7 Ways to Release Stress & Anxiety By Producing a Natural High

7 Ways to Release Stress & Anxiety By Producing a Natural High

At some point in time, all of us know what it’s like to have a tremendous amount of stress. Maybe you are juggling several projects at one time, or you are bogged down by deadlines that you can’t seem to reach. Maybe your situation is family related, or job related. Whatever that stress maybe we all know that stress has a way of limiting you.

Stress has a way of diminishing your energy levels to where you can very easily do nothing at all. The worst part of stress is the mental and emotional pain which stress causes. Overthinking, worrying and being filled with fear are only mild effects of what stress can really do to a person’s overall state of being.

High levels of stress can cause your body to produce high levels of a hormone called cortisol which has a very damaging impact on one’s health. Think of cortisol as an acid being produced by your body which slowly destroys you from the Inside Out.

This isn’t meant to frighten you but to alert you to why handling your stress levels and keeping your stress levels at a moderate degree is crucial to your overall mental as well as physical health and wellbeing. You don’t have to accept your stress. While you may accept the problems that you are presently experiencing, you do not have to allow stress to control your body.

The following are a list of 7 ways that you can release stress. While you may not be able to do every single one of these 7 things every day, you may implement them at least one or two per day, in order to keep your stress levels at a more manageable level.

Number 1 – Sound/Music

There is no tool, that has the impact that sound and music has on our mental, as well as physical state. Music and sound is a vibration received by your ears. This vibration travels through your nervous system and your brain translates this vibration. This vibration can have a positive or a negative impact on your nervous system.

This is how you determine which sounds make you feel good and which sounds make you feel bad. The impact which the sound vibration has on your nervous system determines whether you feel amazing or not. Understanding this, music can be used to have an immediate impact on your nervous system.

Choose music or sounds which produce the effect you want to experience. Sometimes you may want music to get you motivated or to feel excited. while, On other days you may favor music which gets you into a very calm peaceful slow state of being.

Sometimes, music which makes you feel excited one day, may make you feel very irritable on other days. This is why it is necessary to pay attention to what your body, as well as your mind is calling for at that particular moment.

Number 2 – Exercise

When you exercise your body produces a hormone called endorphins. Endorphins create a feel good high similar to being on a drug. When there is a heightened release of endorphins in the body it reduces your body’s sense of pain. Exercising, can put you on an intense high, which can last several hours after you have finished exercising.

Exercise like music has an ability to impact your biological state by influencing your brain, which then impacts your body to place you in a natural heightened state of well-being. Your body is its owned pharmaceutical. With the use of exercise, you could trigger your body to produce the right drugs to assist you in releasing your stress.

Number 3 – Deep Slow Breathing

The primary reason for breathing is to bring oxygen into the body. However, high levels of stress can cause you to take quick shallow breaths. You may find your heart racing, you may find yourself unable to relax your body, you may also begin to sweat profusely. These quick shallow breaths along with the anxiety you are experiencing, prevents your body from receiving sufficient oxygen.

This lack of oxygen can cause you to become sluggish, it can interfere with your sleep cycles and impact your overall mood and health. When you deliberately control your breathing, you can influence your mental and emotional state quickly. When you slow down your breathing you can calm your brain activity, which then impacts your body, which then impacts your mood.

Also, when you breathe deeply and slowly, you are oxygenating your body. Increasing oxygen to the body also gives you the feeling of being high. Some forms of breathing techniques can produce a natural high. Mystics, have been using certain breathing techniques in order to produce heightened states of joy and heightened states of spiritual awareness as well.

In this case, slowing down your breathing will produce a calm, peaceful sate of wellbeing. Try doing a few short five-minute breathing sessions throughout the day. Over time you will to be able to sustain that state.

Number 4 Healing Visualization

These days, visualization has become synonymous with attraction and manifestation. However it is rare for the average person to think about using this very tool of visualization to create a state of calm within the body and the mind.

Through several public test, researchers have made it understood to us, that the body has a keen ability to be influenced by mental images. When you engage your mind in a mental story such as being peace, stress free and relaxed the body takes that mental image as a sort of command. It then places the body into that state that you have mentally Visualized.

The key to getting this technique to work is to be able to produce very clear rich visualizations that convince the mind that this state is real. The more real the visualization the greater the influence it has over your body’s response. If you find visualization isn’t working for you or hasn’t worked for you in the past, I highly recommend that you take a look at my visualization guide .https://cosmic-wealth.com/members/visualize-it Learn the secret to getting visualization to work for you.

In this guide I show you exactly what stops the mind from being able to create very clear crisp detailed believable mental images. And I also explain to you why lack of an ability to create real visions, prevents most people from manifesting the joy the peace or even the things that they would like to experience in this life.

Number 5 Connecting With Nature

Nature unlike a busy industrial world is set at a very calm balance frequency. When you step into nature there is only the sounds of the birds, maybe the leaves being crushed beneath your feet or the sound of the wind or maybe even running water or the ocean. All of these sounds are very soothing to the body and the mind. When you are in this sort of setting it causes your body and your breathing to become calm.

With the absence of industrial sound, hectic movement, intense visuals and things which distract your mind, you will find yourself in a more peaceful state when immersed in nature. Naturally, the longer you spend immersed in nature, the calmer your mind and body will become.

Number 6 – The Power of Water

When we were in our mother’s womb we were floating around in water. How often do you think of the fact that you were immersed in a sack of water for 9 months? Being immersed in water of any kind can put the mind and body in a state of reset.

You may find your stress falling away after a long shower. You may even feel a sense of cleanliness and renewal after swimming in the ocean. Whatever form of water treatment you choose to use, it is key that you allow yourself to be submerged in the water for at least a few minutes so that you can be completely enveloped by the flow of that water.

When the body is submerged in calm water, the water becomes like a calm womb, where the body can heal and reset itself.

Number 7 – Laugh Therapy

Much like exercise laughter produces feel good hormones into the body. Watching a few comedy shows back to back can be like injecting yourself with the best feel good drug you can find for free. Naturally if you are focusing on something which causes you to laugh that means you have already introduced yourself to a feel-good state. However, laughter doesn’t stop there.

When you laugh you are forced to breathe deeply to open up your lungs. This causes you to take in much more oxygen than you normally would. Increased oxygen also enhances your body’s biological system causing you to feel this added high. Just like sound, exercise, deep breathing, water and nature, laughter puts the body into a natural state of producing a chemical high. This chemical high assist you in releasing the stress rather than have you forcing yourself to think positively.

When you place yourself in a natural producing euphoric state, overtime it accumulates and this accumulation removes you from a state of stress to a state of wellbeing.

Conclusion: All 7 of these methods should be incorporated into your life on a regular basis. Because stress can come at any time we need to learn stress management skills in order to retain a level of mental and emotional balance. Is stress and anxiety a huge part of your life? I encourage you to read the article, Release Stress With This Laughable Technique  where I go into more detail on specific techniques you can use to maintain a level of mental balance.

You may also want to check out my guide on visualization and how you can improve your power to visualize. Along with that package there are several guided meditations which will help assist you in maintaining even further mental calm. Please take a look. 



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