How to Achieve Rapid Success

How to Achieve Rapid Success

To achieve success you first need to know what success means to you. Success is defined differently for each individual. Success maybe having a long running career, lots of money or a family. While with someone else success may simply be happiness. There is no right or wrong definition of success, it is something that you define for yourself in your own individual and personal way.

Define your position…

Life is very much like a game and like any game you must have a game plan in order to succeed at winning this game. One of the first steps you need to take is to have a clear definition of what success looks and feels like to you.

You may want to get a journal and write out your thoughts, maybe sketch or paint a picture of what it would look and feel like in order for you to feel successful.

Fill that journal with as much detail and factors that make up your vision of success. Also ask yourself what do you need to have within yourself, your state of mind and your outlook in order for you to feel this state of success.

Creating a map to your target…

Like any goal you need a plan and one error in setting goals is that we often don’t map it out. We often just hope that everything will fall into place with some hard work. That never works because it keeps our attention scattered.

Writing out a plan activates our inner compass to work in the direction of our success.

The best way to do so is to write it out in a series of steps. Number each step, then write out what it will take to achieve that step before you can proceed to the next step. Do this until you have reached your final stage.

Getting Past The Mental Fight

The conscious mind needs to see things mapped out in a linear way in order for the mind to accept and to believe in the possibility of the goal. A goal that is written out has a higher chance of been achieved then a goal that has not been written out.

Your conscious mind is always working against the possibility of a future. The Conscious mind needs to see in order to believe in the possibility of a thing first.  That is why it is a lot easier for you to create something that you have already seen someone else achieve.

One of the powerful ways to subdue the Conscious mind to get it to work with you is to create a written map. By doing the map, the Conscious mind begins to see a way and the possibility of how you can achieve this goal, without putting up a fight.

  Your conscious mind needs order. It needs to be convinced in order to make sense of your goal. Otherwise your mind will fight against you.
How many times did you hear that little voice in your head telling you that something was not possible? That was the Conscious mind fighting against the unlimited possibly, because the conscious mind needs order and it also needs to see in order to believe.

Getting Past The Gate Keeper

The conscious mind is like the gate keeper to a world of all possibilities, to the world of your deepest desires.  It determines if you enter or not.  Getting past your conscious mind will determine how quickly you achieve success. Your goal then is to do everything you can to bring order and to reduce the fight that your conscious mind creates every time you decide to achieve a level of success.
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