How to Create Massive Will Power

How to Create Massive Will Power

Will power is at the foundation of everything you have achieved or will achieve in your life. How much will power you can garner to actually take the necessary action towards what you desire, can be the difference between you achieving it or not.

No amount of day dreaming will get you to your desires without some form of physical action. Yet one of the biggest issues most people meet with is a battle with their mind, in the form of their will power. Before you can learn how to create will power you need to understand what you are battling with.

For some of you, every time you set out to achieve anything you go off into a huge internal battle with yourself. That battle starts with telling yourself all the reason why you may not be able to achieve that goal. That is the first hurdle you must overcome.

The second hurdle you must overcome is the daily reason to keep taking action towards your desire. Very few people ever achieve anything in life because will power is one of the biggest issues facing most people. You may like to, but you can’t seem to get your mind into the action to actually do it. You may try forcing yourself to actually do certain things but no matter how hard you try; you just can’t seem to get the will to do it.

…the Reason

Your mind cannot do what it has not been conditioned to do. When you are fighting against yourself, you are actually fighting against your mind. Your mind governs every single action you take and those you don’t take. You cannot do anything in life without the minds input. Yet most people ignore the mind while they continue to fight issues that cannot be solved without the inclusion of the mind.

The mind loves routines. It easily falls into patterns and locks itself into similar paradigms again and again. The mind follows patterns. Once you do something, a few times is all it takes for the mind to build a routine out of those actions.

If you are used to going home from work and having a large dinner in front of the television, this may have made you feel comfortable for quite some time. That comfort helped you build a deep mental routine also, not just a physical one.

Then one day you take a look in the mirror and decide that you would rather go off to the gym before going home. The only problem is that the mind has already created a routine that is ingrained. Every time you try to break from that cycle, the mind sees this break in cycle as a threat against its routine, it then reminds you of all the reasons why going against routine is not advisable. This manifest as all sorts of reason why you just cant go to the gym.

This will continue forever until you learn how to willfully break from that cycle by first altering that cycle in your mind. This is the key to achieving will power, with out this step all your efforts will yield nothing but frustration and no results.

Breaking the Cycle

One of the reasons it can be so very hard to break out of our old cycles or even get motivated to take on new actions, is because of the connection we have with where we are. As humans we tend to move into routines that feel comfortable. And, if we happen to find our selves in a situation which does not feel comfortable, we will carve out a way to derive that comfort. Breaking that comfort level is very hard for most people even if that comfort in the long run will be destructive.

The key in this regard is to find a new place of comfort in your new routine. Find some reason which makes you feel really excited and the mind will find a way to get and keep you there in the most comfortable way.

Get a pen and paper and write out all the reasons why taking that action towards your goal is needed. Find reasons which make you feel excited and inspired. The more reasons you have which make you feel good, the more motivated you will be at sticking with this new routine.

The mind always gravitates to what ever process is easiest and feels good. This is the key to the mind’s comfort level. There are times when you should push the mind beyond its comfort level, because that is where the most growth happens. However, in order to create massive will power towards a set goal, we need to seduce the mind in ways that creates the least resistance.

Here is a Step By Step Process

  1. Write on paper at least 7 – 10 good reasons why achieving the goal you desire will bring you great fulfillment.
  2. List and number all the things that are preventing you from having that goal.
  3. On another separate sheet of paper, list all the things you are willing to stop doing which negativity impact your goal.
  4. List all the things you are willing to do daily to help you reach closer to your goal.
  5. Make a list of affirmations which empower your mind on taking wright action. Affirmations such as “I feel excited to go to the gym every evening. I feel a burst of new energy every evening after work. My body is becoming stronger and I feel more energetic than ever.” The idea is to create a series of affirmations which support every single aspect of your steps towards you taking massive action towards your goals. Cheat affirmations which support your new lifestyle in as many ways as you can. Revise the list every single day at least 5 times a day. As you revise the list, allow yourself to focus on the good feeling of taking action. Emphasize this good feeling for as long as you can.

Creating Massive will power requires having motivation and massive motivation requires massive reasons why. The more reason you have for achieving a particular goal the more will power you will be able to build towards taking action.

With that said, every single person who is successful in whatever they do have incorporated their own mental plan to the process. Some practice hour long self-talk sessions, in order to build the mind. Some use song and dance to build the vibe. Whatever method you choose, let it be a method that infuses you with enough mental power before you take action.


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