How to Manifest Money When You Are in a Dead-End Job

How to Manifest Money When You Are in a Dead-End Job

The idea of manifesting money while you are stuck in a job that is not producing any wiggle room for growth, can leave you more hopeless then hopeful. This makes the process of manifesting more difficult than ever and I will show you why.  In order to manifest something into your life, whether that be manifesting money or a new house or a new mate, requires that you not be in a struggle with that thing you want to manifest.


You cannot manifest something while you are fighting with it or against it.  When you are in a job which does not pay very much money, it will have you feeling stressed, hopeless and constantly thinking of money but from a place of struggle and scarcity.  Everyday you wake up and go to work you are reminded of the struggle. 


You go to work, pouring all of your time and effort into extending your energy to a cause that is not rewarding.  What that does to you or anyone, is keep you trapped in an ocean of oppressive thoughts and feelings about money.  You may find yourself feeling burned out every day, with no hope of recharging your resources. 


No hope of changing the situation because your own personal energy is given, in total to that dead end job.  From the moment you wake up your focus is getting ready for the job, getting to the job, being on the job and being consumed by all that you have to sacrifice, in order to keep that job.  Do you see where this is taking you?


Your entire day is consumed by that energy and that sort of energy keeps you more trapped.  You are trapped in a job which does not reward the vast amount of energy you are giving to it.  Further more it leaves you so drained, you have little energy too even change it.  The more you struggle with this job and how much it is taking from you, the more you hypnotize yourself into a state of deeper poverty, deeper struggle, deeper oppression. 


All this, makes it 10x harder for you to manifest money because your thoughts, as well as your energy is drowning in the struggle. The money struggle becomes your way of life, and because you cannot manifest money while you are struggling with it, this trap makes it almost concrete.

How to Unstick Yourself From
The Money Struggle When You are in a Dead End Job

Luckily there are ways that you can begin to adopt that will shift your struggle mindset and help you produce more money than you ever thought possible.  It is however important that you understand something.  In order to manifest money, you have to give yourself time to recondition your mind, your energy, your vibration as well as your possibilities first, before you can produce results.


You must give yourself time to rewire your mind, your thoughts, your magnetic field as well as your possibilities, in order to produce new changes.  Because you are presently immersed in a money blocking atmosphere, due to your lifestyle, your job, your thoughts and your frustrations you must place yourself in a reverse state.  You must saturate your mind, your thoughts, your conversations, your focus with just as much intensity in order to shift your present situation.  That means you must give yourself a concentrated time frame where you pour yourself into a new positive, relationship with money.

Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Give yourself a 30 day plan, where you journal your thoughts and feelings about money. By doing so, you lock yourself into a new relationship with money where you become accountable for how you relate to money. 
  2. Read new books or listen even to as much motivational information about money getting.
  3. Learn new ways of starting a business or service where you do not need a lot of money to get started. Start slow and build.
  4. Think of the resources you already have that could be of service to others for a fee.
  5. Reprogram your mind, every single day with new mediations which rewire your brain for attraction. Undo the old script in your mind by creating a new one.
  6. Separate yourself from anyone and any conversation which reminds you of poverty, the struggle or any form of hardship during your 30day reprogramming time.
  7. Place sticky notes, all around your home which remind you that you can create a new story, attract more money and be abundant.
  8. Get a note pad and write out words of affirmations, choosing to rewrite each affirmation at least 20x each. Each time you write it you are retraining your subconscious mind.
  9. Cut out pictures of the things you will do with all the money you want. Then place those pictures where you can look at them every day, several times a day.

The key to those steps is to do them every day.  Do some or all of them every day, without skipping a day.  During this reprogramming session, don’t look for money.  That will only make you fall back into the scarcity mindset.  Your goal is to develop a new relationship to money and a new magnetic energy to draw money towards you. 

You may also enjoy listening to or reading the Magic Money eBook.  There are many spiritual laws which increase your power.  There are also techniques which go beyond visualization which add tremendous power to make you manifest money even faster than visualization and affirmations alone. 



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