How to Increase the Power of Your Thoughts

How to Increase the Power of Your Thoughts

You can increase the power of your thoughts by first becoming aware of what thought is, how to use thought and also how to increase the intensity of your thoughts. By increasing the power of your thoughts you will have a greater influence on your circumstances as well as your ability to manifest t the things that you desire most. Weak thoughts produce limited results, however when a man increases the power of his thoughts, his thoughts move through the atmosphere creating shifts and changes not only in his life but in the lives of those around him.

The Science of Thought

There is no greater course of study, nothing will change your life more than understanding the power of thoughts in your world. Thought is a force of energy which has a magnetic like quality and an ability to draw to it other similar thoughts of  similar thought patterns. It is through the law of attraction that these thoughts of similar frequency are able to come together. It is through the law of attraction that you are able based on your magnetic thought frequency to draw to you, things of a similar frequency.

Every time you think a thought, you send out a very fine energy into the atmosphere. Although you may not be able to see it with your naked eyes this thought frequency is real as the light, it is as real as electricity and it is as real as sound energy. You may not be able to see the waves of energy being broadcasted from your television station to your television but you are aware that something is happening which allows you to be able to tap into all of the different stations and see the program that you want to see. You also know that a magnet emits an invisible force powerful enough to be able to draw other metals to it; sometimes other metals that are many times heavier than the magnet itself.

Similarly to the magnet your thoughts drawn to you people and circumstances which hold similar thoughts to yours. When you fully understand the Dynamics of thought, you come to realize that there is no one to blame for our circumstances but ourselves in regards to the quality of our lives. How many times have you witnessed several individuals going through an identical situation but each person coming out of the situation entirely differently?

Weak Thought…

Before you can understand the Dynamics of a powerful thought one must first understand the nature of a weak thought. Thought is one source of energy which multiplies, and grows and expands on itself. With each thought you have, comes an expansion of multiple similar thoughts which creates an entire story.  However, a weak thought is a thought that isn’t allowed to cultivate itself. It isn’t allowed to grow in any great depth. Sometimes you may have a noble thought but that thought triggers the very opposite thoughts in your mind. For example you may have the idea of manifesting a million dollars however every time that thought comes into your mind it triggers of host of opposite thoughts. Those thoughs would get you thinking of your financial struggles. It may even stir up thoughts of all the reasons why its impossible to ever attract an amount so big.

In that case, this is a thought that never gets the opportunity to grow and expand. In such a case that then becomes a very weak thought. You may have the idea of the desire to attract a million dollars but your thought towards it are weak.

Dynamic Thought Power

A powerful dynamic thought is a thought that is held with Confidence and focus so that it builds upon itself. A powerful thought is not one that you go back and forth with. There is no doubt, no second guessing it. A powerful thought is not necessarily a happy, optimistic thought. Negative thoughts can be just as powerful as a happy, positive thought. There are 2 things which produce a powerful, dynamic thought.

  • A powerful thought is held in the mind for an extended period of time, building upon itself with similar like minded thoughts. The longer you hold that thought and its ideas in your mind the stronger that thought becomes and the more magnetic energy that though accumulates. Remember every thought holds an invisible energy. As you hold similar thoughts which support each other, the energy of those thoughts grow with power.
  • Be confident about the thoughts you are holding. Do not waver or hold contradictory thoughts which work against the thought you are trying to build up. One way to do so is to find as many ideas, concepts and information which support the though you are trying to build up. Whatever you can get which supports the idea of your though, will add growth and increased energy to that thought making it more powerful and more magnetic.

One can make a challenge of increasing the power of certain thoughts. Thoughts which produce internal change or thoughts which help to manifest certain circumstances in ones life. The more power there is within a particular thought the more impact it has and the more influential it will be in attracting what you desire.


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