4 Reasons Why Some People are Better at Manifesting Than Others

4 Reasons Why Some People are Better at Manifesting Than Others

Manifesting like any other skill requires training, mental focus, and a willingness to succeed. You may get very frustrated when you hear stories of people who have experienced phenomenal success with manifesting. You may wonder why, despite all that you have done, you have not produced the success that others claimed to have achieved.

You may even wonder if you are doing it completely wrong. This lack of success may have you so disheartened that you may give up on the process of manifesting altogether.

You may be wondering why some people are so good at manifesting? Why are some people always winning at the process of manifesting? They seem to be able to get what they want all the time. I am going to share with you five common qualities possessed by those who are great at manifesting what they desire again and again.

#1 They love to explore inner worlds like fantasy and daydreaming –
Do you remember when you were a child and enjoyed simply daydreaming? You probably could have spent hours in your own fantasy world creating all of the magical desires that you could ever dream about. In that particular time, you were developing mental, as well as creative skills, you may not even realize.

People who spend a great deal of time daydreaming as well as exploring fantasies are more comfortable on the inner terrain of their mind. Because they are familiar with exploring these fantasy realms, those people tend to be better at visualizing, as well as feeling a greater connection with what they really want to manifest. Daydreaming and exploration are a training tool to strengthen the mental muscles in order to create.

#2 They are more creative and have less mental boundaries
– To manifest true success you must have an unlimited concept of reality. You must be able to breakdown the construct and the old limitations in order to erect new greater possibilities.

Those people who are great at being creative tend to explore a boundless reality. They’re able to fantasize and create a possibility that would otherwise seem impossible to the average thinking mind. Because of this ability to explore creatively, their mind has been trained to explore a more expansive state.

The average person has a mind which is filled with blocks and limitations. These blocks and limitations serve as barriers making it impossible for the average thinking mind to create something that is not first physically visible to them. They can create what someone else has already crated but they aren’t able to create something new. However, someone who has the creative mindset, tends to have a mind that can surpass the limitations and the boundaries which holds most people back.

#3 Those who pray and meditate a lot
– prayer and meditation are another way of developing your mental capacity. If you are someone who enjoys praying, maybe you can spend 30 minutes to an hour in long sessions. This length of time helps you in building strong mental focus as well as assisting you to withdraw yourself from your physical world as you enter into your inner spiritual world.

Prayer and meditation also helps you in in connecting with your deeper spiritual body. Long-term sessions of prayer and meditation require a great deal of mental concentration as well as mental focus, All of which is required to be successful with manifesting.

#4 A strong ability to visualize- visualization
is a key in your ability to manifest the things that you desire. However, the vast majority of people are not able to effectively visualize their desires. Some form of training is needed in order to become comfortable within the inner terrain of the mind.

If you’re somebody who never engages in any of the activities we have mentioned previously, then you are naturally going to have a weaker ability to influence reality in your favor. Your visualization abilities must be crisp, they must be filled with a great amount of clarity definition and as much detail as possible.

Those people who were naturally inclined to being creative, those who pray and meditate frequently and those who spend a great deal of time exploring the creative nature, have a more developed mindset that those who do not spend time doing any of these things.

Finally: A lot of people understand the power of visualization and some may be able to do it to some degree, however the vast majority of people can do with improving their visualization abilities so that they can experience greater results.

If you find yourself struggling with visualization or not being able to feel a sense of connectedness with the things that you desire, then you do need to take some time to learn to improve your ability, so that you could achieve greater results. Everything that you do in the form of prayer, repeating affirmations, or creating vision boards, are all designed to create a very clear mental picture of what you actually desire.

However, when you’re able to visualize with clarity all of those other things are not as crucial to your success. With that said all these various techniques while important, cannot produce great results without a good ability to visualize. Visualization is truly the number one key To Success. Your visualizations must be so clear that the mind accepts each vision as a reality. If the mind accepts it all as a reality then the mind will do its immediate best to produce a physical representation of your vision.


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