How to Develop a Mind of Influence

How to Develop a Mind of Influence

Whether you are aware of it or not you and everyone else is influencing those around you all the time. Influence is a part of life. You may share your ideas with a friend who would get inspired to take an action which you influenced. You may watch an advertisement on television and be influenced by that as well.

So, while influence is happening all the time on various levels there is something special going on with some people who have the power to dramatically influence others. Those people are dynamic, they have the ability to influence others to take massive action on matters that the person may previous have a hard time doing.

You may have heard of cult leaders who had the ability to sway the mind of the congregation to do unspeakable things. You may ask yourself; how could this be so? Don’t these people have their own mind or their own will? Those people certainly do have their own mind.

However, a person who is magnetic and know how to influence people to take wild action has either learned how to affect people or they have this ability naturally.

Those who have the ability to influence others are often larger than life in their belief system. They tend to go a step beyond what is standard. They don’t mind thinking outside of the box. Neither do they mind taking action that others are not willing to take.

Developing a Mind of Influence

In order to develop a mind that has the ability to favorably influence others you have to be able to embody these qualities.

Unshakable Confidence

Confidence is often underestimated but confidence is a great internal power of self-acceptance. Confidence has nothing to do with whether a thing is actually good or not. Confidence is the surety in your ideas regardless of if others accept it or not. Because before you can affect others you have to have an iron clad belief in yourself and what you want others to do. There can be no doubt.

Ecstatic States

One thing cult leader or influencers have the ability to do is to get people into an excited ecstatic state. When a person is in an ecstatic state they don’t see boundaries or walls, they don’t hear no. They function on adrenaline and the force of will directed by the person who is influencing them in a particular direction.

Often people are surprise by what they are able to do when in those higher intense states and that is because they don’t know how to place themselves in that state but someone who is capable of affecting this feeling state can get others to that place.

Before you are able to place others in an ecstatic state you have to be able to do so for yourself first. And this is where we come to the power of emotional control.

Emotion Intelligence

Being in control of your feelings is a powerful step to controlling your experiences. Learning how to shift and elevate your emotions will help you in also influencing the emotions and feeling state of others.

After all the more skilled you are with yourself, the more skilled you will be in using it with others. Being able to quickly shift a person’s state of being within minutes is a skill a good influencer must have. If your desire is to affect change in others you must be able to do the same within yourself in a strong controlled way.

The key to using the emotions to benefit you, requires that you do not allow your feelings to control you, instead you control your feelings. Understand that how you feel is absolutely a choice based on your perception. This removes you from feeling like a victim, instead moving you into the space where you understand that you can choose how you want to feel at any time and in so doing you can also impact how others feel as well.


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