His Desire For You Will Increase

His Desire For You Will Increase

This can be one of the scariest parts of a relationship. It is that place where you realize that your partner or the one you are attracted to no longer has feelings for you. It’s that feeling where you begin to question your attractiveness and wonder what you can do to become more appealing.

It’s never a good feeling to know that someone is not quite into you as you are into them. Worst, it can be scary when you are really into them. Loving someone who does not love you back hurts.

There is one thing you can do to keep this from happening to you. Of course, this is like baking a cake when you know that the main ingredient is flour. Everything else you add to that cake, are the extras.

What I am about to show you is the flour to your cake. It is the main source of attraction. If you get this right, then there will always be a level of attraction. Also, the attraction between you and your partner will continue to grow. So, what is that secret to sustaining desire? What is that core ingredient?

It’s the Foundation to It All….

Before I tell you what that secret is, let me ask you. Have you ever been attracted to someone at one point in time, but for no known reason you just no longer felt attracted to them?  Maybe they looked the same, but something did not feel quite right?

The core of that shift and how you felt about that person had to do with their energy level. A person can look really good, they can say all the right things but if their energy level is low, then you will feel something missing. You may start to feel turned off by the person, irritated, a loss of sexual desire and even if they did all the right things, you just don’t want them. That’s probably how others have felt about you as well.

When you are low on energy, your partner, date, husband or whomever will not feel so excited, attracted, or sexual about you. When your energy is low you may even begin to turn them off. It may even come as a surprise to them as well. You may dress nicely, however when your energy is low, they won’t feel any passion or desire for you.

How to Boost Up

When your energy is high, this makes you more appealing. The higher your energy level, the more heat radiates from your body. I am sure you have had intimate moments with a partner who felt cold. When they touched you, they may have felt cold. When they kissed you, it may have felt clammy! Those are all signs of a person with low heat, low energy in the body.

So how do you boost up for your partner? Here are a few things you may want to apply immediately, because not only will it make you feel great over all, it will enhance how your partner feels around you, its what will keep them feeling excited about you as well.

Drink More Water
Water keeps the current inside of your body flowing. So the energy inside of your body continues to flow, making you radiate more vibrant energy, which is good for how you look but also good for how much more sensual energy you will give off.

Sleep 8 Hours a Night – Restful sleep keeps you looking and feeling good but restful sleep increasing your sensual energy, which makes your partner feel warm and comfortable being around you.

Finding Your Feel Good Zone – When you indulge in activities which makes you feel good, this helps you sustain your over all energy level. Activities which engage the mind on what makes you happy, helps you to sustain an over all good state of being but it also increases your energy levels.

Sustaining The Boost

It’s very important that you regularly focus on ways to keep your own personal energy high. Now that does not mean you need to be, loud, overly excited or seem super happy. It simply means that focusing on these 3 keys will keep your body fired up with renewed energy.

In the Secrets of Magnetism program, you will learn how energy circulates throughout your body and this circulation of energy enhances your overall attractiveness. When combined with psychological triggers and certain methods, it makes others want to be with you and around you.

It makes it hard for them to move away, because that energy not only feels really good to them but it enhances how they feel when they are with you as well.

Literally you can make others addicted to you by applying certain techniques to enhance your own personal sensual energy. If you want to learn more on this pheromonal way of being absolutely magnetic, then sign up the following newsletter to learn much more.

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