How to Attract Money When You Are Desperate For Some

How to Attract Money When You Are Desperate For Some

The feeling of desperation is one of the worst states to be in when it comes to attracting money. Unfortunately, it’s the state of mind that most people are in when they think of getting more money fast.

Because this needy, desperate mindset is so destructive to the attraction process, it will have to be the very first thing you tackle. When you are desperate you don’t often make the right move.

Desperation causes mental and emotional confusion. Those states will only cause you to take actions which produce outcomes which are most often ineffective, random and wasteful to the goal you are trying to achieve.

Your mind will be clouded and you won’t hear nor see the best solutions for you, even if it was right in your face. So, the very first thing you want to do is to work on your mental and emotional state as quickly as you can.


From a Desperate Mindset to an Empowered Mindset

Sure, you are feeling hopeless and feel that you have no where to turn. Maybe the situation you are going through could be quite grave. Maybe the situation is something that could cause a major headache in your life if it’s not fixed immediately.

But guess what? Whether its life pressing or not, it wont help you none to feel hopeless. That hopeless feeling is what’s going to be your undoing much more than this great need for money.

The moment you are able to calm your desperation and anxiety you make space in your mind for what steps to take next.


Start By Talking to Your Self

Self talk can be quite powerful and very effective if you know the right things to say to yourself. Speak power into your mind. Remind yourself that miracles are a very real possibility and that anything can happen which may rescue you.

This is where you can refer to all the things you have read about the power of the law of attraction and positive changes. You need to use this empowered information in those moments, in order to keep your mind charged and hopeful.


Repeating Affirmations Will Shift Your Mental & Emotion State

Self-talk gets the mind to calm down from its previous state of anxiety and desperation but now affirmations will help to drill in those ideas until they help to shift your disempowered state to a more empowered state.

Choose affirmations that further empower your mind to where you feel confident that you can find a solution for attracting money in this pressing time.

Repeat certain affirmations over and over, to help drive home key points that shift the mind. Every time you repeat a particular affirmation the concept becomes more engrained into your mind as it expands and deepens in depth.

Do this for as long as it takes to feel a shift in your mental and emotions state. It could take you a few minutes it could take you an hour. The key is to be mindful of how long it takes for you to personally have that mental shift.


Put The Question Out There

Now that you are in a more empowered state of mind, put the question out there. Write it out on paper. Write it out as a very firm and clear desire, with the intent to have a solution to this issue. You may be surprise as to how the answer, with a solution, will present itself to you.

Have a firm intent in your mind that a solution will present itself to you. Then pay attention to any unusual signs. The answer can come in many different unique ways.

Don’t judge the way that answer is presented. It could come from someone you know. It could come as an ad on one of your social medial accounts. Maybe someone calls you and introduces you to a new idea which would solve this issue.

Whatever that answer may be it should make you feel a calm resolved feeling inside. There should be an inner knowing that this is the right solution.


Take Immediate Action On The Matter

Everything is timely. What may work today may not work tomorrow based on the right timing of matters. Learn to take quick action when you receive answers which solve your money issues.

If you are desperate to attract money now, have faith that this action will bring a resolution to your desires to attract money now.


Trust The Process

This process is one you can use again and again in any situation. First shift the mind through self-talk until the mind is calmer, then lock in specific proactive affirmations, then ask for guidance and finally follow through.

Your own inner mind will guide you, comfort you and lead you to the right solutions every time. 


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