3 Things Which Stop You From Visualizing Effectively

3 Things Which Stop You From Visualizing Effectively

Someone recently had a strong complaint, telling me that they are not able to visualize at all and they keep trying and trying but nothing is working.

I asked him to describe to me how he is trying and he expressed it as if he were trying to look hard into a room from behind a thick curtain. There are some things which will make all your effort seem in vain. Knowing what is stopping you is as important as knowing what works.

If you don’t know what is blocking your results, you are liable to keep doing it, to your full frustration. Then eventually that frustration will lead you to completely stop.

Forcing It Real Looking Through a Dark Room

Some of you have a hard time understanding when you are actually visualizing. Some of you have been advised to create a screen on the inside of your mind where you can see what you desire projected unto it.

If visualization is not something you do often, then it may be a challenge to project that image on a blank screen. Some of you may have a hard time even seeing a form. So, you force yourself by stressing your inner mind to create an image. This forcing action, does not produce any sort of results at all.

If anything, forcing your mind to see an image only causes the mind to create a wall or a mental block. When you force yourself to see an image you are sending a mixed signal to your mind and that signal communicates that you cannot see.

Think of what’s going on in your mind as you force yourself. You are literally expressing thoughts such as, “I cant see…I must keep pushing harder….the image is blurry but….” The more you fight, the more you lock yourself inside of the fight and then the fight becomes the only way. All you have is the struggle to see but you won’t see. The struggle keeps you struggling.

The more you try to do something by forcing yourself, the more you make no progress and remain fighting to make progress. Don’t force to see, you should just see and know that you can see. Then the seeing will happen.

Stop Projecting You Are Not in A Classroom

One common method that is often spoken off when it comes to visualizing is the idea of projecting your desires unto a blackboard. You are to make believe that you can see the things you desire as some sort of image projected unto a blackboard.

When you project what you want onto a screen, you are creating a disassociation atmosphere between you and that thing. Its not real! The mind simply takes this projected image as just that, a projected image onto a black board.

In order for the mind to take real the things you want, you have to live inside of that experience with that thing or person. The mind sees a three dimensional item as real.

No Future Moments

This simple truth can save you all the hassle in the world. It could have taken you years to figure this one key out. Consider yourself lucky as most people are still doing it everyday, wondering why they are not seeng any success.

What is that one step that you may be getting wrong? Living inside of your visualization as if it is a moment that is happing exactly now. You are not visualizing some future possibility, you are living it now as you visualize.

Visualization for many can be like the donkey chasing the carrot. It never gets the carrot. The carrot always belongs to some future moment and because reality is so literal, it gives you just that. The donkey never gets the carrot, because the carrot is always steps ahead and belong to a future possibility.

When you visualize, in order for it to be effective you cannot see it as some act to get you here or there or something. Instead you have to visualize as if you are completely having the moment and all that you want out of it, as if visualizing it is everything.

When you can immerse yourself into your visualization and know that you are having it now, being it now, tasting it now, doing it now…then the mind receives it as real now. Anything else is an elusive fantasy which belongs to the future and a creation you will never get because the future is always ahead of you.

When you stop thinking of your creative ability as something future you will also sink more deeply into the present moment with all of its flavor and detail now.


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