How to Access and Increase Your Power

How to Access and Increase Your Power

It is safe to say that not all of us are at the same level of power. Some of us are able to influence our reality very quickly, while others have a much harder time of it. Every day we are either increasing or decreasing in our personal power. The key to increasing personal power is understanding what contributes to it and what steals this power.

To understand your personal power think of your body as a sophisticated battery. When this battery is fully charged, its power is high enhancing its ability to power any other device. However, as the power decreases in the battery so does its function, similarly to the human body.

When we are charged, our personal power functions at a much higher level. Our potential to take on many different projects, or even handle various issues can be a lot easier. That’s not all, the power behind our thoughts and intentions are greatly increased.

What Charges Your Power

The key to your personal power is energy, just like the battery. And, everyday this electrical current fluctuates. Sometimes it fluctuates dramatically other times it’s a mild fluctuation.

There are many things which charge your battery and increases your personal power. Praying and meditating first thing in the morning helps to increase your energy. Eating a clean, unprocessed diet adds energy to you as well. The list goes on, good conversations, a massage, loving touch, music, sex, comedy etc. etc.

On the reverse end of things its key to know what is stealing energy from you and as a result decreasing your personal power.

What Steals Your Power

What steals your power is anything which makes you feel drained, hopeless and limited in your potential. Everyday you encounter people, or situations which do not make you feel very good. This not so good feeling begins the drain in your energy field.

When your energy is low so is your personal power. You can always sense when your energy is low by the way you feel. Getting into arguments, dealing with hostile people or even your own self-defeating thoughts and patterns can leave you low and energy less.

How to Stay in Your Power

You stay in your power by avoiding people and situations which leave you feeling drained. You make absolutely no exceptions about that. The more frequently you choose yourself and your joy and your elevation, the better you get at sustaining your personal power.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to do based on your individual circumstances. However, the more you train yourself to choose what adds energy over what drains energy, the better you get at keeping the energy you have.

The more energy you can sustain the more power you have to excel in whatever you set out to do. Sometimes you just have to learn to let things go, even when you want to get caught up because you think that you must get involved.

What if life were a game and the challenge of this game is to see who gets to gain more energy than the next? And, the objective of this game is to keep increasing your energy no matter what?

If it were a game, would you get emotionally caught up or would you simply get rid of what is weighing you down? Wouldn’t you rather direct your attention to what is building you up without rational ideas?  You do what is needed. In truth, life is a game and the game is to always increase your energy and power as you keep on moving.


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