How to Alter Your Perceptions For an Amazing Life

Your perceptions of reality as well as your personal life influence what you see, and how you experience life. Often a great deal of energy is expended on manifesting things into our life’s, but little time altering your perception for a more fulfilling life.

When you are able to alter your perceptions from one where life is hard and a struggle to one where life is easy and working in your favor your whole experience in life changes. As human beings we all want growth, we all want to live an amazing life. However, our perceptions set us up for failure and struggle.

The only way to overcome this hurdle is to alter your overall perception, so in that way your very foundation of thought, expectation and awareness is set up entirely for success.

Every experience you encounter is neither good nor bad but your thinking makes it one or the other. Your observation and expectation make the experience what it becomes for you. Had anyone else gotten the identical life experiences to you, their present life would look entirely different because of their individual perception to what is happening.

How Then Do You Alter Your Perception?

One of the first ways of changing your perception is to exercise your mind to see various experiences from a new angle. Take for example a story on the news which has triggered anger and grief in the community. Look at the story from a different angle, how about look in without judgement and see if you can find a bright outcome from such an event.

Now choose an experience that everyone seems very happy and excited about. See if you can find a grim outcome to this seemingly happy event. Ask the question, in which way is this a negative as opposed to a positive?

You will want to try this with an experience in your own life as well. Find an experience which ended on a seemingly bad note. Look into that experience and see if you can alter your perception of it and see it as the most positive thing which has occurred.

Doing these exercises will help to train your awareness and make you more sensitive to your own way of perceiving things. The way you see life is so ingrained into your everyday activity that you may not even be aware of it. However, the more you train yourself to alter the way you look at things, you will realize that things change to match the way you are looking at things. Funny how that works.

Altering Your Perceptions For An Amazing Life

Step one, what does an amazing life look and feel like to you? Can you define it, or explain it? Now ask yourself, “Am I having an amazing life?” If your answer is no, then ask yourself, “How can I choose to see it as an amazing life?” Remover your emotional attachment from your experience. Look at everything from a place of detachment and non judgement as if you were a stranger looking in.

See if you can find moments, big and small that are wonderful. We often wait to acquire something in order for us to feel amazing, but reality works in reverse. You must first begin to see the amazing parts of your present circumstances before you can pull more amazing things to you.

This takes reflection and daily practice. Within a few days your whole view of your life will change. Often, we forget what we have had the privilege to experience in our need to attain more. An amazing life begins with knowing that you have a choice and the first choice is one’s perception.

Your choice to choose to see the good in everything, speak that good which you see and better will follow at warp speed.


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