5 Ways to Be More Charismatic With Others

5 Ways to Be More Charismatic With Others


The perks of being charismatic with others is that we can build quick friendships, attract people who really want to be around us and also attract people who want to support us in life. Charismatic people really do have the edge in life when it comes to being the center of not only attention from others, but a great deal of adoration as well.

So how do you sign up for your charismatic blue pill? Not so fast, and not so easy. There is no one shot deal to being super charismatic. Charisma is a learned behavior.

Some people may have developed a natural rhythm of being alluring magnetic and charming but what seemed natural was self-taught. Some people learn from a very young age to use their ways to influence and seduce others into liking them or in getting their way with others. Maybe it was the only way they could get their parents’ attention or to get what they wanted and so the self-learning began.

In such cases, although their behavior may seem natural, the behavior was still learned based on a need to be validated.


The Secret to Great Charisma

The greatest secret in charisma, is not how people see you. There is no real magic in that. Anyone can learn to be well groomed and gain hordes of attention, but what comes after all the attention? Nothing really!

The real secret to true charisma is the impact you have on others. A truly charismatic person knows how to make others feel so absolutely good that people enjoy being with them.

No one will remember what you wore a month from now, but they will never forget the way you made them feel, years from now, especially if you made them feel really good. Of course, making people feel good is not easy and neither is it one dimensional.

To be charismatic has many sides, like a multifaceted jewel. When you express charisma in several different ways, this strengthens your overall sense of charm, making it that much stronger. Stronger within yourself, as well as stronger in your ability to affect people with your charm.



Here Are 5 Key Ingredients to Creating a More Charismatic Atmosphere With Others


1. Allow For A Non Judgmental Atmosphere

Every single one of us, seeks to be in an environment as well as among others who allow us to be our true self. A truly charismatic person understands that at the heart of charm is creating a space where others can feel their best and be their beat.

Truly charismatic people are most often free spirited individuals who are not hung up on social norms. Because of this they tend to be more allowing, more open to receiving others just the way they are, and people often loving being around such open accepting characters.

2. Positive Good Atmosphere

As human beings we have an unconscious way of expanding or contracting our energy field based on whether we feel a good or bad effect from another. How many times have you entered a new atmosphere or someone’s company only to feel swept up by the personal atmosphere of the other person or the space?

How many times were you in a great mood only to have your mood take a huge dip into a very low, unhappy, dismal place? We are all impacted by the personal atmosphere of those we encounter. When someone has the ability to make us feel really good, we open and expand our personal energy field to receive them.

However, on the other hand when we feel drained, confused or judged we close and contract our mind, body and spirit, creating a spiritual wall against them.

People who exist in a charismatic state bring a more joyful atmosphere where ever they go. The atmosphere of joy and laughter impacts others greatly that they will seek out those who can create this wonderful atmosphere.

3. Positive Persuasive Influence

At the core of most human beings is a goal, a dream or desire to attain or achieve some high aspiration. Unfortunately, most people are held back by their own fears and doubts. Worst yet, most people have a band of doubters waiting to remind you why you will never achieve your desires.

Rear to find the person who will encourage anyone to go full force for their dreams. When you inspire others by helping them see their dreams and desires more clearly, you have created yet again, another deeper bond and an atmosphere for you to be loved and accepted by others.

4. Listen More Than You Speak

Most of the time people speak to be heard. They want to be, listened too and understood. The feeling of being free to speak so that all of your thoughts and feelings can be released without interruption is a very comforting and healing experience. Unfortunately, its not often we find others who allow us to share our true feelings without being interrupted mid thought.

This break in our thought can make us feel constipated, stressed out and full of anxiety because we are not being heard. If you want to create a deeper more meaningful, loving atmosphere, listen more. Give others the opportunity to get out their thoughts and feelings so that they can be understood.


5. Showing Others Their Higher State of Being

We live in a harsh world, filled with all sorts of advertisements and all sorts of stories which make us second guess our worthiness every day. We look to others for validation but we are often given weak words of comfort of validation.

When we aren’t afraid to show others their strengths or their worthiness, we create a great space of trust and love. We all want to be seen, we all want to shine at least in the eyes of one person.

It’s that feeling of being received and admired or shown our greatness which causes us to fall into bliss or even in love with someone. When we can do that for others we have once again crated a powerful enchanted state of well being for others, which cause others to feel wonderful about our presence.



The Key to It all: In order to inspire others to a higher level of being, to where they feel amazing and at their best you have to embody those states of being first. You cannot help anyone feel positive if your general state of being is pessimistic and hopeless. Neither can you inspire others to exist in their highest aspirations if you are not thinking or living in your highest state.

So, the key to all of this is that you must first exists in those states first. You must evaluate yourself. Determine your own personal state of excellence before you can get anyone to feel or sense that energy coming from you.

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