Decoding Dreams About Fish And What They Reveal About Your Life

Decoding Dreams About Fish And What They Reveal About Your Life


Decoding Dreams about fish, begin with understanding the environment of the fish, which is water. Water has always symbolized the unconscious movement of life. While dreams of fish symbolize our daily participation in the movement, of life itself.  Dreams about fish represent our emotional connection to what is happening within our present life experience.  


Because of this, dreams about fish can have many different meanings. In the psychic dreaming course by Anthony Watts, he teachers the key importance of personalizing every dream symbol with what is presently happening in your personal live. (Disclaimer: This link takes you to an affiliate page. If you purchase any of the programs suggested, I may receive a small percentage at no extra cost to you.)


This course opens a whole new world for exploring your dreams, to get meaningful answers, just as good as going to your very own psychic.

He emphasizes, that the dream is not separate from your personal experience and that every dream holds a message, that is very important to our present situation.


If you go by the Psychic Dreaming teachings, seeing the fish within your dreams as yourself, will reveal more intimately the conditions of the dream which impact you and your life.


General Dream Symbols of Fish

Dreams of fish have a few very standard and common meanings which give you an introduction to the meaning of your dream. In Christianity the symbol of the fish has always represented our soul side or the spiritual part of ourselves.


Dreams of fish can also represent abundance, good news, fertility, money, and love. The symbols of the fish has been referenced as the Holy trinity, a sign of blessing and miracles.

While using common dream symbols are a great way to gain some form of insight on the general meaning of your dream, you should never stop there. These general dream symbols are meant to lead you into a much deeper introspection.  



Looking at the general and common dream meaning of fish, ask yourself if any of those qualities represent what is presently happening in your personal life at the moment.


In what way does your dream represent prosperity, fertility money or love? Some answers may not come to you directly but if you take some time to reflect on this, answers will reveal themselves that you may not have been aware of previously.


Decoding The Hidden Message of Your Dream And What Your Dreams About Fish Has Come to Show You

Previously, you analyzed your dream in a general sense, to gain an overall perspective of meaning. However, in order to gain a more meaningful interpretation and dive deeper into the dream meaning, you should put yourself through a process of deeper introspection.


Step #1 – Time

Start by finding a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Get calm, some soft calming musical will be a great addition to calming your mind and allow you to re-enter the dream.


Step #2 – Recreation

To the best of your ability recreate the dream in your mind. Recall as much of the detail of the dream. As you do, move through the dream as if you have total control of the dream. You can fast forward, rewinds, slow down and highlight any part of the dream to gain more insight.

Step #3 – Question

Ask yourself questions about the dream as you explore it. For each symbol or character, you come in contact with, ask each character or symbol the following questions. What do you represent and what do you come to show me?


Step #4 – Diving Deeper

How many fish were in this dream? What color was the water that the fish were swimming in? Can you recall the size of the fish? Was the fish a particular type? What was the fish doing in the dream? Were you interacting with the fish in any particular way?  Was the fish free or was it in a container? Did the fish speak to you? What did the fish say to you?


Step #5 – Clarity

As you ask these questions, allow your mind to flow and be in a loose, creative state of being. Let go of any rules or need to be wrong or right about what comes to you. Your answers may be as creative and unexpected or even as abstract as your dreams can be. The key is to stay in a playful mode and trust the answers even if they seem simple.


Step #6 – Discernment

Look deeper at your dreams about fish and ask the fish, what do you symbolize? What area of my life do you represent? What message are you trying to reveal to me at this time?


Step #7 – Record

Finally, you want to write out all the details that you acquired in this exploration. By journaling the details, you make a point of not losing vital information that you may dismiss as trivial.


Exploring Dreams About Fish For Deeper Messages

Now that you have explored your dream session by revisiting the details of your dream, let’s examine what you found by exploring various dreams of fish and what message they could be trying to convey to you.


Dreams About Fish in Dirty Water

Dreams of fish, swimming about in dirty or muddy water represents blockages and turmoil in your life situation. It symbolizes trouble and unpleasant conditions where you may not be able to see your way very easily through that situation.

