Do This 10 Minute Money Meditation Daily For 7 Days and See What Happens

Do This 10 Minute Money Meditation Daily For 7 Days and See What Happens

This ten-minute money mediation is quite effective because it connects your energy with the energy of money. If there is anything you want to bring into your life, it would mean that there is an absence of connection with that particular thing in your present life.

It’s safe to say, that maybe you do have a bit of it, but not to the degree in which you would like to have it. To attract anything in your life you need to have the energy of that thing in abundance.

You can have it by seeking it out physically; such as placing yourself in the area where that thing exist. Another way to do that is to create the space for it energetically.

With the following mediation you are creating an energetic space for money by creating the energy you bring it into your own energy field. The more you do this meditation the stronger it gets.

The goal of this mediation is to create a connection with money and yourself, one that is playful, easygoing and without a set expectation. You are not asking for any particular amount; you are only playfully and energetically inviting money into your life by first creating an energetic connection with it.

What should you expect? The expectation is different from person to person and so are the results. Because each person is at a different level of consciousness with money the results will be different. However, what you should hope for and realize is that money will enter your life in unusual ways.

Maybe you may get an offer which will bring money to you. Perhaps someone may offer you some unexpected money. Maybe you may get a raise. Any number of things can happen as you build an energetic connection with money. The key is to do the meditation, then simply witness in what magical ways money enters your life.

10 Minute Money Meditation

  1. Imagine yourself alone in a lush, green world. A most pristine enchanted garden. You can smell the dewy fresh air and you know that it is untouched by human traffic. Its just you and you alone. There is no negative interference, nothing to contaminate your energy. Everything around you speaks growth and life.
  2. Look around at the trees and realize that rather than leaves, every tree has money. Ever leaf is a money bill. There is money all around you. There is money on the trees, there is money on the ground. Where there should be rocks and stones there is instead coins. You are walking on coins and money bills are floating in the air down to the ground all around you.
  3. Say to yourself that money is as abundant as the leaves. Say to yourself that money grows as abundantly as the leaves grow on trees. Keep speaking to yourself in this way, using any statement which supports this fantasy world where you presently are.
  4. Walk around this enchanted garden, speaking this new way but as you do touch the money. Pick up the money from the ground and slowly begin to bring as much sensation to the feel of each money bill.
  5. Can you smell it too? Yes, indulge all of your senses in this new world of abundant money. Roll around in it as you would when you were a child rolling on the ground in a pile of leaves.
  6. Can you lose your fear for money? Can you feel about money as you would a pile of leaves? If you can, stay in that playful fantasy until you do. All the while, speak to yourself about the ease and playfulness that money really is, in this new world.

After 10 minutes you are free to let go of this meditation. Simply return to your normal state of mind, then let go. Don’t hold any expectations, don’t stress, don’t worry. Your only goal is to enter that fantasy money world once again the next day or as many times as you wish throughout the day.

Each day you do this, you should feel a little more relaxed, a little more playful and a little more adventurous about exploring this money garden as you go deeper into this meditation.

Write down any unusual things which occur during this 7 day meditation practice which support your new connection with money.

As you let go of attachment and expectation, it becomes easier to build a real authentic connection to money as opposed to when you are desperate or in need of it now.



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