Dream Meanings: 5 Key Formula to Interpret The Meaning of Any Dream

Dream Meanings: 5 Key Formula to Interpret The Meaning of Any Dream

Understanding your dreams as well as dream meanings in general, is by far one of the most powerful skills you can have.  Maybe, you have wished for a way in which, you could get deep meaningful answers in your life.  Maybe you have visited a psychic, or read up your daily horoscope.  If so, then look no further than your nightly explorations.

The Value in Studying Dream Meanings

When you take the time to analyze and study your dreams; you will realize that you have access to detailed, insightful information.  Analyzing dream meanings, can lead your life in the most promising direction.  Its literally, the best fortune teller you can ever ask for.

Dreams often inform you on what steps to take. They also inform you on what issues may be hindering your progress and so much more.

Because so few people make the effort to understand their dreams, people often misinterpret their dream meanings as random meaningless, symbols. In reality, there are levels to how dreams appear to us, based on how much we develop our dream muscles.

What I mean by that is this. As we practice more dream work, we go from symbolic dreams to full on, movie like dreams. In those dreams, we experience detailed dreams which flow like real life happenings.   

If you are new to dream work or understanding dream meanings, then your dreams may appear as random jumbled symbols. However, the deeper you explore your dreams and the dream world the more real your dreams will appear to you.

The key is to start where you are. Start by learning how to interpret the dreams that you are having now. Make the effort to study the dream meanings of every single symbol or snippet every single night.   Over time, not only will you get very good at it, you will also realize that your dreaming ability will evolve.  Your dreams will evolve to very specific, detailed, as well as clearer more vivid dreams.

What this means is that, over time you can and will experience dreams with such detail and accuracy that there will be no doubt about what it means.  This new heightened dreaming skill, will bring out more confidence in you, as well as a heightened sense of spiritual power.  You wont need a psychic to gain answers in your life, because your dreams will do just that.

The 5 Key Formula For Analyzing Your Dreams And What They Really Mean

There is no one single step to gaining mastery and understanding over your dreams. The following 5 keys, helps you to uncover the meaning. What you will find, is that every single method adds a layer of understanding, allowing you to go deeper into all dream meanings.

After doing this a few times, you will become much better and even more accurate, that your confidence will grow.  In addition to that, you will also become better at interpreting other people’s dreams as well.

Dream Symbols – How to Uncover Dream Meanings by Decoding Dream Symbols

We all exist in this physical body; however, we also exist in a spiritual body made of energy. When you are off to sleep you are in essence existing in your dream body, in other words, your spirit body.  When your spiritual dream body encounters some major happing in your life, it wants to alert the part of you which exist in the physical body.

In order to get the message to you to where you don’t forget, it sends the information in a coded form. Dream symbols are a bit like playing a game of charades. When you go from sleep to wake, its easy to forget everything you explored in the dream state. Your dream body then says, “hey, I have to send that information in such a way that he/she will remember.” So, what it does is create symbols which you must decode in order to fully understand the deeper meaning of the dream.

If your dream body had to send you a long-detailed dream, you would most likely forget every bit of it by the time you woke up. The power of symbols, is that one symbol, can hold an entire story. A symbol can tell many things, without an entire story being needed to play out.

How to Identify Dream Symbols:

Dream symbols are any object or person, which embodies different characteristics outside of what is considered the norm. For example, seeing a person morph into a cat. Seeing a bird that can speak like a man. Symbols are best identified by abstract characters or moments which seem to have a dream like, or non real quality. Mostly representing characteristics which are not normal to that object or person, like a flying coffee cup.

How to Interpret the Dream Meaning of Those Symbols

One of the easiest ways to gain a fast understanding of a dream symbols is to analyze the symbol, as well as its actions, separately. In the case of a coffee cup which flies; you would analyze the coffee in the context of the dream. Ask yourself, what does this coffee cup mean to this story or my present life?

After you have explored what coffee or a coffee cup means to your present life, go on the next part of the symbols. Ask yourself, why is the cup flying away? Based on what the coffee cup would mean to your present life, ask yourself why is this particular thing flying away? These symbols should always be interpreted within the context of the rest of the story. There is no part of the dream which is insignificant. It is only your lack of awareness, which makes it meaningless.

Breaking Dream Meanings Into Small Dream Chunks

Trying to understand a full dream which has many different twists and turns and many dream symbols can be a bit daunting. That is, if you do not have a deeper understanding of how dreams communicate with our conscious mind. Remember that full analysis of dream meanings are based on multiple symbols.  The wisest thing to do is to analyses your dreams by small chunks.

