Are You Tired of Feeling Trapped in a Situation You Hate 3 Reasons You Are Stuck

Are You Tired of Feeling Trapped in a Situation You Hate 3 Reasons You Are Stuck

At some point in time we will all feel stuck. Stuck in a bad relationship, stuck in a job you hate going to, stuck in a neighborhood you no long enjoy going home to. You can be stuck in a financial rut or even a mental rut. The list of things which could make someone feel trapped can be numerous.

The struggle to get out of a situation where you are feeling stuck can play on your mind in such a way that the situation could feel like quick sand. It consumes your every waking moment, it eats away at you mind, keeping you feeling hopeless and further trapped. The more you pine over it the deeper you sink into despair.

This misery is often the cause of much mental illness. If your mind is what you need in order to experience joy, wellbeing, and a fruitful life, then guarding your mind before it sinks deeper into despair should be your biggest priority.

3 Reasons Why You Are Trapped

Awareness: If you could pull yourself out of your head and observe your thoughts, you will realize that the vast amount of your thoughts are given to the things that are upsetting you. Whatever is causing you the most pain will control you. Even when you are doing other things unrelated to the issue, the issue will be playing in the back of your mind.

The issue will become like a bit of an obsession in your mind. Even while you are sleeping, you will have dreams of this issue. Because we magnetize to us where you place our greatest attention, then you are feeding the problem and giving it life as you place all of our awareness on it.

You are Creating Energetic Cords, between you and the situation you are mentally feeding with all of your thoughts and frustrated feeling. It could seem that the more you complain, the more you stress, the more you over process the situation the long the situation continues. That is because you have become the situation and the situation has become you.

You merge mentally and energetically with whatever you give your full awareness too. This is why it is so very hard to get out of certain situations. It’s because some situations keep you in such a mental tangle that they alter you from the inside out. The longer you stay, the harder it gets to leave.

If your awareness of the issue is keeping you trapped, then the only choice is to shift your awareness from the issue. That may be hard especially in situations that you are immersed in every single day. If you cannot shift your awareness by either avoiding the person or situation then shift your perspective of the situation. Choose to see the life lesson or the good that is coming out of that situation that you may, presently be ignoring. Shifting the way you see things, changes its interaction with you.

Fear & All Such Emotions: If there was no fear, we would all take huge leaps the moment we conceived of an action. Fear is like pressing on the breaks and slowing or stopping everything down. Often, we tell ourselves we can’t leave a situation because of this or that. However, the real reason behind our decision or excuses is fear.

The fear of making a change, and what would happen if we did shocks us into inactivity. We are often more comfortable with the old familiar, even if the old familiar is causing us harm or long-term regret. We are often more frighten by the unknown than what is presently eating away at our life energy.

Action or The Lack Of: Sadly, even when many of us have brought our awareness to our situation and realize that there is an alternative choice, we still must muster up the energy to take, “right action.”

Let’s imagine that you are at a job that you hate, you realize that the hate is consuming you and you must make a change and get a new job. You have come to realize that you were afraid of taking action because you are afraid of loosing all the friends you have made in your present job, but you need to leave because your boss is tearing your soul out of your body. So why haven’t you taken the steps as soon as you can?

Some will have you believe that you are lazy, full of fear or you don’t really want what it is you say that you want. None of this is entirely true. The real issue is that you have not readied the mind and emotions in order to take action. Before you take any action, you have to align your mind and emotions in such a way that action is easy, fluid and without hesitation.

Until you take a step to place yourself in a new direction that old situation will continue to exist and consume every part of you.

Now that you know what has been keeping you trapped, do you want to know how to unstick yourself? Learn how to disconnect from a negative situation without it tearing you apart. How to over come your lack of action, such as procrastination and exactly how to implement a get out of a trap plan.

Are You Feeling Trapped in a Situation You Hate: How to Unstick Yourself



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