How to Develop Mental Focus

How to Develop Mental Focus

Many will tell you about the power of the mind to create reality, however few will tell you how to achieve mental Focus to be able to do so.  Achieving Focus is the key to successfully using your mind power. Without mental Focus the possibilities of achieving what you desire is greatly reduced.

What Does it Mean to Have Mental Focus?

Someone who has strong mental Focus has the ability to bring into physical form what the average person can not.  Someone with a strong mental Focus also has the ability to influence the mind of others around him. He has the ability to Influence People and circumstances in his favor. Reality seems to favor the one who embodies strong mental concentration.

Focus vs Lack of Focus

When your mind is Focused, all of your energy goes in the direction of your intent. That intent could be something you would like to manifest in your life, or it could be a change you would like to make within yourself. Whatever that target may be when your mind is intensely focused upon your target all of your psychic mental energetic works in harmony towards that desire. When you are lacking in Focus your energies are scattered and it would seem that it’s impossible to achieve anything. And that is because the mind needs you to be precise clear and direct.

When you set out to manifest or to achieve something in your life you are now activating a program just as you would if you were to enter your vehicle and type into the navigational system an address that you would like to be taken too. Like the navigational system the mind works in the same way.

The moment you make a clear intent, you begin to receiving guidance from your mind on what turn to take and which direction to go, in order to achieve the desired result. However, when you are unfocused your intent can go into multiple directions.

One moment you are asking for guidance to move in the direction of your intent, then moments later you are feeling uncertain. Maybe your mind takes you to a story of someone who tried to achieve what you are now hoping for but that person failed. So, you are consumed in thoughts of that other person’s results.

Being focused is like having a clear map. While on the other hand being unfocused is like trying to get to a destination without any guidance, starting and stopping along the route without any certainty if or when you will ever get there.

As you could see remaining Focus is a key element to achieving success.

Right now I’m going to show you a very powerful technique that you can do to develop more mental Focus. As you learn to develop mental Focus you will find yourself feeling connected and experiencing greater direction with your goal.

  This is Blocking  Your Mental Focus

One of the biggest blockage  to achieving mental focus is the monkey mind.  The monkey mind happens every day when you find yourself swinging from one though to another thought without any order or direction.

The monkey mind happens also when you want to manifest or attract something in your life. You may find yourself saying, yes I want this and another moment you may find yourself saying no I don’t think this is possible, or I don’t think I deserve this, I don’t think that I really want this anymore.

What you are doing in such a case is creating a mental atmosphere of confusion.  You are sending mixed signals to the mind. How can you make an impact when you are sending, mixed signals, or lack faith and direction?

Building Mental Focus

1.).  Start by choosing a simple statement. Let’s start with a statement like, ‘I am________. Fill in the dash with whatever word that makes you feel empowered, or happy and successful.

2.)  The second benefit and step to this technique is to use the statement as a guide to take you into a deeply centered inner state of self-awareness.   Imagine for a moment you are sitting in a white room there is nothing else in the room but you.

3.)  Set an alarm for at least 10 minutes. And in this time, you will try to bring your mind to a fully centered state. Every time you repeat your ‘I am’ statement you could see the words projected on the wall in front of you. Watch as it reappears and disappears with each time you say the statement in your mind. Do it slowly, keeping the mind on the white walls with the words projected on to them. Nothing else matters in that moment.

4.)  As you repeat the statement pay attention to how it makes you feel. Pay attention to any sensations which may arise as a result of repeating the statement. The goal is to be completely connected with the statement, that it takes over you. Nothing else exist, you have become the statement.

At first you may struggle to keep your mind focused. Other thoughts may try to enter the mind. You may think about the bills that you have to pay, you may think about that thing you have to do before the day is over. All this will happen, but the training is to put those thoughts down for a short while. As you control your thoughts, center your being and move into a state of power.

Staying Focused

This technique may seem simple; however, it is a very effective technique for developing mental focus. In a short bit of time you will find that you have gained will power over the mind. You can calm the mind, you can also direct the mind to where you would rather it be, as opposed to where someone else would rather take your mind. Moreover, your ability to attract what you desire is greatly improved because a clear mental picture is like sending a clear signal though the psychic air ways.


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