As you analyze every symbol or every portion of the dream as a unit, no matter how nonsensical it may seem; What you will realize is that each part creates a cohesive part of one big puzzle. In the end what you have is one full story. Each piece that you see as random or not making sense, becomes one big story. A story where the full meaning of the dream will make full sense.

How to Identify a Dream Chunk:

You can identify a chunk by a shift in the dreamscape. Maybe in one part you are flying, then suddenly you are sitting in a class room.  Then a snake starts to speak with you, before you find yourself hanging from the ceiling. Do you see the chunks? The first chunk you are flying, in the second you are sitting in a room, the third is a conversation with a snake and forth you are handing from a ceiling.

If you analyze each of those 4 parts in relation to your personal life, you will realize that this sequence reveals a deeper answer for you and your life. Its actually quite fun to do. The more you break your dreams apart in this way, the better you get at understanding the dream meanings, a lot faster and with great accuracy too.

Scanning The Emotional Energy of Your Dreams

Despite analyzing your dreams and its meanings, you may still find that you need deeper answers. Maybe you want to know if the dream foretold good or bad news. While the dream symbol may reveal a story, you still need to know how that interpretation will impact your life. One way to dive deeper into what a dream meaning may reveal for you, is to focus on the emotional energy of the dream.

When you are existing in your dream body, you have access to a great scope of knowledge about your life. Yet because you are still attached to this physical life and your physical body, you naturally have at the same time, an emotional reaction to the things you experience in the dream state.

As you analyze the dream and its meaning ask yourself, how did I feel inside of this dream? Was I afraid? Did I feel anxious? Did I feel hopeful? Take note of how the dream left you feeling. Analyzing the feeling, will put more perspective to the meaning. The emotional vibration is a language all on its own.

Honoring Your Intuitive Senses

There are times when some dreams can be quite challenging to interpret. That could be for a host of different reasons. However, there is one step in accessing dream meanings and that is your intuitive senses. Your intuition is the language of the inner world and the inner self. Your intuition will easily come in contact with a dream symbol and know that, the particular symbol means a particular thing.  Even though it may not seem so obvious to your rational mind.

How to Trust Your Intuitive Senses:

One way to trust your intuitive senses and to know what you don’t know, is to listen to that inner voice or that inner knowing. To be honest, your first couple of tries in tuning into your intuition could make you feel unsure. How can you trust that the inner part of you already knows, what you are presently seeking to know?

In reality your inner self knows far more than you are willing to give it credit for. Over time of testing and building trust in your intuition, it becomes louder and stronger.  A time will come when your intuition will become so strong that the knowing is instant. The trust will be instant as well. Your intuition is the glue which binds all of the previous steps to produce a clear answer to your dreams.

Stepping Outside Of The Story

Placing yourself outside of the story is a key step in detachment, which bring deeper awareness. Many people will develop their dream meaning and dream interpretation skills faster, by interpreting the dreams of others.

Sometimes its hard for us to analyze our own dreams, because we are emotionally connected to it. When an answer comes, which we don’t like, we tell ourselves that this is not the right answer.  Often times, its because we don’t want to believe the truth of the dream.  

They want the outcome to mean one thing, when the dream is showing them something else. Sometimes even when all the answers are right in front of us we tell ourselves that the dream should mean something else. This happens due to lack of skill, which is a lack of practice.

This also happens because often times, the dream can show us things that are presently happening in our lives that are not obvious, some of which we may be in denial off.

However, when we remove ourselves from the first person perspective and look at the dream and all of its characters as if we are watching a movie, we get closer to the truth.  When we are less personal, we are better able to accept the truth of the dream. Because its less personal, we are more inclined to see and interpret it for what it truly is.

How to Step Outside:

Using your imagination, go back into the dream. Imagine that you are watching someone else, go through the motions. Pretend that someone else has just told you the story of this dream and you are going to help them interpret it.  You are then the outsider of this dream experience, looking in with all knowing awareness.

Analyze the dream from the symbols to the emotional language of the dream. Take notes on all that you observe, trusting everything you have gathered. If you brainstorm while also taking notes, the answers will form, the dream meaning will become clear to you.

The Real Secret of It all

There are whole communities of people around the world, who rely on their dreams as a way to guide them through life. Every big moment in their life is prefaced by lots of dream work, to make sure that they are taking the right steps in life. Dreaming can give so many powerful answers. True Dream interpretations require that you get involved in discovering the dream’s meaning by moving through all 5 of the previous steps.

For someone who has become very good at the process, all 5 steps are done to ensure that the dreamer gets as much meaning out of the dream. The best way to be sure, is to move through all 5 phases as you reflect, as well as take notes. You can move through all 5 phases within a matter of a few short minutes. Each phase takes you a bit deeper, revealing even more information about the dream and its meaning.





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