7 Ways to Know if Your Visualization Ability is Weak

7 Ways to Know if Your Visualization Ability is Weak

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Visualization is a precious powerful tool which cannot be ignored. Those of you who have not yet been introduced to the Phenomenal power and success that visualization can wield, you may think of visualization as some new age phenomenon.

However, the key to human creation, the key to great art, the key to successful business or anything for that matter requires a greater capacity for visualization success.

On the other hand, for those of you who may have already been introduced to visualization, you may be wondering where your strengths or weaknesses are when it comes to visualization. Just like any muscle, or skill visualization can be strengthened. You can have tremendous success or your visualization skills may be quite weak and ineffective.

To help you understand just where your visualization skills are, here are seven keys to determine whether you are weak or strong, when it comes to using this powerful god given in built tool.

7 Signs of a Weak Visualization Ability

#1 A long time to get what you want-
think of your body as this powerful vehicle getting you from one point to the next. In which case it could be from one experience to another experience. In order for you to move into a different experience you need to be able to communicate to your inner mind. Your mind can then direct you on where and how to get to the end result. To achieve this, you need to have a very sharp ability to visualize with clarity the things that you truly desire. However, when you do not have a strong ability to SEE what you want, then what you want takes a very long time and that is because the mind is not able to get a CLEAR SIGNAL of image of the end goal.

#2 You have vague or dark mental visions-
as stated previously in order for your mind to be able to have a clear indication of where you want to go, you need to be able to produce very clear mental visions. However, many of you struggle with having vague mental visions.

Sketchy mental visions are like drawing out a rough sketch of something and expecting it to look beautiful with colors and definition and contrast. The people who are successful with visualization are able to have more detail more color and more life to their visions. If you struggle with a cloudy mental vision this is a clear sign that your ability to visualize with clarity is weak.

#3 You Get a Vague Version of What You Really Want
– reason you get a vague version of what you really want is the first two points. You get a vague vision because your mental ability to produce a clear dynamic image of what you want is lacking. So the mind says ok I see a sketch of what he/she wants so I’m going to give her a sketch or an outline of what she or he wants. Your mind cannot give you exactly what you want when you cannot mental create a clear image of what it is you really want.

#4 What you want never shows up-what you want hardly ever show up because you are unable to maintain a level of intense concentrated mental focus. You may find yourself going back and forth between the things you visualize and then giving your focus to the things that you absolutely do no want.

That is how you lose concentrated mental focus on your desires. You shift back and forth between seeing it real and then complaining about what it is not.

You have to be able to feel excited about what you have been creating to the exclusion of any worry or focus on what you do not desire. The mind will engage with whatever you give strong emotional attention to and complaining cancels out what you have just been visualizing.

# 5 You feel disconnected from what you really want-
when you don’t have something, the fastest way to be able to obtain it is to build a connection with it by visualizing and integrating the feeling sensation of already having it.

At the present time the only connection you have is the connection for what is already existing in your life at the moment. Building the connection with what you really want requires some form of hypnosis, mental suggestion, meditation or visualization. Without using your innate ability to see and feel what you desire you will never be able to build that connection, in which case you will never be able to have what it is you so desire.

# 6 what you don’t want keeps showing up more frequently-
another way to determine if your ability is weak are by paying attention to the signs of those things which reappear in your life. If you continue to attract things in your life that you don’t want this is an indication that you are not using your mental skills to visualize with intensity and focus and concentration.

You maybe visualizing but it may be lacing creative will focus.

Some people allow their mind to wonder off on all the things which worry or stress them out.

Making an effort to use the power of the mind to create a change can also trigger a person to think more strongly of the problem instead. In that case more of the problem will keep showing up much more than the change you would like to see.

You may want to be able to produce a life of abundance but you’re unable to visualize it with intensity and clarity but what is clear in your mind is what you are presently looking at and dealing with in your present life experience. What you are dealing with could be financial struggle instead all while you want to experience abundance. if you’re not able to expand and enrich your inner vision so that your mental vision is stronger, bigger and more brilliant than what is happening then what is happening will always dominate your reality.

# 7 you feel nervous and fearful rather than excited anticipation – when your visualization ability is weak it becomes very difficult to convince the mind that what you want is a possibility. What you will find yourself struggling with is a lot of Fear and anxiety and worry. Much of that worry comes from a lack of belief and a lack of belief comes from not being able to SEE with your spiritual eye the possibility that you’re hoping to physically manifest into this life.

Conclusion-if you truly understand the power of visualization and its ability to influence the outcomes in your life, you would do anything necessary to develop a stronger ability to visualize your goals. The seven signs are all basic everyday circumstances which arise frequently in your life. You may not even realize or recognize those signs are there. However, when visualization became a useful tool in your life you would recognize when you were visualizing at a weak mental state compared to when you are visualizing from a strong mental state.