How to Always Attract Lots of Money By Doing This One Very Important Thing

How to Always Attract Lots of Money By Doing This One Very Important Thing

Have you ever met someone who for whatever reason always seems to be able to manifest money and get the things they want? Maybe that person does not even have a great job. Maybe they don’t have a rich family who can supply them with cash whenever they want.

Maybe you have even tried to analyze, just how that person was able to get tons of money at will but you just could not put your finger on how they are able to do it again and again.

They don’t beg, they don’t steal, they don’t borrow and they don’t sell drugs. How then do they do it? Some people live in the money flow. They live in a field of energy which invites money. Unlike most people they don’t have any barriers towards money. They don’t have a toxic love hate relationship with money at all.

They are excited about life, excited about getting what they want and they simply do get what they want, especially money with ease. While on the other hand you may have a better job, you may even have a good partner who can give you extra cash when you need. You may even have good credit so you can borrow all the money you need; yet still life is a struggle and you can barely hope to get the things you truly want.

The Energy of Yes

To help you understand this person’s great luck you need to understand two very important things. You need to understand how your energy field works in relationship to the world around you.

We all live in a personal field of energy. Imagine that field of energy as a cocoon around your physical body. For some people that field of energy is wide and big. It expands beyond our personal body and it is in harmony with all things and everyone on the planet.

For those few and I do mean few and rare individuals this energy field is so big, bright and powerful that it influences everything and everyone around them. Everything which comes into contact with their energy field says, yes to their desires.

Those are the people whom you may call lucky because life would seem charmed for them. Those people experience much less resistance in life. Money and all the things they desire comes to them with ease.

On the other hand, there is the wider population that is a lot less powerful. Those are the people whose energy field is a lot less bright and has very little influence on the world around them.

Those people, live in a mindset with a lot of restrictions, a lot of limitations on what is possible and what is not. They have a lot of rigid, ideas about life and life reflects this on what they are capable of doing.

They make up the larger percentage of the population and find themselves out of harmony with life. They have to work harder for the things they desire, their vocabulary is made up of a lot of, nos. No this is not possible! No, I cannot achieve this! No this is too hard!

This “No, no, no…create walls between their energy field and the energy field of the whole. Basically, they create a psychic block between themselves and the world around them. Because of these psychic blocks, the world creates a discord making things impossible for them.

What they do not understand is that they live in a field of energy which is designed to say, yes to every thing they want. However, because of old mental programs in their mind from their parents, their church, their community, their friends; They have disconnected themselves and their energy field from the ‘yes factor’. Instead they create psychic walls.

These psychic walls make it much harder to make things work for them. No matter what they do, life seems to be harder. Everything they do is met with resistance. You can do everything right but if your energy field is in disharmony then nothing will work.

In Order to Attract Money Again and Again….

You must be aware of your overall field of energy in relationship to the energy field of the planet and the world around you. You must be in an energy field which says yes, to money.

Money is the one thing in life where most of us have a lot of resistance. You may not even realize just how much resistance you have towards money, which makes it super hard for you to attract it again and again.

Money is a currency! That means money is not a real thing, its an exchange of energy between you and another and in order to allow that currency to work magic in your life you have to be aware of your own energy field.

How to Dominate With Your Energy

You must change your energy field so that it is in harmony with everything around you. That means you are in a confident, proactive state of mind. You trust that the will of all is in alignment with your will and all is saying yes to you. When your energy field is in harmony then you dominate.

Your will becomes more powerful than the will of everything around you. When your energy field is strong you dominate.

When you shut down your energy field, you move into a sort of fearful state of mind which makes you feel separate from the world around you. In that state of mind, you tend to feel that what you want is something out there which does not comply with you.

This creates more walls and separation between yourself and the outside world. Subconsciously you are saying that what you want is resisting you and so you must fight in order to get it. When in truth there is no fight, except the fight you create in your mind.

Reprogramming Your Energy Field to Attract More Money

You as most people may have a lot of resistance to money. Your energy field in relationship to money has huge psychic blocks. One way to gage those psychic blocks is to watch how you body reactions in the middle of your solar plexus as you scan the following questions.

Place your attention right on the center of your belly and as you scan the following questions, watch what happens to your body’s reaction to the following questions.

  • Do you see money as something separate from you or do you see it as part of the same field of energy that you are living in?
  • Do you feel anxious about money?
  • What actions are you willing to take in order to manifest more money?
  • Do you feel that money is hard to attain?
  • Can you imagine yourself spending every single penny you have without worry about when or if you will get more?
  • Could you do just about anything in order to manifest money even if it goes against your normal routine?
  • Can you do something that seems foolish or outside of your norm in order to attract money?
  • Can you give away your entire pay check for one week to a total stranger?
  • What happens if you never manifest the amount of money that you desire?
  • How would you feel if you manifested all of what you wished for and much more?

If you paid attention to your body’s reaction to the following questions there may be times when you found yourself tightening your tummy, while there are other times you may feel yourself breathing deeper and always feeling expanded and connected.

When you found yourself tightening your tummy those are your psychic blocks. Those are the areas where you cut yourself off from the energy flow of the world around you.

The times where you found yourself breathing more deeply are the times when you are in harmony and your energy field expands with the world around you.

When you cut yourself off from the flow it is because there are stories flowing in your head which invite fear and limitation into your mind. However, when you feel expanded those are the times you invite stories into your mind which feel good and filled with possibilities.

Control The Connection

Go back and review those questions, this time when you feel yourself shutting down or tightening your solar plexus, expand it. Breathe deeply and say to yourself that you have power over this situation and that the situation does not have power over you. Repeat that statement over and over as your breath deeply and more expansively. What you will find is an automat shift in you as well as your energy field.

As you proceed with this method, new thoughts and ideas may even enter your mind to show you, yes, you do have power over this situation and there is nothing to fear.

The key to all of this is in gaining total power through the use of daily guided imagery and mental induction. If you desire to gain that much power over the world around you, I highly encourage you take a look at the following link below.


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