Affirmations For Love And Deep Magnetic Connections

Affirmations for love do work very well. When done frequently and in the correct way, the results can be outstanding. The coincidences as well as synchronicities, lead to new exciting love stories. However, in order to be successful with affirmations for love, there are a few things you must first understand.

Not all affirmations for love work and all do not work in the same way. Most, if not all of us have had at one time or another, many blockages towards love. We may struggle with the idea of love, as well as our ability to secure it. Because of these mental blockages towards love, repeating affirmations can be counterproductive.

However, when you tackle the mental blockages directly using affirmations, you make room for love to enter more easily. Additionally, you acquire the ability to create magnetic connections with others, that you could not have don’t previously. A magnetic connection makes you the sought after, the desired. You become, the uncommonly desirable, that they must have.

The 3 Blockages Stopping Love From Entering Your Life

When you repeat affirmations for love without first identifying what our blockages to love are, the affirmations won’t work. Every time you say a positive affirmation, your inner mind will send a shout out. “Hey, remember Mrs. Mary who married 5 times?” In other instances, your mind may tell you that, you are not lovable at all. When you try to repeat these positive affirmations for love your mind creates a battle against it.

The very opposite of what you want, happens. You strengthen all of your fears and doubts to love, when you create affirmations which do not first adjust those mental blockages to love. By first identifying the three main blockages to love, you can then create affirmations which eradicate those mental blockages. When you release those mental blockages, you make room for love to enter your life with greater ease.

You Doubt That Love is Possible

It’s a very difficult thing we all face. We all want to find that one partner who accepts all of our many angles. The one who can love all of us as we are. At the same time, we are bombarded by news stories of our favorite celebrities or the couple who seems like the pillar of the community, all falling apart. These stories can fill our mind with doubt when it comes to our own self secure love.

Here is a secret! The reality you create is of your own personal blue print. What is possible for you, may not be possible for the rest of the world, because the rest of the world sees love differently. When you eliminate those stories going on in the outside word and create your own story, you will experience love like no one else. Your personal blue print is yours to create and it is personal to you.

Why The Chase For Love is a Trap

Sometimes we have told ourselves that love is so hard to find that we place ourselves in a perpetual chase. The actual working and processing to get to the object of our desire gets built inside of us. The chase, the pursuit gets built in so strongly that soon enough we find ourselves making a job out of chasing love. When in truth all we need to do is to feel, imagine, sense the possibility of love. This is where the first blockage affects this second phase.

If we subconsciously doubt that love is possible, we may tell ourselves that we want love but we get trapped in the chase. The chase for love keeps happening but the getting of it, the final capture of love never happens. It’s necessary that we stop, chasing, and feel that love is already here and the moment we connect with love, spiritually it will show up easily. This is where coincidences happen! But, before this can happen, we have to allow ourselves to feel, really feel the energy and sensation of what it like to be engaged in a loving exchange.

The Biggest Key to Love

The third and final block is this one concept. We often want love and seek love out, without ourselves becoming the object of love. Have you ever thought of becoming so lovable that others have no choice but to feel magnetically connected to you? Can you see the difference in this thinking?

The first is the concept of seeking love, with hopping desire that someone will want you. While the other thought is that you become so desirable, so pleasing that, others seek you out and love you. In both cases you get love but in one instance you are the one begging for love. While in the other case, you are the magnetic desire that others desperately want and seek out.

Affirmations For Love & Dissolving The Blockage to Love

Love cannot enter if there is doubt in your mind about love. The following affirmations for love, are designed to take your mind to places that remind you of the wonderous possibilities of love. In creating your affirmations for love one thing increases effectiveness and that includes affirmations which support the possibility of love.

  • I believe in a deep authentic love.
  • The universe proves that this kind of love does exist, by bringing stories and examples to me.
  • I have the ability to create the type of love that is personal to me, even if it is not already available out there.
  • Love exists for those who believe.

Affirmations For Love & Creating Love Essence

What does love feel like to you? What needs to happen in order for you to have that loving feeling? Often, we say we want love, we even create affirmations for love but we may not have identified what love is to us. Everyone has a different perspective of love. One person may need love demonstrated in one particular way, while that way may not work for another person. If you have not taken the time to know what love feels like to you, you may enjoy exploring a this Quiz on the 5 Love Languages website.

Just as it is necessary to know your own flavor of love, its just as important that you also give love to yourself. In sending loving thoughts to yourself, you become more lovable to others. How can we expect others to feel love for us, when we ourselves are create a body of thought energy, which is not loving to ourselves?

  • I connect with my own expression of love.
  • I align myself with the sort of people who demonstrate the love that makes me feel whole.
  • I am worthy of being loved.
  • I attract people who see all parts of me and love me anyway.
  • I am lovable, just as I am.
  • I am lovable, in all my many forms.
  • I can feel the energy of someone loving me.
  • It feels wonderful to be loved and adored.
  • I feel lovable.
  • I feel desirable.
  • I feel like the prize worth having.
  • Everyday in every way, I feed myself loving energy, and loving self talk.
  • Everyday my body, mind and spirit become filled with loving energy, which attract more love towards me.
  • The more love I give to myself, the more love others give to me.

Affirmations For Becoming An Irresistible Love Magnet

One of the most common and faulty actions we make in our desire to find love is to chase, beg and work for love. Love, cannot be forced. In order to be loved, we have to become what others feel really good about. No one is going to love someone which makes them feel uncomfortable. We all seek out others, who make us feel wonderful and in feeling wonderful with them, we create a loving connection.

In order to create a loving connection, we must go through the first two phases we previously addressed.  Step one, accept that love is possible. Step two, feel the essence of love within yourself, by identifying what makes you feel loved. Finally, by creating a loving connection with others, you become the love that others seek and want to keep.

  • I create a loving, nonjudgmental atmosphere where ever I go.
  • I allow others to feel, wonderful and their true selves when they are with me.
  • My magnetic aura of love, draws others towards me.
  • People love me and feel wonderful in my company.
  • Everyone who meets me, is overcome by a loving atmosphere which makes them feel good.
  • They adore and enjoy being with me.
  • They feel loved, and received by me.
  • They are overcome with the waves of loving energy, emanating from me.
  • I am loved and desired.
  • I am loved and cherished.


By including these with your morning affirmations, you tackle all three mental blockages to love and open new channels to allow love to flow into your life. One key you may be missing, is your ability to combine visualization with your affirmations for increased success. A great number of people struggle to visualize and produce clear, sharp mental images.  If you are one of those people who struggle with visualization, then you may enjoy listening to my very powerful and revealing audio program. 

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