Find Out The 2 Main Things Blocking You From Succeeding

Find Out The 2 Main Things Blocking You From Succeeding

The two main things blocking you from succeeding are both linked. You could say that they are two of the same, but various aspects of the same. To help you in understanding let’s imagine you are the little engine who could but a more high-tech engine with a digital navigational system.

All you need to do is to place your goal inside the navigational system and you will be led to the fulfillment of your desires. That seems like a very simple routine to success but it isn’t for many people. It’s hard not because the steps are hard to implement, but because their mind won’t let them. As simple as the rules of this game of life really is, it’s hard to take the practical steps. Much of this is due to the following two reasons.

The Vision in Your Head

The Vision in your head is synonymous with encoding the address of your destination into the navigator. Without an address, there are no instructions for the system to guide you. That would mean, you are free to drive where ever.

While that sort of freedom is great eventually it becomes aimless and a waste of one’s life. A fruitful and successful life is a life that is planned. It is a life of purpose. The moment you have created a definitive goal and made an absolute decision that this is what you want, your life moves into purpose.

The internal navigational system is encoded with that definitive blue print and goes about guiding and shifting conditions in and around you in order to move you into place. When you create that definitive goal, you must have a full, detailed picture of it in your mind.

How We Corrupt Our Inner Vision

Previously we identified that the first issue is creating a definitive goal which includes a total, detailed vision. We also addressed that this is a very simple step but we also agree that while the step is simple it’s a struggle to achieve.

It is a struggle because as human beings we live in a reality where fear is the dominating frequency. Fear runs our financial life, fear runs our romance, fear runs our aging. Fear governs the land, because there is a lack of knowledge. There is a lack of knowledge of self and a lack of knowledge of how reality functions. There are spiritual laws that we do not understand and we operate those spiritual laws against ourselves.

This lack of knowledge causes us to be afraid of our own unlimitedness. We fear that what we are trying to create won’t come. We also fear that if it comes, we may not be deserving of it or we may not be able to cope with all that comes with having that thing. We are riddles with ignorance and that ignorance corrupts the goals and visions we want to encode into our navigational system.

So, because of our own lack of knowledge we battle for and against our desires. Today we want it, then tomorrow we don’t. That’s a bit like driving to a particular destination then stopping along the way to take a totally different path. When we realize that we should have already reached our destination long ago, we get depressed and wonder why we are unsuccessful. That leads to the second issue with what is blocking you from succeeding.

Bionic Focus

One thing every destination needs, is a clear goal and a focused movement towards that destination. If you are someone who lacks a clear vision and the determination, then it’s easy to start and stop along the way.

Don’t start, if you don’t intend to finish. Its senseless to make a definitive plan, which sets the course of universal energies in your favor only to turn away to something else. This is a misuse of power.

What I call bionic focus happens, when someone uses every bit of their internal decision, energy, emotions and physical actions to move totally and completely towards their desire without loosing focus. Champions are made this way, the most successful men in the world move this way.

The average man is easily distracted by this or that but the main distraction is his own weak mind and weak mental focus. Focus requires that you move daily in the direction of your plan.

Think for a moment of all the greats you have come to know in your time. People in your personal life or even public figures who have excelled beyond average measures. Surely you have read about their lives, and have you not noticed that they had a fire and an addictive purpose and drive to achieving what they wanted.

When you make a decision to succeed at anything, there must already be a burning fire inside of you. An absoluteness about achieving that desire and the passion to move towards it with precise mental, emotional and physical focus.


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