Are You a Powerful or Weak Manifestor? Take The Quiz

Are You a Powerful or Weak Manifestor? Take The Quiz

While you may know some key points about how to manifest, you may or not be seeing the results you want. The only way to know how good you are at this skill is to take the test. Test your knowledge and skill in manifesting.

#1. When you visualize, do you see your desires with crystal clarity and full sensory intensity?

Visualization is by far the most powerful tool for manifesting. The mind needs to see, as well as experience the sensations of the story you are creating.  In order to perceive it real.  It is the realness of visualization that is most powerful to manifesting.  When you lack this ability, it takes longer to magnetize your desires to you.

#2. Do you understand the secrets of the divine circle?

There are spiritual laws and principles which govern our outcome.  Understanding the divine circle puts you in the flow of receiving and receiving more abundantly.

#3. You feel nervous and anxious about not getting your desires?

Feelings of nervousness and being anxious are often an indication of where your mind is in regards to your desires.  Thoughts of doubt are rooted in feelings of fear.  Manifesting takes confidence and confidence comes with right knowledge.

#4. You experience sudden weird signs from people, television or random signs pertaining to the desire you want to manifest?

When you are absolutely clear and focused about what you want to manifest, reality will speak to you in the form of random signs.  Those signs could be in the form of friends, family or sign post along the way. Each, letting you know that you are on the right path.  Those signs only show up when you are moving into alignment with your desires.

#5. Can you recall at least 5 things you have manifested spontaneously without active effort on your part?

A good manifestor is someone with a strong magnetic current.  To embody a strong magnetic current gives you the ability to impact reality with greater ease that “normal” people.   This means you are in a constant flow of receiving with little effort.

#6. You use visualization alone to manifest?

In as much as visualization is quite powerful, the mind needs the auditory as well as other physical interactive aspects to create a real sensation to your desires. Verbal commands are also an important way of setting your intentions into action.

#7. Do you wake up from night time dreams with guidance or information that pertains to what you want to attract?

Our dreams belong to the spiritual realm.  Dreams are one way our spirit sends us sign post and guidance on how to achieve our desires.  The more you focus and meditate, the more you activate your dream body.  It is common during the manifesting phase to experience strong dreams giving us some form of guidance in regards to our desires.

#8. You suddenly loose friends or situations that were blocking you from your desires.

If the things you desire are greater than your present situation, you will often find that circumstances shift very radically when you become focused on those greater desires.  Whatever is not in alignment with where you are going will fall way.

#9. Do you know how to combine both the spiritual as well as the physical part of manifesting?

Manifesting takes a combination of both physical steps, combined with the spiritual steps, in order to achieve incredible fast and harmonious results.  You cant visualize alone, neither can you take all action with no spiritual creation.  Both the creative and the physical steps need to be applied in order to achieve success.

#10. Do you know the secrets of manifesting with light and sound?

Light and sound are two extremely powerful systems for magical results.  They take manifesting to a whole other supernatural level of miracles and magic. Read my book Magic Money to learn more.

#11. Do you frequently get things you wanted in unexpected ways?

People who have a strong magnetic energy, are able to manifest things very easily without needing to put extra focus on all the details.  Its all about the strength of the mind.

#12. Do you suddenly begin to attract all the things you don't want whenever you try to manifest what you do want?

It is all too common for some people to begin attracting all the things they don’t want, right at the time they have decided to manifest what they do want.  This is because, knowing what you want can suddenly make you hyper aware of all the things that you do like in your life that you want to change.

Keeping your focus on those things you want to change, can bring a tsunami of problems all of a sudden and all at once.  A good manifestor knows how to keep their their focus on what they do want, to the exclusion of what they do not want.




You are a powerful Manifestor!  You know and understand how to get what you want.  There are still some secrets that may benefit you. You may enjoy reading my latest eBook.



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Manifesting is not your strong point!

However, you could brush up on your manifesting skills.  There is still much to learn about manifesting.  You may want to gather some powerful techniques which I share in my latest eBook.



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