’re sending by turning the negative into a positive perception, this alone transforms the dark to light, then it no longer has power over you.

Creating a Power Shield

Creating a power shield requires that you create a psychic barrier between you and the other person. As I said previously, you cannot create protection or shield against someone that you are attached to.

When you are still caught up in the tug-of-war between you and the other person you are energetically linked, as one source of energy. However, when you change your thoughts towards the other person, you create a separate energy field from there’s. Now you are able to create a shield so strong that it keeps the other person at a distance from you.

Just as you created a strong psychic bond between you and the other person based on constant thoughts battling with them and about them; you can also create a psychic shield using the same method. Start by creating your own script based on what you want in regards to this situation.

Creating Your Script

A script will consist of several statements of power. Make the Script as long as 9 to 11 powerful statements. State things such as: I’m protected, your thoughts can no longer affect me. I’m in a shield of positive frequency. This situation came to teach me________. After you write the Script out, based on the particular situation that you’re in, visualize yourself in a field of dynamic positive energy. You can visualize yourself standing in the center of an oval field of light. Allow that field of energy to be like a field of light coming from your center and flowing out in a circle around your physical body.

As you imagine this field of light, recite your 11 statements of protection and power. Do so over and over until your mind falls into a deep semi sleep state where you feel calm and in a very peaceful hypnotic State of Mind. You should feel calm peaceful and protected. Key to getting this to work requires that you also use your ability to visualize with deep clarity

Your ability to visualize with realness and clarity is key to making this very effective. visualization is a super powerful and effective tool in order to shift the mind from one state to another state. If you repeat affirmations or prayers without the use of visualization the result will not be as effective. Allow yourself to become visually stimulated. Allow your mind to envision the light with clarity and intensity and as much saturation as you can presently envision. Open your spiritual eye for more powerful results.


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