Are You Stuck in Negative Thinking:  How to Stop Your Negative Thoughts With a Mental Treatment

Are You Stuck in Negative Thinking: How to Stop Your Negative Thoughts With a Mental Treatment

Our mental and emotional state influences our perception and in turn our experiences. We could also say that our experiences impact our mental and emotional state which impacts our perception. This is a case of the chicken before the egg, or the egg before the chicken.

When we are stuck in a negative thinking loop, this loop affects our reaction which affects our experiences which affect our feeling. It’s a cycle, which really has no end besides awareness. The only way to stop this loop of negative thinking is to first and simply bring awareness to your own thoughts and feelings.

A great deal of the time we are unconscious of the thoughts and feelings we are having until we are overwhelmed by grief, anger or anxiety. A large number of people cannot identify how they are feeling or even why they are feeling the way that they presently are.

In order to stop your negative thinking, you have to be able to bring awareness to your thought patterns. One way to do that is to get a journal.

Examining Your Thoughts First

Before you can stop your negative thoughts, you have to be able to identify your thought process. One way to do this is to start writing your feelings out every day. You may be quite surprise to realize the mountain of unexpressed thoughts and feelings, bottled up in your head.

Those unexpressed thoughts you have bottled up inside of you, they are and have been silently eating away at your inner being for a long time without you even realizing it. Sometimes there are thoughts inside of you, which cause you so much grief. However, if you never bring those thoughts to the forefront of your mind in order to identify them and then fix them, they continue to do you harm in silence.

When you journal, you allow those thoughts a platform to be seen and even understood by you. Journaling allows you to organize your thoughts in a way that forces you to go inside of your mind to make sense of your feelings. By placing your thoughts and feelings out on paper you can begin to claim your feelings.

Putting a Stop to The Cycle

Putting a stop to your negative thinking takes work. Don’t beat yourself up for thinking negative. Negative thinking is something we have all battled with. Those who have a more optimistic outlook on life, have trained themselves to see life in a more positive way.

Changing your state of being from a negative cycle to a positive should be done with purpose. Dedicate time to working on the way you look at things.

A Powerful Technique to Shift Your Thoughts

One fun practice anyone can incorporate into a daily self-reflection routine is the what if…. game. The what if…game, will help you jar your mind from its normal cycle of thoughts. With this technique you are controlling your thinking. You are willfully choosing where your thoughts go. While this may seem simple at first, its far more profound than it would seem.

The best and easiest way to do this is to find a super quiet and private corner where no one can hear you. All you will need is a voice recorder and your imagination.

Choose something, anything you want to have a more positive outlook on. It can be specific or you can be a bit general. The second step is to immerse your mind in a positive fantasy, placing your problem within that fantasy.

The next step is to speak your present situation into that positive fantasy, where everything goes right and even if it does not, then your feeling will be good. Be as detailed as you possibly can. Speak this positive vision into your recording. Do this for as long as you can imagine all the good. Get into an excited frenzy and over flowing goodness. Fake it till you feel it.

Example #1: Always looking at life and everything from a dismal point of view.

After reflection: Realized that much of your thinking was due to patterns adopted from your pessimistic mother who complained all the time.

Positive Mental Treatment:
There are many outcomes to any one particular situation.
I live in a reality where every situation works in my favor.
Nothing can go wrong, which has started right.
The universe is always saying, “yes” to me.
Everything and everyone says ,”no” to me when I say, “no” to myself.
Everything and everyone says, “yes” to me when I say, “yes” to myself.

Example#2: Your partner may be draining your energy. There seem to be no resolution for the toxic environment.

After reflection: You realize that, you have learned all you can from this situation and you are ready to move on. Or, perhaps there is still lots of good and you are willing to change the energy dynamics between you and your partner with some work.

Positive Mental Treatment:

I am surrounded by loving energy
This loving energy surrounds my entire body and expands around me impacting everything and everyone around me.
I send loving energy to everyone in my immediate circle, even if I do not understand what they are going through.
I speak peace and loving energy through my home, throughout my work environment.
I allow myself to feel an abundance of loving energy growing and blooming from my center like a spring.

The key is to alter the mind with a new outlook regarding whatever situation which has you in a negative mental outlook. Naturally we are human and at any given time, there may be one or more areas of your life where your outlook may be less and positive.

Whenever you find yourself moving into a negative thought process, quickly put yourself though the stages of first identifying your negative pattern and then entering the positive fantasy of “what if…” fully immersing your entire attention and awareness on a more positive mental treatment for at least 10 minutes without breaking concentration.

Forget about your fears, within the realm of the positive fantasy, nothing can go wrong. As you record your thoughts you can always refer to them when you need to remind yourself of a more positive outlook. Keep creating as many recordings as you can. Also listen to them, again and again to constantly train your mind in this new way of thinking. This practice will create a new mental pattern, one that will soon happen automatically without effort.

Nothing of greatness ever happened overnight. The greatest teaches have spend hours a day training their mind as great athletes train their bodies, hours and hours a day. Creating a new mental pattern requires daily training.


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