How to Overcome a Setback

How to Overcome a Setback

Setbacks are a way of life. However, when you are experiencing one, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, there is some higher intelligence working in this universe which creates order out of the seemingly disorderly. Although we may not fully understand why things happen or how to use a set back to our advantage, there are still treasures within your setbacks, so much so, that you will soon realize that setbacks are a gift.

Your Two Selves

We each have a higher aspect of self, as well as a lower aspect of self. This higher aspect which some call your higher self-dwells in the unseen, higher dimensions; in the realm of what some link as your divine connection to God. In more modern literature we also refer to these two aspects as the subconscious self and the conscious self. The subconscious self also exists in that state or realm of formlessness, it also embodies the unlimited potential of the higher self. Which ever terminology you use, the principles are the same.

This higher self or subconscious self has a more powerful awareness of your story. It has a greater and broader perspective of where you are and where you are trying to go. From your perspective, you are on the ground floor and your higher self is in the Penthouse. Your higher self-understands the big picture, it understands what experiences are needed in order for you to become the sort of person required to achieve that goal or vision that you are asking for. Its also not caught up on lower emotions. The lower emotions, like fear, hopelessness, regret and attachment belong to the lower self.

The Lower Self And Its Trap

The Lower self or the conscious self, exists inside of a prism of life. It believes in limitation; it is full of fear and does not understand its full potential. It also doesn’t understand the full picture and it is because the lower self only believes what it can see, that being what is in front of it. The lower self does not have the full picture, so everything which shows up frightens this lower self.

Sometimes the lower self cannot even imagine a solution to a problem, all it sees are more and more problems. When you have become exhausted by the same cycle of struggle and problems you may retreat to a quiet place and begin to pray. In that moment, you have contacted your higher self or subconscious self.

The moment you ask for help a full operation begins to happen. Everything in your life begins to rearrange itself in order to lead you to where you need to be. If it is left to your lower self or conscious self to do what is necessary, nothing will happen because those lower aspects of self are afraid of the unknown, afraid of change and also don’t know how to move, if to move or when to move. It functions on sameness, routine and repetition. This is why many people stay trapped in circumstances that no longer serve them, because they are only functioning from their lower self.

The Sling Effect

If you have ever used a sling to take aim at a target you already know that the more you pull back on the sling the more force it has to propel that stone at its target. The setback, is a bit like life helping you put an order to things before you can arrive at your desired destination and here is why.

Where you are in your head space, as well as your life, belongs to a particular thinking pattern. You are, what you are experiencing. Your experience and yourself are merged energetically. On the other hand, where you want to be belongs to a different energy, a different mindset. Your vibration has to match where you want to be, as well as what you want to have.

How you see it…

If you can look at every set back as life preparing you, teaching you and guiding you to move closer to your desires, you will begin to see the share magic that is happening in your life, no matter what.

Sometimes in the quite of the night you dream up a life of abundance with great friends. The next day you lose your closes friend. It would seem like a huge set back especially since the two of you were planning to start a business together. That of course is the thinking of the lower self, to believe that it was a set back.

However, as you elevate your perspective and try to see the share gold in that particular situation, you realize that your friend always had a pessimistic outlook on that new business idea and in truth the friendship would have ended soon enough.

Because you are now friendless you decide to take a night course down at your local college. There you not only meet a new person interested in the very business idea you were about to start with your ex-friend but that new person has far more knowledge and credentials on making the idea work.

If, however you remain pining on the matter, you may have remained stuck in the idea of a setback much longer. There is an intelligence moving through everything and every moment. It is working with you and for you. However, the mind of mental insanity, the mind of fear and limitation which belongs to the lower self will distort everything and translate it to lack, stuck, not working, etc. etc.

How to Overcome a Setback For Good

  1. First recognize that it is a setback because you named it as such. What is a setback to you would be an opportunity to someone else.
  2. There is a great life lesson in every single situation not just those which go your way.
  3. Highly successful people see failure and set backs as an opportunity to redirect their sail, not as a sign to give up.
  4. A setback is a great opportunity to gather more knowledge.
  5. Successful people know that you lose more times than you win. For every win there are several losses or setbacks.
  6. Setbacks are life’s way of preparing you for the next step.
  7. You learn nothing from winning, winning, winning but you learn everything from losing, losing, winning.
  8. There is always something beautiful in even the grimmest moments, when you focus on the beauty the grim moment slowly disappears.
  9. Some of the greatest inventions were birthed out of the most grim experiences, or should I say they were birth because of those grim experiences.

The idea is to welcome your setback by removing the fear and frustration you feel for them. Take time to connect with that higher aspect of your self to hear what it is guiding you to do next. Raising yourself out of the lower mind will bring perspective and you will then realize that your higher self has been working for you all along.



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