How to Build Your Vibration Fast

How to Build Your Vibration Fast

Your ability to build and maintain a high vibration is key to achieving great success in just about everything you set out to do. Vibration is the language of the universe and when you understand how the universe and everything around you responds to your vibration, you will make it a priority over everything.

When your vibration is strong and high it can be compared to having a full tank of gas as opposed to when your vibration is low, it’s a bit like running on empty. When your vibration is high you also feel really good, the reverse happens when your vibration is low. It’s clear to see that a high vibration enhances your life. So, it would be wise to do all you can to keep yours strong, always.

Your Vibration Barometer

If you are new to the concept of vibration you are probably wondering, how then do you gage the level of your vibration? How do you know whether your vibration is high or low? The answer is in your feeling state. When your vibration is high you feel a sense of expansion, unlimitedness and there is an overall sense of wellbeing and power. However, when your vibration is low the first thing you will find is that you feel low, tired, uninspired and unmotivated.

Now that you have an inkling of how vibration can benefit you, how then can you build yours and keep it strong? The key to being up top of your vibration and also building it, is to watch how things impact your feeling state.

Every single day you are in contact, with people, the news, as well as situations which influence your feeling state. Often times you feel badly about something but ignore that feeling, only to encounter yet again another thing which makes you feel badly. Before you know it, you are not just feeling badly you are feeling hopeless, mentally drained and feeling depressed.

When you get into the habit of watching your feeling state, you can very easily check yourself quickly enough to do what is immediately necessary to build up your vibration again quickly.

The Hard Part of Building Your Vibration

The hardest part of building your vibration is being in control of your feelings. Understanding that your feelings come to serve you and not control you, is easier said. Because we are often so linked in emotionally to whatever we are ingesting it can be hard to simultaneously detach, which is exactly what we need to do.

Not taking things personally can seem so hard to actually achieve. It’s easier to ignore something which does not pertain to you directly but for the things which touch a soft spot in your mind, it is a lot harder to let go of the emotional attachment.

That emotional attachment could be anger, it could be any number of emotions that are tied into the feeling that is causing you to sink ship by emptying out your energy. Learning to accept what is, may be the first step to detaching yourself from a situation that is frustrating you. There is not much you can do when something is out of your control or when something has already happened. What you can control is your perception of what has happened and what is.

By choosing to see any and every situation as working in your favor you can more easily take out of life what works for you and in that way, nothing tampers with your vibration in a meaningful, long lasting way. In that way you always stay above whatever comes.

How to Build Your Vibration Fast Using This 5 Step Process

  1. The moment you find yourself dipping into a heavy, dark or negative emotional state, identify the emotion. Don’t push it away. The feeling is there for a reason, to alert you. Identify your feeling without passing judgement. Its ok to feel whatever you are feeling. Your feelings are absolutely valid.
  2. Identify what triggered the feeling. Was it a situation or was it particular thoughts which entered your mind? If you are not sure what lead to those feelings, back track to what you were doing when the feelings came upon you.
  3. When you have identified the feelings and what led to them, close your eyes for a few moments, take a deep sweeping breath, hold it to the count of 5 then slowly release. Watch how your body feels. Has the feeling shifted? Keep breathing and with each breath, repeat to yourself this simple affirmation: “Everything is in divine order. I release attachment to these feelings and as I do, I have a much better understanding of what is happening, without feeling negative attachment.” Do this until you feel a shift, until you release the old heavy feeling. This could take several minutes.
  4. When you feel the release of negative feelings, ask yourself: What would I rather feel? This is important, because often we can think about what we want but more rarely we question how we want to feel. If you start from the feeling and work your way back, the most magical thing happens. You will find yourself being able to see, think and feel the situation in the ways where it triggers those feelings naturally.
  5. If you think I would rather feel powerful rather than feeling like victim, all sorts of occasions where you were already being powerful that you previously over looked would come to your mind. Also, any ideas that could lead to you feeling more powerful will also flood your mind and awareness.

Get into the habit of deliberately shifting your vibration from one state to a high state. From a place where you feel low on energy to a state where you feel high on energy. Building your vibration is a powerful and necessary part of a strong spiritual being. Building your vibration will lead to a much more successful life.


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