How to Manifest with Speed

How to Manifest with Speed

The very concept of manifesting is the ability to bring something into our experience through extraordinary means. When certain techniques are employed then we are able to make happen our desires, in a way that would seem to come out of a magical reality, with extraordinary speed. What would normally take months or even years, can take mere days if a person understands how to truly manifest.

So, in order to manifest with speed, all a person needs to do is have a deep understanding of how to manifest correctly. And, in manifesting correctly you can produce what you desire in a time frame that would seem rapid by the normal sense of time.

The Issue With Time

When we think of time, we think of it in a linear way. This must happen first before that and things must progress in a particular way, in a particular order and this or that can only happen in a particular time. This is what we tell ourselves. We fixate on time so much that we even dream up limitation in our creation which include limited time frames.

If we are not doing that, then we are worrying about time, such as how much or how little of it we have. The more you fixate on time the more time controls your reality, as well as what you create and how quickly it comes to you.

The No Time Zone

Those who live in the “no time zone,” understand that reality creation is not limited by the man-made concepts of time. When you set into motion a wish, the universe moves into place to provide that wish. Everything begins to move and reshape itself to match your vision.

Every person and situation must synchronize themselves into a perfect harmonized state, in order to achieve your desire. Have you ever seen a fractious change shape? All the beautiful patterns and colors dancing into a smooth rhythm changing into yet another beautiful pattern. Your life works in this way. The manifestations work in this way.

Being in a no time zone, requires that you simply watch the unfoldment of the dance now, in this present moment. Every shift is an important shift, towards your vision. Things will change in your life to push you in the right direction. What you perceive as something bad, or something working against you, may be the very thing necessary to push you in a direction that is more beneficial.

Sadly, because many have not taken the time to learn more deeply how spiritual laws move in their favor, they worry. This state of worry, pulls you back into the “time paradigm.” You start worrying about if it will ever happen. This worry puts a stop in the creative process.

If you knew how many times you were close enough to a goal but stopped it by overly obsessing about if or when it was coming. You have stopped many things because you did not understand, the truth of reality creation.

Living in the “no time zone” requires that you let go of worrying about when. Understandably, there are things that you want in a hurry but once again the only way to get it in a hurry is to release the worry about time.

The urgency you are feeling makes it very hard to actually do. Its simpler said than done, especially when you are in a rush. That is why, its important to build higher truth, not when you are in a desperate state but when you are eager to grow.

Speed And The Miracle Mindset

There are some people who can create in days, what most people take months or years to create. It would seem as if there were to speed up time. They seem to be living in a realm of miracles and magic. Of course, those are not the average people. However, the average person does possess the ability to experience this but again they are unaware.

What that small percentage of people who are able to experience magical creations is a passion to learn and develop their mental power in relation to reality and manifesting. Those small percentage of people don’t wait until they are desperate to dive deeper and learn.

They educate themselves; they learn, they test things out and they practice. This learning and practicing builds a new paradigm in their mind, that paradigm means new possibilities. Possibilities that they are capable of which others are not. Their faith grows, their mental skill grows as well as their influence on the world around them. When they set a command, a desire out into the universe, everything flows into a synchronized state because the mental force behind the intend is one that has power and faith in it.

The no time mindset as well as the miracle mindset go hand in hand. When a person lives in a state of faith and observation that everything exist NOW as we speak and everything is reshaping itself even when we cannot see, how its doing so miracles happen to such people. What is impossible becomes possible and time is of no essence.

The more you dive into this idea of trusting that everything is immediately unfolder and that you are the only one stopping it, more and more things will happen at what appears as the speed of light.


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