How to Overcome Anxiety Using an Effective Mind Power Technique

How to Overcome Anxiety Using an Effective Mind Power Technique

Anxiety and depression are two sides of the same coin.  Both states exist as a response of not living in the present moment.  Depression arises as a result of dwelling in the past. While anxiety exist, as worry for the future.  How then do we resolve our fears and worries for the future or our regrets and hurts of the past? Here are a few ideas.

1. Start by getting a journal, where you can explore your thoughts and feelings. This is an extremely important step. Much of our anxiety come from having lots of disorganized thoughts, running around in our head.  By writing it out we bring clarity to ourselves, and free up the mind from suppressive thinking.

2. If you find yourself feeling anxious about a particular matter, ask yourself what is the worst thing that could happen, if this situation does not work out.

3. Go even deeper still, ask yourself, what is the best thing I can learn or gain from this worst-case scenario?  If things did not work out what is the diamond, the gift, the lesson, the golden egg…that has come from that worst case scenario? Spend some time exploring this question.

4. If you are looking back and feeling regret, sadness or any of those suppressive emotions, ask yourself this. What if life were a game? A short game in time, where you chose key characters and moments in your life.. You did this in order to learn certain lessons, in order to force you to grow and move into your greater power. Reflect on this for a bit.

5. Now ask yourself this. If you are not consumed with feeling like the victim of your story, how has your past made you better?

6. What positive characteristics have your been forced to develop as a result of those experiences?

7. What if everything you have been thought was designed to prepare you for your best dreams and desires?

8. Spend time exploring these questions. Get some music and allow your mind to travel deeply as you explore those thoughts, ideas and moments of your life in a new way.

9. Most importantly aim to reach a state of non-judgement, with yourself as well as others who have been a part of your story.  Every character plays his or her role to the best of their ability,, to the best of their awareness of self.  The key is becoming aware that you are not  the victim and with that will come an inner peace.

  An experience is only a bad thing, when we perceive from a place a victimhood.  When we realize that everything has come to awaken us, then there is no more need for fear, regret or doubt.  Everything has been a gift and knowing this alone, should brings peace.  Nothing has been against you and nothing will be against you.

Mind Power Technique to Overcome Anxiety

Your reality matches your frequency. From long term states of depression and anxiety, you may find your life being a constant state of life draining experiences.  However once you change the way you look at life, as you have hopefully done from the previous exercise, you can alter the energies that you have been sending out.

You can change the energy so that everyone and everything moves into your peace.  You will experience more harmony and peace with everyone and everything.  You will affect your home, where you work and everywhere you go. The frequencies will adjust to suite your peace.  Its quite magical how that works.

1. Find a comfortable space, get seated. You may want to find music which puts you in a happy, elevated state of being. Instrumental music without lyrics would be best.

2. Connect with the present moment, not the past not the future. Bring all of your attention in the NOW moment.  Feel the peace and harmony that exist right here, right now.

3. Using your ability to visualize, imagine that peace as streams of light emanating from inside of you as it extends all around you.  Imagine those streams of light growing brighter, stronger, more radiant as it creates a dynamic flow of pulsating light all around you.

4. Repeat the following affirmations, as you maintain the vision: 

  • I feel comfortable and at ease. 
  • I exist within a peaceful state.
  • Everything and everyone around me, moves into a state
    of harmony to match my inner state of peace.

5. As you repeat these statements keep visualizing yourself within your own plasma ball of radiant frequencies, but as you do so,  feel the peace from within you expanding out to everything and everyone all around you.

Feel that peace being spread out from you, flowing all around you like a beautiful dance of colorful, clean, dancing radiant light.  Everything in your atmosphere being filled with an ever-growing peace starting with you.


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