How to Create Abundance When You Are Stuck in a Dead-End Job

How to Create Abundance When You Are Stuck in a Dead-End Job

If you feel stuck in a dead-end job and dreaming of a way to create abundance you are not alone.  This is a huge topic which touches just about everyone at some point in time or another.  To make a shift you must be willing to understand some key points, put them to work for you and see the changes that could happen in your life when you step out on faith.


Working for someone else while you dream of financial freedom can lead you into a world of despair, depression and hopelessness.  Take a look at everyone else on the commute to work with you and see if you can spot a smile in the crowd. 


Most people want to experience a life of personal freedom with the money to support that carefree life.  Sadly, most people don’t have a clue how to change this situation. 


In this case any job you are trapped in, day after day, would become a dead-end job no matter how much you are being paid.  Why?  Because it does not provide both abundance and freedom.  To add to that, most people are going to live this way for the rest of their lives, stuck in jobs that bring little to no joy in their life. 

Plus being obligated to get up every single day with no choice to stay in bed for the day, because you may lose your job if you do.


Job Plus Abundance Don’t Mix

To live a life of abundance would mean that you have a surplus of money being generated towards you continually.  Working for a set salary does not provide abundance.  There is a cap to how much you are going to bring home every paycheck and that amount is not guaranteed to increase by much.  This means that everything you do must be done with the set amount of your salary, impressed on your mind. 


You are limited by how much you bring in.  Even the dreams you have and the desires you hold, can only fall within the range of what you earn at your job.  This creates a certain sort of mindset which also keeps you mentally trapped.  Can you dream beyond your paycheck??  Do you have desires beyond what you are being paid?  If so, how do you intend to make those desires a reality?


Changing Your Money Story
For Once


Those of you who are excited about using the law of attraction to manifest more money and more freedom in your life, need to understand one very important thing.

Manifesting abundance is a bit more entailed than manifesting a new outfit or even a soul mate.  That is because our need for money is a constant in our lives.  Our relationship to money and how we bring money into our lives requires that you be more involved in the topic of money making. 


This means that to gain an upper hand over money and acquire abundance requires that you think in new ways about money.  You must be open minded and eager to learn how to acquire money outside of your job environment. 


Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself?


  • What books can I read that will give me a better insight on building and creating more money?
  • What new skills have I gained in this new job that I can take with me some place else?
  • What hobby or skill do I possess that can be turned into an opportunity to make a living?


Develop a Skill That Has Immediate Purpose to Support You


Going back to school in order to gain a degree in hopes of finding a better job is always an option but its not always the best option when you are feeling trapped.


Creating abundance does not always require that you have a degree.  Coming up with a cleaver product that could be marketed and sold shortly after, is always a very smart idea for creating fast abundance.


Often when we think of creating a service or business we go over our head, we think beyond our capabilities which could stop us from moving forward. 


However, if you think of marketing something within your present capabilities, then you are well on your way to changing your situation easily, without delay.


Educate Yourself On Various New Skills


Find a book with lots of new easy to start business ideas.  There tons of business ideas that you can start at your home by dedicating a few hours every day or on the weekend. 


You may even discover new business idea that you never heard or thought of before.  Many of which don’t require that you start off with your own product. 


For example, you can create an online shop where all your products come from a drop shipping company.  They handle the inventory, the sales, the shipping and customer support.  The only thing you need to do is create a store front, build a customer base online or off and sell the products.  You keep a percentage and the drop shipping company keeps a percentage.


Tee shirts are always an item in demand.  Once again there are print on demand stores where all you have to do is provide the design, load it to the platform and they handle the sales and customer support. 


There is also affiliate marketing, which also does not require that you have your own product.  With affiliate marketing your focus is the promoting and sales of someone else’s product, where you get a sizable percentage. 


There are tons of choices available to anyone who is determined to find a way.  That dead-end job can be the catalysis to a whole new life.


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