5 Things to Eliminate In Order to Manifest Money Fast

5 Things to Eliminate In Order to Manifest Money Fast

I often compare manifesting money to a weight loss program.  If it seems like pears and oranges, but there is much more similarities between weight loss and manifesting than you may have ever thought before.  How many times have you tried to loose weight and no matter how hard you tried, it seemed like an impossible feat. 


You know that in order to lose weight you must take it less of the things which cause you to gain weight while you do more of the things which assist you in loosing.  Eat fewer fattening foods, while working out more, or take in less food while working our daily until you achieve success.  Manifesting is a bit like that as well.


When you are working to manifest something, there is a process of concentrated focus.  There are the things you must do in a concentrated way and there are the things which you must eliminate all together.  Those things are similar to the fattening food, which will derail all of your positive efforts.  Manifesting money is no different. 


Just like losing weight, there are some things which if done often enough will completely derail everything valuable you are doing to manifest more results.  Some of these reasons are partly why you seem to be doing all the right things yet getting little to no results.  So here goes. 

Here are The 5 Things You need to Eliminate From Your Life in Order to Manifest Money Fast


1. Your Old Concepts About Money

The entire path of manifesting requires that you allow yourself to think of reality and life from an entirely new perspective from the way you have been taught to believe that life works.  Whatever your present situation is with money, it would indicate that you have a belief about money and how to get it, that isn’t working. 

If it were working you would be happy with your results.  In order to experience new results with manifesting money, you need to first create an entirely new concept about money and money getting first.


2. Oppression Triggers

Are there people in your life who make you feel very uncertain about financial success?  Maybe, you can’t even explain why you feel so oppressed and gloomy around a particular person or in a particular place.  It could be the conversations or just a vibe. 

No matter what it is or who it is, you must create boundaries between you and anything which trigger feelings of poverty or that your desires are not possible.  Otherwise those feelings can consume you to where you simply sink into those sorts of experiences the longer you hold on to those feelings or keep yourself among others who make you feel this way. 

The way you feel is an indication of what you are attracting.  Make no excuses, cut loose anyone who does not resonate with where you want to be.


3. Fearful Expectations

Yes, its understandable that as you come into this new awareness of reality creation, you may have your doubts.  You may feel very afraid that what you want to manifest may not happen.  Some people may have even put the misunderstanding in your mind, that although you want to manifest, it may not happen. 

Those people who speak this way, are themselves not very good at the process of manifesting.  They may have gotten some results with visualizing but they have not gone deep to where they have removed mental blockages which stop them from manifesting all they desire.

Because of these mental blocks towards manifesting money, they reach a plateau and can’t seem to manifest more.  This block, creates a lack of success with manifesting.  As a result, this eventually causes, some sort of fear. 

The fear that you may not get what you want, can cause you to second guess yourself, believing that you just may not get it anyway.  If you hold strong to your fearful expectation, then your outcome can be no different than what you expect.  What you attract is based on your strongest feelings.

4. Fear of Taking Risk

When you set out your intention to manifest a certain amount of money, the universe will lead you to the path that is right, just for you.  That means you cannot rely on the path that John took, nor the path that Harry took. 

The path for you to manifest, will be unique for you and only you.  The path you are guided on will be based on where you are presently and where you want to go. 

If you are in the center of a maze, looking for your way out, your path is going to be entirely unique compared to someone who is on the other end of the maze.  Which means you have to be bold and filled with faith along the way. 

If you are afraid of standing alone or taking steps that are divinely aligned for you and only you then you will fail in succeeding at getting what you want. 

Learning to build, courage in the face of fear is something you must absolutely work on when it comes to manifesting.  A very good book that I highly recommend, is:  Feel The Fear And Do It Any Way by Susan Jeffers is all you need to shift from fear to power.  It’s a great read.


5. Other People’s Outcome

Often a large part of our belief system is based on what we have witnessed in the life’s of other people.  We watch first our parents, the family members, then friends and so on.  We base our limits and our possibilities off of what they have been able to do.  If they aim low and achieve low we don’t even realize that we automatically aim just as low. 

If someone came along and told us that we could aim higher, we would have an internal battle in believing that we could aim higher and achieve, because we are basing all of our achievements on what we see others do.

I am here to tell you, to always go higher but to do so, you have to be willing to go beyond the outcome of those around you. 

You have to willfully, choose to dream and achieve outside of the realm of what you have seen around you.  That is simply called growth.  Sure, it will force you to battle with yourself, and dive a bit deeper in releasing your old belief about money and manifesting but it is the sweetest part of life.  The challenge to let go of your limitations and go higher.


Make Room For What Does Not Work

In order to manifest money or anything, you have to let go of somethings in order to make room for the things you do want.  You have to be willing to let go of your old ways of thinking in order to make room for new abundant ways of being.


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