Dreams About Death- 2 Things They Mean and Why Dreams About Death Should be Taken Very Seriously

Dreams about death can put anyone in a very uncertain State of Mind. Because death is such a mysterious and often times disturbing topic, when we are faced with death in a dream, this can bring us into a state of bewilderment, confusion and great fear.

What You Will Find In This Article:

However, dreams about death are not always bad. They may not always lead to some catastrophic happening. In a more reverse way dreams of this nature can also be the death of an aspect of self. The death of a situation, a relationship that no longer serves you or a change in your entire perspective of Life.

If you come upon information regarding dreams about death, you may get mixed information which would further confuse you. Some people will say that dreams of death are catastrophic and you should anticipate some ill fortune to happen.

While others will tell you that dreams of death do not mean anything about psychical life and it is actually a very meaningful and blessed thing to dream about one’s death or simply to dream about death and dying in the first place. 

To be completely honest both of those ideas are correct. Any form of death can be both catastrophic but meaningful and transformative at the very same time. The key is to be able to differentiate your personal individual dream to discover what it actually, really means to you, the dreamer.  Because, what a dream means to you is not what it means to somebody else. 

The meaning of the dream is entirely focused and left to the actual dreamer so in this article I will share with you some information which will help you in being able to interpret your personal dream to know what it really means for you as an individual in your life.

The Difference Between a Spiritual Death Vs. Physical Death

in order to properly interpret the meaning of this dream one needs to fully understand the difference between a spiritual death versus a physical death. Often when we think about death and dying, we immediately think of the death of the physical body.

However, while many of us are physically living we are spiritually dead. In the Bible and Christian faith, a spiritual death is seen as a separation from God.

Oftentimes it is stated that we have immersed ourselves in sin and in this state of sin, we have created a disconnection from God leaving us spiritually dead.

The idea of sin does not always mean that we have committed a cardinal crime. Sin can also be interpreted when we go against ourselves, when we go against what we know to be right and healthy for ourselves and when we disconnect ourselves from the source of what is right, loving and wholesome.

When we experience a spiritual death we experience a disconnection from all that is good divine wholesome, abundant and progressive in our lives.

When we are faced with the spiritual death it means that we are faced with problems and difficulties which make life unbearable and causes further disconnection from our connection with God and all things prosperous to the growth of our soul.

Luckily, unlike the physical death which is an absolute disconnection from our physical body and our physical life, spiritual death gives us still an opportunity for a second chance and opportunity.  This gives us an opportunity to become connected to ourselves again and as a result connected to the Divine source of wellness love life and progression.


How to Know If Your Dreams About Death are of a Spiritual or Physical Death

Our higher self is always giving us guidance, alerting us to pressing things in our life.

If something is about to have a very deep impact on our life and well-being, our higher self will warn us through our dreams. That way we can prepare ourselves, especially as in the case of death.

Death of any kind will bring feelings of stress, grief, and lost. Depending on our connection to the thing we have lost in Death, the feelings of loss could cause deep emotional turmoil.

One way we can interpret our dreams about death in order to know the specific message that those dreams have for us, personally, we need to focus on the emotions we were having during the dream state.

When we are immersed in the dream world, we are at our most pure state of consciousness. In that state, we are existing in our intuitive, psychic all-knowing self.

That means when we have a dream about death, in the dream state, we know what that death, really and truly means.  When you are dreaming, you know truth.  That truth is not marred by the limitations of the physical body.  How we react emotionally during the dream is an indication of the depth as well as the meaning within the dream.

We know if it’s a symbol of something else or if it’s a literal happening and just as if we were awake, we will respond to this information with some form of emotion.

The Secret Language of Dreams And How to Interpret The Emotional Energy of Dreams

A spiritual death, will uproot your life, it can be a very harsh happening with just as much sorrow and grief, however the emotions will be different. One will be filled with emptiness, sorrow and a feeling of things coming to a complete end. It’s a distinct feeling!

On the other hand a spiritual death will have you feeling sad, frustrated, confused, detached, hopeless but the deep sorrow and feeling of everything being final won’t be there.

Physical death is final, however spiritual death still has even the faintest glimmer of hope.

The thing is, when we wake up we try to interpret Our Dreams life experience by analyzing it from a physical perspective, which often causes us to lose the deeper meaning of the dreams.

One form of language which travels from the spiritual/psychic dream level to the physical level are our emotional states of being.  Our emotions are how we interpret what is happening.

When you are existing in the dream state as your all knowing self, you also have emotional responses to what you KNOW.

In the dream state you know if something is a cause for concern. You know if something has a different meaning from what it appears to be in physical life. You have all the answers and the meaning of everything when you are existing as your all-knowing psychic, self and that is what you must focus on in order to fully interpret your dreams.

Focus on the emotions you had during the dream, when you were in your all knowing state. Don’t ever try to interpret your spiritual dreams from a physical perspective.

  • How were you feeling during the dream?
  • Did you feel a deep emotional sorrow and loss?
  • Did you dream of death but during the dream you did not feel emotional?
  • Did your dreams of death feel light hearted and exciting or did it feel like weight and heaviness and problems?
  • What were your emotions like during the dream?
  • Did your dreams of death transition into another dream which lead to a different version of your life?
  • What other symbols, characters or snippet of information did you experience, which strengthen the idea of a physical death from your dreams?
  • Were there any other continuation of the dream, such as characters mourning, a word of advice or anything that may expand on the dream you had?
  • A spiritual death will extend into another version of your life, to where the death is just an extension of a new life, still filled with sorrow but a different kind of sorrow.
  • Where there any symbols or signs that may lead to the awareness that your life was heading into a dark, difficult patch?
  • Did you experience losing a part of yourself in this dream?
  • Can you write out your emotions and all the particular thoughts and feelings which are associated with your feelings during this dream?

Why Dreams About Death Should Be Taken Seriously

Death of any kind is a breaking away of an old aspect of yourself. A spiritual death can leave you broken, financially, emotionally and all other kinds of ways.

Some people never return from a spiritual death, because the opportunities to heal and get help never come or in other instances, one never recovers from a spiritual death because one ignores the work that is necessary to build the self-back up.

When you are disconnected from yourself, that always brings a disconnection from God, then it is like a man in the wilderness, without any help, any food and any shelter.

There are times when life is giving you a warning to either avoid certain people, actions or places which may lead to a spiritual death.

So with that said, take head to all signs that you may be leading yourself to a place of no return, whether you had a dream of death on a physically level or spiritually level. Death of any kind is a symbol of loss and grief.  


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