How to Follow Your Intuition:  3 Things You Absolutely Must Do

How to Follow Your Intuition: 3 Things You Absolutely Must Do

Your intuition is like a divine compass. It will guide you to the source of success. It will bring amazing inspiration and lead you in the direction of all your desires. It is the most wonderful, yet under used part of the self. How then do you follow your intuition and achieve all the amazing benefits which come with it? Well, there are 3 absolute crucial parts of the process, which you cannot miss. When you understand these 3 processes which must occur, you will let go of fear and only then can you trust your intuition to lead the way. Also, you may doubt that your intuition is working until you learn how it operates.

Get Out of The Way

In order to connect with your intuition, you need to get out of your own way. By that, you need to let go of any ridged expectations. You also need to just let go. You can best hear the voice of your intuition when you are not worrying, perhaps listening to some good music or just zoning out. There should be no force.

The intent should be there. You should certainly have a clear intent that you want to connect with your inner self but you do so in the most relaxed state of mind, trusting that the answer can come from any number of sources in a variety of ways. Its only important that you relax your mind and put out a very clear intention for what you want an answer or help on.

There are many ways in which your intuition may be speaking with you. You may feel it as a feeling in your gut. The feeling may simply come as a good or bad feeling in your gut. This is just a yes or no signal from your intuition.

On the other hand, you may get an inspired thought to go do something. The thought may just appear, but you know its different because it is backed by a lot of good energy. You may even be able to see the full picture of your desire or the answer to your question more strongly than ever.

Another common way your intuition may be speaking with you, is through your dreams. Your dreams are a great way of getting intuitive because when you are asleep and out of the mental chatter with limited thoughts, the voice of your intuition has a chance to come though. Dreams are a precious tool because you can get your answer in a full, clear movie like experience.

With dreams as a tool to develop your intuition, it grows stronger with use. Sometimes the clarity of the answers are so accurate that it leaves no room for doubt. When you are able to achieve that level of psychic and intuitive development, there is nothing you cannot get an answer on and your ability to achieve success is an absolute yes, all the way, every time.

Don’t Put Your Own Limited Interpretation or Spin on What is Happening

Sometimes your intuition will guide you to take an action which in the moment may not seem to make much sense to you in the moment. But here is how to look at it. Imagine if you are heading down a long high way when suddenly you get a strong intuitive vision to take a different path. In your rational mind, with your rational thoughts, the move off the highway just may not make sense to you at all.

However, the intuitive nudge is so compelling that you cannot ignore it, so you take the move. When you do, you are led on a path which leads you home faster than ever and all these years you never know it existed. Further more you discover that shortly after getting off the highway, there was a backup and you would have been one of the many who got trapped in traffic for hours.

Trust The Process

To say you have to trust your intuition would seem redundant. In reality you have to trust the process even if what is happening before you seems as if everything is falling apart. Sometimes things are truly falling apart, however there are times when the falling apart is actually, the falling together.

Let’s say you are given a clear vision that you will achieve a particular thing but somewhere along the way, things start to happen which makes you think that everything is working against you in this matter. Naturally you may get upset, you may feel fearful. However, if you stay calm and unmoved you will realize that everything simply rearranged itself so that you can fully get the very thing you were shown by your intuition.

This is where most people go wrong. They give up and lose faith even though they were given a very clear vision of what was theirs. They gave up because the process in the middle did not make sense to them. Little did they know that sometimes within the process things need to break up and fall apart before they come together.

Developing The Intuition

Developing your intuition takes time to understand the movement of intuition through this process in life. Developing your inner sense is so vital to a successful life that one should not over look the need to develop it at all cost.

That is because a developed intuition is like having a powerful all-seeing guide who not just sees but informs you every step of the way.


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