The Formula for Manifesting Money While You Sleep For Fast Results

The Formula for Manifesting Money While You Sleep For Fast Results

When you think about manifesting while your sleep, two thoughts may come to your mind.  The first thought that may come; may lead you to think of some particular “sleep practice” which makes you manifest while sleeping. 

Another thought which may have come to your mind.  That thought may have you wondering if this pertains to actually brining in money and riches, even as you sleep.  We will tackle, both of these concepts, your prayer for money is about to be heard.

Let’s Begin With Manifesting While You Sleep
Using Sleep Practices

You can think of sleeping as a form of deep long meditation.  When you go off to sleep you let go of your physical body as you enter into a very deep spiritual state of being.  In that state of being you closest to your own true creative mind. 

During sleep you have access to your own divine power.  However, many of us just fall away into a deep slumber and when we do wake up, we are never quite sure of what it is we did when our body was in deep rest. 

Where did your spirit go when your body recharged itself?  When your body is resting where does that other conscious part of you go?  Sleep time is a great time to program yourself for all the things you may want to bring into your life.  You see the conscious part of your mind which holds all of the limitations and concepts that you can’t do this or you can’t do that isn’t quite so active while you are sleeping.

Sure, you bring your fears to your sleep but manifesting while you are sleeping is a great way to by pass the active, fearful conscious mind which is actively battling against your desire to manifest anything in the first place.

On the other hand, the creative, unlimited part of your mind, that being your unconscious mind functions differently.  When you are asleep your creative mind is more alive and functioning at its optimal state when your body and your conscious mind is resting. 

Simply put, the most powerful part of your mind can function at its very best when the limited, conscious part of your mind is sleeping and out of the way.

Using sleep time to manifest what you desire is a powerful way of going past, the part of your mind, which is stopping you.  In this way you can manifest while sleeping, by programming your mind so the command by passing your conscious and goes straight to your unconscious, creative past of your mind.  That being the part of your mind which creates what you desire.

The Other Way of Manifesting While You Sleep

Another way of manifesting while you sleep, is to manifest a way to acquire money and wealth in such a way that you can be asleep while you are still obtaining money.  There is no better time than the present to create a passive income. 

In previous times, we had no other way of acquiring money of any sort. The only way were were able to was if were actively working during the day.  However, these days, both time and  technology has carved out a new reality for all of us.  We are now able to find ways of increasing our wealth and riches all throughout the day, even while we are asleep.

When we have a job, it requires that we trade our hours, for a set amount of money.  That means every hour of your day is worth a set amount of money. 

On the other hand; when you set yourself up for creating a passive income, then your hours are not limited to a set amount of money.  Passive income means that whether you are, playing, working, painting, golfing, or even manifesting while you sleep, you are still in the flow of attracting money.  That is another way of looking at the concept of manifesting while you sleep.

However, in either case manifesting requires a certain formula in order for it to work.  Here is a step by step formula, to manifesting while you sleep.  By this method, you are actually getting your mind to do the heavy lifting for you, in order to manifest while you sleep.

The Step by Step Formula For Manifesting While You Sleep

1) Make a list of what you really want to manifest into your life.  Be as specific as possible.

2) Explore your desires on all levels by sitting in quiet and exploring all your feelings as well as becoming clear about exactly what you want.

3) Write out your desires and with those statements create a recording, giving a few seconds between each statement affirming your desires. You may want to take a look at how to write out your affirmations by checking this article on creating morning affirmations.

4) Back those statements up with some soothing, instrumental music.

5) Play the recording every single night, on loop while you sleep.  The recording playback’s sound should be low.  It should be low enough that you could have a conversation without it competing with your words.  Comfortability enough that it does not disturb your sleep.

The Automatic Lazy Way of Manifesting:  Manifesting while you sleep is an easy way to by pass the part of your mind that would resist this information. 

Every day you get up, take note of any thoughts, feelings, ideas or inspiration that may come to you. Take note of anything that may lead you in the direction of what you want to manifest.


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