How to Manifest Money Out of Thin Air

How to Manifest Money Out of Thin Air


Before we tackle how to manifest money out of thin air, lets address what it means in the first place. What does the idea conjure up in your mind? Are you thinking that this must be some magical trick where money just pops out of thin air? If you are thinking so, then this is not the angle we are taking with this article.

Most commonly when we think of manifest money at all, we often think of creating a source from which that money will come into our lives. Whether it be from our job, a product we intend to sell or some other angle, we need to believe in where its coming from.

Ideally, we do need to create a source from which money can manifest in our lives, because that creates a believable channel. Rightfully so, because if you cannot believe, then it won’t happen.


Believing it So…

Belief is everything to our ability to manifest money. If we don’t believe that we are capable or that the way or the amount is outside of our belief system then it simply won’t happen. For the average person a concrete and believable channel for money must be made in order to believe that money can magnetize itself into our lives.

We need to believe that the amount we want is possible and we need to believe that the way in which it will come is possible. The challenge is to believe the impossible, to believe that it can come when we don’t have a concrete way in which it will come to us.


Magical Thinking…

This is where magical thinking comes into play. In order to manifest money out of thin air, we have to hold a belief that is a bit grander than the average person. We have to be willing to expand our limits of belief.

That type of expanded thinking usually happens to people who have already proven to themselves that manifesting is a possible reality. In order to have expanded thinking you would most likely have to test out your belief system on smaller things and in so doing you gain experience and you learn to trust the universe.

When you can experience magical thinking, then you are open to the many unique ways in which money can enter your life. And, often it happens in very quick and unusual ways for those who embrace magical thinking. Its in that way you can manifest money out of thin air.


Out of Thin Air…

The best person to manifest money out of thin air would be someone who is not desperate for money; someone who is not deeply in need and consumed with anxiety over money.

Maybe you want to manifest money for a new business but not sure where it will come from. Maybe you want to fix your house, or do something that you are open to having now but you are not in a deep anxious fix.

  1. Set your intention to have the amount you want.
  2. Have a clear intent of what you want the money for.
  3. Create a vision board or create an image which represents the amount and what you want to do with that amount. Place it where you will see it every day.
  4. Release it to the universe, then let it go!

What you are doing in this case is leaving it to the universe to bring you to that amount. You are not creating any set time or date, nor any pressure. Wait and you will see the most amazing coincidences unfold to bring you the amount you are looking for, in the most magical ways.

Again, this technique works best for those who are not in a desperate or needy state to attract a set amount of money now. Instead you must be in a playful manifesting state of allowing. Simply curious to see how magical this universe really is.



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