8 Secret Potentials of Someone Who is a High Vibrating Being

8 Secret Potentials of Someone Who is a High Vibrating Being

The universe responds to how you are vibrating. The higher your vibration, the more power there is within you. Your vibration is like a living force field which impacts your entire life experience. It influences people and situations either in your favor or not.

Your predominant thoughts and feelings are the source of your vibration. You are either engaging in dubious, dark, negative limiting thoughts which eat away at your force field or you are engaging in thoughts which build, nurture and expand your force field.

You already know that negative thoughts eat away at your potential. They cripple you and it would serve you to do all that you can to lift your thoughts to a higher frequency in order to raise your vibration; but have you ever wondered what the true power and potential is of someone who has achieved a higher vibration? Here are 8 secret potentials of someone who is vibrating at a higher frequency then average.

Secret #1 They Experience Synchronicities

When a person is vibrating at a higher frequency they are in alignment with “the Universe, God, the divine truth and what is.” There is no resistance when you are in harmony with the whole. Because of this, people and situations will align themselves with you almost by magic. You might find yourself speaking to someone about a particular topic, only to encounter that very situation moments later in the fastest, most unusual way.

Maybe you would like to learn more about something, only to have someone randomly provide all the information you need. With synchronicities it would all seem to happen in very timely yet unusual ways, almost as if the help or information come out of nowhere. In a way it does come out of nowhere.

Synchronicities most definitely do not work by the same laws of the everyday reality. As you raise your vibration, it would seem as if you unlock a magical realm of infinite possibilities and the universe responds to you from that higher more magical state. What is impossible in a low vibration is highly possible from a high vibration.

Secret #2 – New Inspired Ideas Come to Them Easily

When you increase your vibration over time it changes your consciousness; your awareness grows. New information and ideas will flow to you. When the mind is not bogged down with corrosive thoughts, the mind and the living force field of energy around you connects you with higher more inspired ideas, that would never reach someone in a low vibration.

Indigenous and spiritual groups around the world practice various forms of chants to raise their vibration to extraordinary levels to obtain hidden information. You may find yourself getting highly inspired ideas during a run or a good work out. It is because during those workouts the body is producing feel good hormones which elevate your mood and in turn your vibration.

Secret # 3 – They Seem to Know Things Without Knowing How They Know Them

Very much like the precious potential, this one is a bit different. Knowing without knowing how you know is the awakening of the intuition or psychic mind. The intuitive psychic mind is a nature we all possess which awakens and becomes stronger as you move into a higher state of consciousness, which is what building your vibration will ultimately do.

In this state, someone with a high vibration will have an inner knowing. They are able to tell immediately if something is going to work or not. They meet someone once and get a hunch about that person without having a clue how they know.

This is a powerful ability to have, because it serves as a guide on where to go, when to say yes or no to certain situations before wasting your time.

Secret #4 – Their Ability to Manifest What They Want Comes Faster Than Normal

The one thing which stops you from manifesting what you desire is deep negative thinking. Whether you live in doubt, fear or self-denial, that vibration is like stepping on the breaks. No matter how hard you work towards a situation, the end result is never quite up to your desire because that energy, which is fueled with growth, expansion and infinite possibilities does not exist within you.

On the other hand, when a person has built their vibration to great levels there is always growth and expansion. A high vibration is like stepping on the accelerator without any care of obstruction because there is none, except yourself. In that state what you desire has nothing stopping it from coming. There is nothing in the way saying,’ this is not going to happen, this is not possible,’ etc.

Building a high vibration is like stepping on the accelerator towards your desires.

Secret #5 – They Influence the Vibration of a Room Very Strongly

Have you ever been in the same room with an athlete? Could you feel the powerful energy emanating from them? Maybe you did not know what it was that you sensed but you knew that there was a presence about them. Athletes are not the only ones who carry this presence, you can find persuasive, dynamic people who carry a presence so strong that it sets the tone of the room, the moment they enter.

You may recognize what it feels like to enter a room of people who are highly emotional and get swept up by that emotional vibration. Yet, can you recognized when one individual has the power to impact the room positively without saying a word?

People who function from a higher vibration will often consciously or unconscientiously lift the vibe in a room because a lower vibration really makes them uncomfortable. As human beings we can only relate to people from the state where we are. When a person is in a higher state, they cannot help but take you there, its where they exist.

Secret #6 – Their Will Dominates The Will of a Person Who is Operating From a Weaker Vibration

We all have free will, yet it would seem as if some people possess a hypnotic ability to make you do what they desire. Sometimes you may be stunned by the actions you have taken, later on look back. What you will realize from observing the situation is that your will, got subdued as the other persons will seem to dominate your own. It is not that they necessarily forced you to their way but you got swept up. Here is what really happened. When a person possesses a very strong vibration their will power is many times stronger than the will power of a person who is in possession of a weak vibration.

Think of it as two plasma balls. One fully charged and emanating a very strong radiant light, while the other is weak and dim. The light of the second is so faint that it hasn’t the ability to light the room. If you lite both of them at the same time, its safe to say that the fully charged plasma ball would send out a strong light throughout the whole room, drowning out the light of the second plasma ball which has the weaker charge. As human beings we function the same way.

Your will and your identity can get swallowed up by the person who has a strong vibration paired by a strong will.

Secret #7 – They Heal Faster Than Average

When you are in possession of a higher vibration this higher electrical charge impacts your physical body as well. It works like imputing a higher electrical charge within your cells. Healing is not limited to your physical body but to your mind and emotions as well. True power comes from having control over your mental abilities. When you are able to heal mentally, emotionally and physically with ease, every thing will be more balanced in your outer life as well.

Someone who operates from a high vibration has is already in alignment with a greater more balanced energy which brings a more healing balance in all areas of their life. Healing of any sort is easier when you can take your magnetic presence into a higher frequency.

Secret #8 – Their Words are Like Magic Spells

The secret behind many powerful and persuasive men is a powerful energetic force behind their words. There is power, faith and certainty behind their words and because of this, their words have a more powerful impact. Their words not only have the power to manifest but their words have greater mental influence on the minds of those who are weaker. This is not a matter of right or wrong or of deliberate intent to influence. This is about pure embodied power.

When you have a higher vibration there is more creative energy within your words. It becomes even more crucial that your words be words that add more life, more wellness to yourself as well as others around you.

What you speak can often manifest within a few short moments as if by total magic.


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