Are You Feeling Trapped in a Situation You Hate:  How to Unstick Your Self

Are You Feeling Trapped in a Situation You Hate: How to Unstick Your Self

Everyone is stuck to some degree. As long as you have found yourself in a situation that is not pleasing to you without an exit plan then you are to some degree stuck. Being stuck isn’t the issue, knowing why you are stuck is key but the master key is knowing how to unstick yourself from that or any situation which does not please you.

The Dynamic of the Struggle

When you are unhappy with a situation, we have the tendency to fester over that situation with our mind and emotions on over drive. What you are fighting is the pain that you perceive in that particular situation.

That pain does not have to be a physical pain, it could be the pain of regret, or unresolved expectations. The struggle happens when you are fighting yourself or fighting to get out. In either case it’s a mental battle. You over think, you feel sick and tired, you complain, you sink deeper and deeper into despair until you either give up or look for a way out.

The more you struggle the more you wrap your energy field in the frequency of those thoughts and emotions. You sink into the environment of those dark issues you are struggling against. In the end you have made a cocoon woven out of the energy of those same issues you hate. The more you struggle against it, the stronger the emotional and energy connection with the very same thing you are trying to run from. You magnetize to yourself what you give the most attention and energy to, the more you fight the stronger that situation becomes in your life.

Releasing The Struggle

The first way to release yourself from a trapped situation is to release the struggle. That may seem counter intuitive. After all, if getting out of a trap is what you must do, then shouldn’t struggling to get out be the only alternative?

The answer is no, because the more you fight against something the more you bind that thing to you. The key to releasing the struggle is to make peace with the very situation you are hopping to escape.

By releasing the fight, you also release the entanglement. By first shifting the feeling that you are in battle against this thing you hate you are able to shift the energy.

Releasing something that you are struggling against can be very hard. The key to doing so, is to release your perspective of the issue. Change how you are looking at it.

Change how you are going to see the situation, in a light where it has come to benefit you. An important key in this step is to make a strong agreement with yourself on this new perspective.

Agree to the new meaning that this situation has brought to you. If you are in a job that you hate, perhaps you have made some amazing friends, or you have the opportunity to learn a skill you would have had to pay thousands of dollars to learn elsewhere. By focusing on the light and what you are gaining in that particular situation you can better release that negative emotion which has you under lock.

When you can shift your perspective of the situation to one that is in your favor, you simultaneously release the hold that this supposed negative situation has on you.

Writing a New Story

The flow of life experience is infused with contrast. Contrast comes to steer you in one direction or the other. Whenever we as human beings experience something we dislike we often go the very opposite end of that experience. The pain of an experience motivates us in the opposite direction.

The question one needs to ask themselves is: In what way has this experience motivated me in one direction or the next? You are better able to see what an experience has come to do for you, if you first release the negative hold you have in your mind about that experience.

You simply cannot encounter any experience which has impacted you emotionally without it changing you in one way or another. For this particular step you most definitely need to take some quite, reflective time, where you can allow your intuitive mind to reveal the new direction this experience will take you too.

After you have spent some reflective time and gained insight on your next experience, its very crucial that you write it down. In addition to writing it down, its key that you create affirmation which will align your mind and emotions which help to fortify your energy in which to lead you in the right direction. Without your mind and emotions in the right direction, nothing will happen.


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