A 5 Minute Grounding Technique to Feel More Empowered

A 5 Minute Grounding Technique to Feel More Empowered

Remaining balance in a hectic world is not easy, especially if you have not made the effort to learn how to balance your energy and regain center. When you are off balanced you will tend to feel drained, a bit unable to focus and an overall sense of not being comfortable within yourself. That occurs when you have spent too much time in the outside world.

The outer world is the world of your personal life. The world that you interact in everyday, which consist of friends, family coworkers and such. This world and everything you experience daily makes up your outer life.

Your inner life is that part of yourself, which exist in thoughts. Its that part of yourself that we don’t get to see with our eyes. That part of your inner world, consist of your feelings, your ideas, your dreams, your ideology about life.

When there is too much time spent in the outer world and not enough time spent in your inner world you will feel off centered, drained, mentally confused, lack creativity and feel stuck in life. Think about it, you have all of those thoughts and feelings from situations which have occurred through out the day, there are also many issues you are going though which need your attention.

All of this and much more could be going on inside of the mind of a person. Without time to center yourself these thoughts become a jumbled energy thought cloud which gradually drains you. This is where you will especially feel the mental confusion.

Ideally, meditation is the best key to regaining center but often times in our hectic world, there is little time to meditate for any reasonable time to regain center. However, by taking small meditation breaks a person can reap amazing benefits which can be comparable to having sat for 30 minutes straight.

The Grounding Technique

In this grounding technique you will stop the constant recycling of thought, you will also energize the body to regain loss energy and lastly you will bring balanced thinking to what is most pressing on your mind.

This technique is quite easy, the power behind this method, is clear intent, mental focus and self-awareness. This can be done anywhere but if you are able to be outside in the open air its best.

Step 1

Strand anywhere you can find a quiet, non-distracting spot. Standing tall and straight close your eyes, bring all of your attention to your solar plexus, that is your gut. Focus on the spot just below your navel. Inhale and as you do focus on the breath moving down into that spot.

Open up your chest as if you are using your breath to fill up your entire body from the base of your gut all the way up your body. Hold it for a slow count of five, then slowly exhale. Do this for a least 7 times in the beginning, then see if you can do 10 breaths.

Focus on nothing else but the sweeping flow of the deep breath entering your body, filling you up and then slowly being released out. Don’t force the breath, it should feel joyful as if you are thirsty for air and breathing with every fiber of your being.

After a few breaths you will realize a bit more mental clarity. If you were over thinking you will find the negative thought pattern releasing itself. As you breath, you shift the old stagnant energy within your mind and body. As that energy is released, a renewed energy is able to enter into the body. This one simple technique stops the over thinking as it also energizes the body.

Step 2

Bringing a state of empowerment to replace your previous state is a powerful way of staying in a proactive mindset as opposed to returning to your old state later on. Empowerment is simply a state of mind. One where you are in awareness of your infinite potential and ready to tap into it.

It does not matter what is affecting you. If it is affecting you in any way it is because you feel disempowered by it. It could be something personal, health, finance, relationship or any other issue. In this part of the technique you can bring balance to what ever issue that is draining and disempowering you.

For this step it is best that you plan for it by writing out your intent about the matter you want to fix. Write out a few positive affirmations regarding that issue. Those affirmations could be simple or as precise as you need them to be.

After your 7 – 10 cycle breathing, move directly into the affirmation. This time you incorporate the affirmations with each breath. Feel the new empowered thought merging within you and as you exhale feel the thought expanding all around you.

Here are a Few Affirmations For Ideas

  • With each breath I feel more centered, more balance, more energized
  • I feel balanced
  • I can take on anything which comes at me now
  • I have the power to handle any issue with right judgement
  • I feel powerful
  • I feel confident that I am in the right place at the right time
  • I trust that the universe is working in my favor
  • My mind and body are at peace
  • All my problems turn into blessings
  • I trust in the divine order of everything
  • I am a divine creature designed to do divine things
  • Everything is working for my better good

Choose the affirmations which suite you and allow yourself to repeat them for a long as you like, a few minutes of this is all you need to feel recharged and mentally ready handle the rest of your day. Try doing this at least 5 times for the day, and no more than 3-5 minutes.


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