How The Mind Creates Your Struggles

How The Mind Creates Your Struggles

How the mind creates your struggles. The mind has addictive qualities. Your thoughts are the channel through which that addiction lives. You can be addicted to happy thoughts; you can be addicted to sad fearful debilitating thought also. Can you remember a time where you were upset about a certain matter and found yourself thinking excessively over and over and over about the situation?

Maybe over thinking to the point that you may have even gotten a headache because you simply could not turn off your mind. This is a perfect example of how the mind8 works automatically for you. Even if you had the desire to turn off the excessive thinking the mind is in a repetitive stage repeating those thoughts again and again on its own. Until you learn to control the mind and learn to turn off the magnetic replay, the mind will control you.  

The Mind Never Sleeps When we are in a desperate emotional state, we tend to overthink the situation excessively. Even when we are engaged in other activities the mind is replaying those thoughts because the concern and worry has a magnetic pull on your mind. Fear takes over the mind and causes us to think excessively about the situation in a negative way, as opposed to thinking of the situation in a way that is hopeful in which we may produce a positive outcome.

During those times you may even find yourself unable to sleep, because again the mind does not rest. It has created a lock and a hold on those thoughts and they continue to recycle even in the deepest most quiet part of the night. 

The Magnetic Pull

The more you fret and worry, the more you fret and worry. It’s a little bit like sinking into quicksand. The more you struggle to get out of the quick sand, the faster and deep you sink.  Mentally the more you overthink, the more you struggle the deeper you sink into a state of mind that creates a very powerful field of energy around your physical body, magnetizing more struggle.

What happens is that you begin to live in a very strong magnetic field that is now programmed to keep you in a state of struggle. The program gets deeper and more engrained the more you struggle the more you stress out. One of the hardest things to get out of is a state of struggle, especially a financial struggle because there is so much fear associated with lack of money that it can create a mindset of increase mental worry and struggle.

When your mental and emotional state is magnetized to particular thoughts such as thoughts of struggle you will find that everything in your life becomes a struggle.  Even when you take actions to shift the struggle they seem to be unsuccessful. That is because the actions are still encased in that magnetic thought field of struggle which you have created over an extended period of time. That thought field you have created has and will continue to impact everything you do and the result will be more struggle.

How to Shift The Struggle Mindset

Shifting the mind from a place of struggle to a place where you are in a flow of abundance and success, takes time and a process. It does not happen overnight. It does take time and effort but its well worth the effort. If you want to be a great athlete you would have no problem dedicating time to working and training, it’s the same process with the mind. New tools and techniques must be incorporated in your life so that you can become more empowered otherwise you are at the mercy of conditions and anything that triggers the mind in a destructive way.

How to Shift Your Mindset Process#1

The first process of shifting the mind from a state of struggle to one where you are in a divine flow of success, requires that you learn to control the thoughts which dominate your mind. The very first thing you need to realize is that at any given moment you could choose the thoughts you’re willing to engage in. You could choose to stop the overthinking by immediately recognizing the struggle and fear within you. Awareness is the first step, knowing that you can choose your thoughts is the next step.

One thing you could do is to ask yourself a question, you break up the repetitive cycle of overthinking. This causes the mind to stop and now it begins to look for an answer as opposed to repeating the same or repetitive thought patterns. Learn to ask yourself important questions which trigger the mind to stop the cycle.

How to Shift Your Mindset Process#2

What would you rather be thinking and feeling in the present moment? When you realize that you could stop your mind from over thinking thoughts which yield more struggle and more pain, you also will come to realize that you can also shift the mind to where you want it to go.

You can immediately and purposefully feed your mind empowering thoughts right away, in this present moment.  As you feed your mind those new positive thoughts and feelings they begin to grow.

As you indulge in these new positive, empowering thought the mind begins to create a new addiction to those new thoughts. Over an extended period of time the mind then begins to shift from the magnetic field of struggle to one where you are existing in a magnetic field that is empowering and positive and a dynamic Force for creating what you desire. You must first train the mind before it can work automatically for you.

How to Shift Your Mindset Process#3

In order to indefinitely shift your mind from a state of struggle to a state where you are creating more abundance in your life, you must commit to a daily practice of feeding the mind new thoughts. It is said that the mind takes at least 30 days to adopt a new thought process. If you can commit to creating a new thinking and new patterns of thought, in 30 days you can begin to feel a new state of being to where you no longer struggle to achieve things you want.

Just as the mind has an addictive nature creating a reality of struggle you can condition the mind to create a reality of abundance, flow and ease.

It’s necessary that you deliberately carve out time to recondition your thoughts. This is not a process you can sidestep because if it is not done properly the results will not be met. In reconditing your mind from a state of struggle to a state of ease you must engage in a rigorous practice of incorporating material and information that feeds your mind in as many ways as possible.

This intense reconditioning forces the mind to create new thoughts surrounding success,

Your mind can be programmed to where it automatically creates everything to where everything is possible and everything flows abundantly to you. The more you strengthen this new empowering program the more magnetic force it creates within you as well as around you. This is how to shift the mind from creating a world of struggle to a world of flow and success.


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