How to Deal With Negative People

How to Deal With Negative People

Dealing with negative people is just a part of this life experience. Maybe you are also a negative person or maybe one who has reformed into a more positive person. In either case negativity is a part of the life. However, no matter how much or how frequently you have dealt with negative characters in your life, it is almost never easy to deal with.

Negative energy works like quick sand, it very quickly attaches itself to you and before you can wiggle your way out you are down at the bottom and can’t get out. There are way more negative people than there are people who are genuinely in a positive mindset.

Negative People Battle With….

Negative people battle with the awareness that they live in a reality of choices. Somehow, they feel trapped in their own version of thoughts, which hold them in places of pain and struggle. A positive person could be dealt the same hand as a person who embodies a hopeless idea of life, and the results will always go in favor of the more positive person.

A positive person will find a way to alter the negative situation in a way that it becomes positive to them.

Negativity is contageious, just as positivity is. Think about it for a second. For the sake of explanation lets just imagine that every single person is a bottle of a particular gas; each one having their one individual quality of gas. Taking this idea further, lets imagine that every single thing which touches any of the bottle of gases becomes contaminated by the gas inside of it of the bottle. Sometimes the contamination is strong sometimes its weak.

How strong or weak it affects you depends on how weak you are and how open you are in receiving their gas. As human beings we affect everyone we encounter as well as everything we handle with our frequency. I am certain that you have noticed an impact in your state of being and mental awareness after dealing with certain people.

Just like the contamination of the gas within the bottle, we also contaminate each other within minutes of interaction. If the other persons, energy is strong, you soon begin to feel think like them and feel like that.

So how then do you avoid the impact that negative people have on you?

Altering The Frequency Which Comes to You

One of the first things you want to do is to be compassionate. It’s a bit like the passage in the bible, “Father, forgive them for they no not what they do.” Lack of consciousness, lack of self-awareness is the cause for much strife within and between people. Recognize that this person is coming from a very weak state no matter how forceful they may act.

Recognize also that a bottle with the sweetest smelling gas can only permeate the atmosphere with what is inside of that bottle and that is something sweet. You cannot expect a bottle filled with the most horrible smelling gas to smell like roses. People can only give you what they have got inside of themselves.

The issue is truly yours; your expectation is what causes the most friction. When you can recognize what you are dealing with, you stop fighting against it. You stop expecting it to do something its not made to do. When your expectation releases so will your attachment to the experience as well as that person. You will let them be and not allow them to bleed their gas into your cylinder, so to speak.

When you have no attachment to their negativity then you are free to positively impact any exchange you and they have. You see you cannot change something if you have become it and that is what the battle with negative people will do to you. They will impact you and turn you negative as well.

The Psychic Nature of The Battle

When you battle with people who exist in a negative frame of mind, you become like them. You mingle with their energy and their energy soon contains not just a little bit but all of yours. This happens the longer you engage with this battle with negative people.

The only way to not become them is to not attach yourself to them. You let go of the attachment when you stop fighting them.

Consciousness then compassion is the first way to disconnect from their energy. Pull back, assess the situation. Are you causing this issue, or are they? Can you simply accept that they may very well enjoy the fight? Can you accept that the fight they are having with you might satisfy some awful nightmare story they have playing out in their mind, that has nothing to do with you? You are just a character in their nightmare, they can easily switch you with some other character and the play will continue as is.

When you pass judgement on how a person is, you take on that thing you are judging. What you curse, you claim. As you bring compassion, you allow yourself to let go of the battle. You simply cannot have compassion and anger all in the mix. As you bring compassion then detachment to the battle happens and it is in this detachment you can consciously alter the negative energy to a higher more uplifting energy for both you and them.

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