If you have dreams about fish in dirty or muddy water, ask yourself in what area of your life are you feeling strife and contention?

In what way are you moving into territory that may make your life hard and difficult? Do you feel hopeless or do you feel as if you are not able to see your way through the maze of your life?


Dream Meaning of Eating Fish

Dreams of fish being eating can be a symbol of good nutrition. Based on the context of the dream, you may be given guidance on paying attention to your dietary needs. Fish also connects us with the water, which is always a sign of the unconscious workings of our life.


The water is a reflection of the spiritual part of ourselves. Eating fish in a dream can also be a sign of gaining spiritual wisdom. So, in these dreams of fish, you are either gaining nutritional sustenance or spiritual sustenance. In either case, your dream of fish is a good dream and one where you should look out for good things coming your way. Situations or things which will be of a bless as well as an enhancement to your life.


Dreams About Fish in Deep & Dark Water

Dreaming of fish in deep dark water, symbolizes your being in situations that may have a huge impact on your life. It may be a situation which requires a lot out of you, but it also symbolizes situations that have a huge and deep impact on your life.

Your challenge is not one that is shallow or on the surface life. It is a situation which impacts a very meaningful aspect of your life and wellbeing.

Are you presently dealing with a situation, which could be a situation which has a deep and lasting impact on your life? Are you presently in a situation which has you feeling lost or not being able to see your way out?


Dream Meaning of Fish in a Tank

To dream of fish in a tank would signify, that something in your life, has you encapsulated. In somewhere, there is a lack of freedom. Could that lack of freedom be a perception in your mind? It could also represent being repressed mentally as well as emotionally.

Look more closely to the context of the fish in the tank. Is it a large tank? Are the fish colorful and vibrant? Are they moving around freely? In what area of your life do you feel restrained or confined and unable to express what it is you truly desire?

Dream Meaning of Being Inside of a Fish

Being inside of a fish, denotes one being consumed by something larger than one’s self. In what area of your life do you feel completely overcome by something which you see as being bigger or even being in control of you?


Dream Meaning of Vibrant Colorful Fish

Having dreams of fish that are colorful and vibrant is a very positive dream of things coming to you which will make you happy and increase goodness in your life.

Colors and vibrancy is a sign of higher vibration, naturally what exist in a higher frequency, will consist of things which bring joy, happiness, success and fruitfulness.

Analyzing the specific contents of the dream surrounding the fish will help you in discovering what the fish means.  What is presently happening or about to happen which could bring vibrant blessings into your life?


Dream Meaning of Talking Fish

Dreams about fish that are talking are more explicit dreams. In such dreams, the fish represent the unconscious self, giving clear, explicit guidance to you. What does the fish say in the dream?

Does this message seem to apply to the issue at hand? Often times, when we get a message from the dream realm, it may come with information that we are not yet aware of.

It’s wise to never dismiss such messages, even if the messages seem simple or even obvious. With time, you may revisit that message only to realize that it held very valuable information.


Dreams About Fish That Are Dead

Dreaming of a dead fish is not a happy dream. Death of any kind signifies the loss of life. That could be in a spiritual way, a creative way, a psychological way or even a physical death.

The key to such a dream, is to identify what the dead fish symbolizes in your life. Do you think it represents something you want, that is no longer available to you? You may enjoy reading this article on dreams about death and what it means.

Dreams About Fish Falling From The Sky

Dreams of fish falling from the sky is a symbol of not only abundance but also of miraculous happenings.  What this means, is that you will you experience an unusual windfall of blessings.  This will occur the area of your life where you are seeking change, as well, it will come with greater ease.  

The sky has and will always be a symbol of a higher aspect of life, a symbol of a heavenly world.  Heaven always implies, goodness, blessings and miracles. 

Take note of such a dream.  Write down the details of such a dream and wait for the blessings to come.  If you would like to go deeper in understanding what that windfall may be, look for further signs within the dream.

If understanding your dreams are important to you; then you may enjoy the following course  by Anthony Watts which opens up a whole new world.





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