How to Have a Conversation With Your Higher Self

How to Have a Conversation With Your Higher Self

You can think of your higher self as a greater aspect of yourself. Your higher self is that more aware aspect of you. The self which is not bound by limitations and social conditioning. Your higher Self does not live in fear, it lives from a state where there is a higher understanding of the purpose of your life.

You in your normal, human state have lots of limitations in your mind. You can’t see the full picture. You don’t know what is around the corner and you are clueless about why you are experiencing certain things in your life.

However, your higher self not only has an upper level vantage point it has the codes for your life journey and what you are going through and why. Your higher self is equipped to see, and understand your personal process and what is needed in your life next.

Your ability to communicate with your higher self is precious. You will find that the more you develop this connection and learn how to have a conversation with your higher self, life will become more rewarding, and much more will become clear to you.


Connecting with your high self is an easy process. If you have a desire to do so, you must make a deliberate practice of it. To do that you should bring a clear absolute intention to have a connection with your higher self. The intent on its own is already quite powerful, but what adds to this intent is to engage in a spiritual connection with your higher self.

Start by allotting some quiet time where you will not be disturbed. Set the stage for a quiet, clean inspiring setting. The higher the vibration of the space the better. By that, the place should make you feel wonderful, that way you can allow the higher vibrations of the higher self to come through.

You may want to use very calm instrumental music which takes your mind into a centered space. There you can activate a creative visualization in which you connect with your higher self.

Enter into a beautiful setting, see yourself sitting with your higher self in a beautiful heavenly place of your choosing. Then talk to your higher self. Tell your high self that you are initiating a connection with it and that you want it to inform you, teach you and give you more understanding for what you may be going through.

The key to this process is to keep holding that vibration and intent. At first you will say that its all in the imagination but soon enough you will experience a clarity that you never experienced before. Keep holding the vibe, keep the conversation going even at times where you may not know what to say. Just stay in that space and feel the calm connection between you and your higher self.

Sometimes you won’t have a thought to speak and in those moments you listen. Listen with your inner ears, listen with your feelings, listen to the silence, because even in the silence there is much wisdom. Again, the key is to hold that inner connection for as long as you can.

At the end of your connection, thank your higher self for coming through. Then allow yourself to simply stay in the stillness, follow your breathing, watch your thoughts and feelings. Can you identify any new thoughts, ideas or inspiration? Did your higher self-communicate anything to you? Pay attention to all of this as you linger in the calmness before completely removing yourself from the meditation.

Write it Out

Meditation gives us the same unlimited access that being in a dream does. Sometimes information comes through which is quite powerful but we ignore it because it seems too simple and after getting out of the mediation, we often forget it, just as we do with our dreams.

Before you even open your eyes take mental notes so that you can write out all the information which came though for you. Make sure to honor every single thing, no matter how simple it may be. If you were aware of it, then it has meaning and purpose for you.

Beginners Doubt

At first you may doubt the validity of the information. You may second guess the worth of the messages or if you even connected at all. With frequent practice you will become a believe and realize that you are being guided and you are attaining higher information which supports your life, in a way that would seem mysterious. Your higher self is always there to present a higher, grander perspective of what you are going through in the present moment.




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