Become More Alluring & Irresistible Using This Mind Power  Technique

Become More Alluring & Irresistible Using This Mind Power Technique

Peoples who possess the ability to be alluring or irresistible have a special quality to suck in the attention as well as a strong desire from others.  All too often we place way too much importance on our outward appearance. We do this without realizing realizing that beneath the clothes and our physical form there is something that compels others or repels others, who come near us.

Some people possess a magnetic current so strong that it compels others to fall into a hypnotic spell of desire.  While on the other hand, the average person has to force attraction.  However, it’s never an all-consuming desire, that they have towards you.  You may find yourself changing your appearance, working out harder at the gym, buying that new outfit and so much more.  However, across town, there is that guy or girl, who seems to make little to no effort and others swam towards them.  You may tell yourself, that its their looks but deep down inside you know that there is something else.

Being hypnotically alluring, is something you are either born with or you learn to become.  It is a way of being and thinking.  And, at its highest level; it is our ability to affect the mental and emotional states of others to where they see us in a favorable light and move in our favor.   Its powerful to say the least.  If you want to learn more about magnetism, which is the umbrella of being irresistible, click the banner below for immediate download, right to your device. 

Did you know that people become swept up by the thought waves we are emitting.  When they enter into our field of energy they are often affected and influenced without even realizing it.

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2 Essential Keys to Being More Alluring

Key #1. Let go of your traumas from the past.  When you have anger and doubts about love, it places you in a defensive state.  You cannot be alluring when you are cutting off your flow or connection from others.  Healing is essential.  Download, the Sexual Fu, free program here to learn more about magnetism.

Key #2. Self-Acceptance/Confidence. – This is an extremely necessary and important part of being alluring.  Confidence doesn’t mean there are no improvements necessary.  Confidence means that you can be at peace with who you are and where you are, right here right now.  Your appeal first starts by loving the thing you want others to love and desire which is yourself.

Human beings are a strange bunch, they follow what they observe.  When we see someone loving themselves, our mind seeks out ways to be convinced that the person or thing is actually desirable and lovable.  The reverse is also true, our self-doubt and active self-talk, about all that is undesirable within us, makes us repulsive to others.  Soon, they will seek out reasons to be convinced that you are indeed unappealing. 

Mind Power Technique to Be More Alluring

This exercise should be done with the understanding of what it is meant to do.  The intent behind any process gives focus, power as well as results.

Intent – Changing your energy from a place of self-doubt, and repulsive self talk, to being more self-loving.  Then, extending your energy field to be seen, felt and desired by others.

Step #1 – Remember a time in your life where you saw something and it took your breath away.  It could be a beautiful lake or a child a flower.  If you pay attention more deeply, you will realize that it was not so much the form of the thing that took your breath away, but something else.  What took your breath away was its pristine, radiant aura.

That aura took it to another level beyond ordinary.  In truth, there is no form that is original.  You have seen, many beautiful things and many beautiful people, but what makes a think stand out is its glow.  Process that in your mind for a bit, pure, clean, pristine, uncluttered, radiant.  Capture the essence of that for a bit before moving on.

Step #2 – Imagine yourself standing or sitting within a field of light, the shape of and egg.  Let that light be a radiant silver hue.  Make the light as bright and as radiant as you can imagine it.

Now starting at the top of your head, say the words, ‘ I love you.’  Go down to your forehead, your eyes, your nose and say to each, I love you. Don’t rush this part, do it slowly.  Making sure to breath into each body part and to also allow those words to penetrate each individual part.

  1. Connect with the essence of pure, clean, radiant and uncluttered energy we first addressed in the previous step.  Feel the pureness beneath the form.
  2. Keep moving down the body, your chin, your neck, your shoulders, your arms, your fingers, your torso, all the way down to your toes.  As you say the words, I love you, feel the essence of pureness beneath that body part, becoming brighter.  As you are still encased within the egg of light, feel that light penetrating each and every single body part that you give love to.  Imagine, the words ‘ I love you’  creating a burst of light to explode through that body part.
  3. Bring it out.  Let it surpass your judgements, your worries, fears and self-doubt.  Just let that pure essence take over your body.  Bask in it. Feel it, make it stronger, brighter and more radiant.  When thoughts of doubt or self-loathing enters the mind, don’t judge it; Instead talk to it.  Say to yourself, thank you for showing me, the areas where I need to give more love.

If you don’t like it…then seek ways to love it more.

Self-doubt and negative self-talk are a bit like throwing garbage in a pristine pool of water.  Soon the water will become murky.  Pureness of thoughts, allows for a clean, radiant pool, which is the same for you.  To be alluring one must be radiant in essence, not so much in form.

Step #3. In this final step, you can imagine your essence as being clean, pure and washed with loving light and self loving energy.  Now you are ready to expand that radiance beyond your body, to a wider field of energy.

Repeat the following affirmations as you envision the light within the egg shape around your body expanding out beyond in a sweeping circle.

  • I am alluring
  • I feel radiant and desirable
  • I am lovable just as I am
  • I am desired and loved
  • I feel my energy expanding and becoming brighter.

Repeat these affirmations for no less than 10 minutes but 30 minutes is ideal. When you are done close the meditation with a strong confirmation, that your will is done. Do this for 30 days straight.


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