How to Dominate And Outshine Your Competition

How to Dominate And Outshine Your Competition

Life is a game and whether it be in business, love or some other area, most people want to win. Whether we are competing with others or not, someone is competing with you. However, what if it’s the other way around and you are the one competing? Maybe you want to know how to stand out, how to win at this game, being among people who are competing with you.

Perhaps your desire is to stand out in business. Are you providing the same product that another person down the street are also providing? How then do you dominate when they may be just as good as you? Here is how to win and outshine every time.

If you have tried winning at anything you most likely have used every physical technique. You go super hard and sometimes you make the mark and other times you don’t. Working super hard does not necessarily mean you will dominate or outshine your competition. As a matter of fact, working very hard can often deplete you, leaving you burned out. There is another way. A winning way that can not only take you to the next level but give you the ability to outshine and dominate your competition.

The Winning Way

For the sake of explanation, let’s say that there are two mindsets, the winning mindset and the non-winning mindset. In the non-winning mindset, you have in your mind, that someone has a skill, beauty or a life that is better than yours and you have to fight against this person.

What you have just created is a mental battle. Not only have you created a mental and psychic battle with that other person; in another form you are giving more energy to the other person. The mere idea that you see the other person as superior to you, you have given them power over you.

In the winning mindset you don’t see the other person as a threat to your success. There is no need to fight against the other person. Instead the winner mindset is grateful for what it can learn from the other. By appreciating and then merging your own ideas with what you have learned from your competition, you can expand more quickly rather than battle against them. If you see them as part of your strategy the battle is over.

What you fight against, actually controls you. The way to release the power that something has over you is to join it, merge with it, accept it. Only then can you transcend it.

You cannot be better than a thing, if you have in your mind that that thing is better than you. As you can see it’s a mental contradiction, which only leads to a never-ending battle for first place. Once you fully understand that, then you can keep the energy that you were giving away to the other person, in the form of a powerful affirmation, “you are better than me.”

Dominate and Outshine

To dominate and outshine something would mean that you, in some way, have qualities which are superior to the other. To dominate and outshine you have to increase the quality of whatever you are personally presenting.

You don’t have to compare you and them, you simply have to intensify your own personal high point. Whatever your qualities are, whatever your skill, seek out what is unique and personal to you and emphasis it.

Give as much attention to it, nurture it, feed it as much positive energy. Speak light and good will with all your might into that thing. Whatever that thing, idea, skill or quality may be, infuse it with good thoughts as if there where no doubt of its goodness.

By doing this, you feel it with good vibrations, good energy which brings a wholesome blessing, good luck, success, etc. etc.

What you feed with good praise, glows as well as grows. And that which you feed with good energy impacts people’s senses and without knowing why, they will feel that good powerful vibe and gravitate towards that thing most.

There is no need competing, because what you feed expands. And, in a world of unconscious thinkers, this awareness gives you an upper hand.


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