3 Signs You Have a Weak Mindset And Two Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind

3 Signs You Have a Weak Mindset And Two Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind

Think of your mind the way an athlete thinks about their muscle strength. In order to be a successful athlete, you must be willing to train your muscles, so that they become stronger. Naturally the stronger your muscle the greater your performance. The same is true for your ability to use your mind. While there are some people who have a very strong mindset, there are others who possess a very weak mindset.

A strong mindset gives you power of influence, a strong mindset also gives you a greater ability to manifest with superior ease. A strong mind has greater influence over others as well as influence over the biological makeup of your physical body. Having a strong mind can only produce great results in your life.

On the other hand, those in possession of a very weak mind are easily influenced by others. They are often people who are indecisive. They are also the type of people who are unable to maintain long-term mental focus, or the ability to complete projects that are greatly involved. A person who is in possession of a weak mind tend to have a difficult time at achieving, as well as manifesting the things that they want.

We’ve all had times in our lives where we were not as driven or as focused as we could be. However, that is not always an indication of a weak mindset. Should I help you gain a deeper understanding of what it is to have a weak mind? Here are a list of qualities. If you find yourself in possession of the three following qualities then you should do whatever you can to develop greater mental strength.

#1 You Give Up Quickly

Do you tend to give up on things very quickly? Do you have a hard time in maintaining long mental focus in order to complete projects? Do you often get excited about things, only to lose complete interest because it required a bit of work?

In order to have a strong mindset and be the sort of person who is able to remain engaged in whatever you are doing, you need to be able to develop will power. Strong will power is your ability to motivate your thoughts, emotions and physical actions in the direction of what it is you want to achieve.

A weak-minded person seeks to be motivated. They wait for something magical to happen to give them the drive and the focus to get from one point to another point. However, a strong-willed person is capable of controlling their mind in such a way that they get their mind to become excited about taking the action that is needed to gain results.

A strong-minded person convinces themselves of all the reasons why they should pursue every step that is necessary to reach their goal. They’re able to self-motivate, and they’re able to control their emotional state to become excited enough to produce results. This is what is needed to be done by someone who has a weak mind. The weak-minded person needs to learn to control the mind into action as opposed to allowing the mind to control their actions.

#2 Limited Mental Focus

Strong mental focus is one’s ability to hold onto a single thought or idea to the exclusion of any other interference of that Ideal. Can you sit in meditation and hold a particular thought for 10-minutes without allowing your mind to wander off into various daydreams? It’s natural and most common for the mind to jump from one idea to the next, within a single sitting. In 5-minutes the mind can travel on to many different topics.

If you have a weak mindset, then your mind can jump from one idea to another idea, without any control on your part. You may even say, well my mind goes all over the place and I have no control over my mind. If you tell yourself that you have no control over your mind, then you would have no control over outcomes in your life either.

Strong mental focus is something that one needs to develop. Through the use of affirmations, or visualization techniques you can train your mind to hold a single thought, vision or idea for at least 5 minutes straight. You may even use mantras or some form of affirmations in order to keep your mind centered and focused on one target.

Strong mental focus, gives you an ability to go the distance while remaining enthusiastic, like in the case of someone who runs a marathon. Mental focus also helps with doing any sort of work that takes a lot of repetition. Strong mental focus also helps the creative and manifesting process by directing focused, concentrated energy to our desires. As you can see, there are many ways in which having strong mental focus is vital. This only goes to highlight the many ways a person’s life can suffer when they lack the ability to hold strong stead focus long enough to shift reality in their favor.

# 3 You Cannot See Beyond What is Presently Happening

How often do you get completely wrapped up in what is presently going on around you without giving any thought to a different possibility? When your mindset is weak it is easy to allow your emotions to get carried away. Because a person with a weak mindset has a very limited control over their emotions. It is also easier to get swept up emotionally without seeing a way out. And, because you cannot see a way out, you become even more entangled in a long emotional drag out.

However, when your mindset is a strong one, It is a lot easier to SEE into an alternate possibility. What I mean by that is, you have the capacity to think of alternate outcomes when you are in possession of a strong mindset. You are better able to VISUALIZE another outcome if the present condition does not please you.

By using your power to visualize a more positive outcome, you in essence alter reality to match a reality that produces a pleasing outcome to you. It’s the same science with prayer, meditation as well as visualization.

A person with a weaker mind gets paralyzed by the fear or dissatisfaction with what is happening without feeling empowered enough to go beyond. To go beyond what is impacting you requires that you expand your mind to think of yourself in a better situation.

An Empowered Mindset – 2 Techniques

Being aware of our weaknesses is the first key to being able to change things. We are all here to learn, to grow, to become better. When you discover that there are weaker aspects to your thinking, dedicate time to strengthening that part of the self.

We can strengthen our mindset, just as an athlete can strengthen his game. It takes work, but mostly it takes consistency. A little at a time, every day goes a long way. Spend fifteen minutes a day to just following your breath. Count each breath as you do it slowly. Every time your mind wants to wonder off on some day dream, gently pull it back to focus again on your breathing.

What this simple technique does, is slowly build up your ability to pay attention to your own thoughts and secondly control your thoughts. At first it may seem simple to just sit and count your breath but after each session you will slowly come to the realization that your mind does not control you, instead you control your mind. The moment the realization happens that you control your thoughts, you control your emotions, you will become empowered.

Here is another technique you may want to try. Close your eyes, bringing all of your attention to that point behind your eyes. Don’t strain when doing this, just bring a calm focused awareness of that point. Breathe then observe.

Observe the thoughts playing out in your head. Watch them as if they are separate from you. Don’t feel any attachment to the thoughts, just be aware of them, as if you are a separate person watching someone else’s thoughts. Try to keep this up for at least 15 minutes, then longer if you can.

What you will find in doing these techniques is a space where you can control your thoughts. It is also a space where you can create a more empowered mindset.

The Path to Empowerment

Often, we look for complicated techniques in order to build skill but the true power to great skill is often found in the simple acts, don’t daily and consistently over an extended period of time. Meditation is not just clearing the mind of thoughts. Meditation allows you to take charge of your mind and in so doing you can do some magical things in this life.

Start by learning simple techniques to open your spiritual eye. Doing so will greatly empower your mind power.



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