How to Manifest Money Like Magic

How to Manifest Money Like Magic

Learning how to manifest money is a process that requires real word practice. You have to be willing to alter your deeper state to where you are a magnet for money as opposed to repelling money.

Most are in a state of repelling money. Money comes but it can’t stay long enough to grow or expand. And, so most of our efforts are directed to the goal of attaining money. Very rarely are we in a state of manifesting an ongoing flow of money. Neither are we in a state of sustaining and growing the money we get.

This article will show you the states that you need to place yourself in order to experience a powerful flow of manifesting money like magic.

Be In a Receptive State

If you are presently struggling to have more money, you are most definitely in a state where you are not in alignment with receiving money. If money slips out of your hands easily and you are left at the end of your pay check, wondering how you are going to make the rest of the month, this too is a distracting state, of being out of alignment with money.

What you want to do is to bring your entire mind and awareness into a place where you can feel free of the struggle and more into a state where you are open to money coming into your life. Start to think of various possibilities in which you can manifest money easily.

Play with as many ideas as you can. The key is to get your head space out of the struggle and into a place of open possibilities where money can flow into your life. This is a key step.

Staying in a playful mind space of how you can manifest money is extremely important in order to shift you head out of the entrapment of the struggle mindset. Stay in that state as often as you can and as long as you can. See it coming as opposed to you chasing, struggling or burning yourself out for it.

When doing this step, it’s also important that you monitor your over all state. How do you feel when you think of the many possibilities in which you can manifest money? You should never feel more stressed. If you find yourself feeling nervous or stressful about a particular idea, let it go.

Bring your mind to as many fun, exciting ways that money can enter your life. It’s also important that you don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t pressure yourself. See this exercise as an opportunity to simply shift the mind out of struggle to a state where you are open to allowing yourself to manifest money from as many various possible ways.

Trust the Mystery – Powerful Men Know This

Life is more magical than you may think. If you grew up in a very rigid background where you were taught to think in practical ways, then magical thinking may seem silly and unbelievable. If this is your way of thinking then you will never experience anything unusual and again your rigid mindset will only produce a rigid life experience.

By opening to the mystery of life, you say yes, to some amazing outcomes which seem to come out of nowhere. By opening to the mystery of where your money may come from, you allow the flow of money to enter without working against the universal force which is one of allowing, support and abundance.

When you open to the mystery you remove mental psychic blocks which stops the flow. When you have mental blocks, which say “no” this is not possible then you also block the flow from moving in your favor towards you.

What you are doing when you discount the mysteries of life, is that you are creating a rigid, one-way mindset of how something can manifest in your life. You are saying, this is the only way and if by chance there is another way that is easier and close to allowing you to manifest more money, it does not come through for you because you are saying, “no.”

Condition your mind to be aware of the mysterious side of life but opening to thought ideas that are mysterious. Read books such as, “Small Miracles.” There are many stories of strange and unusual coincidences which happen to people in the most perfectly timed ways.

Many of these stories could seem unusual to someone who has had a very practical outlook on life. But, trusting in the miracles and mysteries of life is the foundation and the belief of some of the richest and most successful men in the world.

No one can truly achieve any level of success in life without this knowledge. If you believe in life, in an ordinary way your outcome will be such. Yet if you are open to the mysteries of life, magic will become your life and your ability to manifest money will be so as well.

Hold The Focus Step By Step

Think of manifesting money or anything you want like getting to a destination. If you were driving to a particular destination you would already have a clear intent of where you were going. As you set out on the road your goal most likely would be to stay on the path until you got to where you were going.

Most of the time we don’t do this with manifesting. You may find yourself shifting from wanting something, being in the receptive mindset and then moving back into fear that you don’t know if it will come or where it will come from. This uncertainty causes the struggle mindset to take hold of you. When you move from the open receptive mindset to the struggle mindset it’s a bit like being on a highway to your destination and then suddenly taking some out of the way off road which leads nowhere. You find yourself lost and stuck in some out of the way place.

Being focused means that you have a clear idea of what you want. There should be no more doubt, no more uncertainty. You must be clear that you are ready NOW to have it and you are going to willfully do something every single day to keep you in that state of it coming. Remaining excited, open and receptive to it moving and being with you.

Hold the focus by taking 5 – 10-minute breaks throughout the day, where you can center yourself and feel what the sensations of (a) being open and receptive and (b) being in the mystery of where and how it will manifest in your life.

The Magical Elixir

The key to this is to understand that each of the previous steps need to be embodied and meditated upon. You don’t go from an ordinary state into a magical state by a switch. You have to willfully bring your mind to these processes. Everyone is different, some can shift into a new state within a few minutes, while some may take several hours to several days.

The key is to fully enter each state long enough to engage your mind fully before returning to your old mental and emotional state. Try 30 minutes to an hour, then go longer if you can find the quite time to process and let go and be free. The more time you dedicate to these practices the faster you will be able to shift the mind.

The steps to manifesting money or anything can seem quite simple and in truth they are. However, many struggle to align themselves with moving into the higher mysteries which make it all happen easily. The more you learn and understand the universal laws and the true secrets to getting money flowing in the most outrageous way, the less you struggle.

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