3 Signs You Have a Developed Skill to Visualize

3 Signs You Have a Developed Skill to Visualize

Not everyone has the same ability to visualize at the same level. Some people have a hard time of creating a mental impression. There are days where it may happen randomly. On those days a person may just happen to slip into a good state where they are able to have a clear visualization. While on other days, they may struggle with it all together.

Our goal should be to have control over our ability to visualize. Its not like inspiration. We can’t or shouldn’t sit around waiting for that time when the mind is inspired enough to create clear visions. Ideally, we should be able to open our spiritual eye to where we can visualize with our eyes open.

There are a smaller percentage of people who have a great gift to visualize. They have a natural talent for it. They have no problem being able to enter into the calm quiet of their inner mind and produce the most amazing visions.

Their ability to do so with ease, gives them a great advantage over the “normal” person. In many ways they get to produce powerful results that may not seem normal or easy to the average person.

Maybe you are one of those people who has such power to visualize. Here are 3 signs to look for to know the level of your skill.

Outrageous & Unusual Results

Some of you are so very good at visualizing and have a pure gift at shifting reality in your favor, in ways that shock people around you. One way to know that you are gifted is this. Have you every found yourself creating something which seemed beyond the bounds of what was normal for your present life, but it come true in what seemed like the most impossible, magical way?

Do you ever feel as if your life has jumped a timeline? As if you made the impossible a reality in your life, but even you can’t believe how fast, easy or miraculously what you desired came about? If this has happened to you more than twice then you are gifted.

We all day dream, indulging in wasteful fantasy but those fantasies don’t get manifested into reality unless we put in the work. However, for someone who can visualize very well, their ability to imprint their vision on the mind with such intensity produces amazing results.

Those clear visions by pass the fears, doubts, and mental blockages that often get in the way of our ability to manifest. On the other hand, when you can create visions that are real, that they by pass all the rules which say that they cant, then you have a very powerful gift to create and that starts with your awakened spiritual eye.

When you have the skill to make real your visions, then you have to be mindful of every crazy fantasy you allow yourself to indulge in. The mind honors what you see, skipping over the rules of what is “normal possibilities,” for you.

Word Wand

Do you frighten even yourself by the power of your words? Do your words have the ability to come true very easily? Then that is a second sign of someone who has the power of a developed spiritual eye.

Sometimes out of anger you may say something with force. Maybe you meant it, maybe you did not, but things always seem to unfold as you stated.

It is true that words by themselves are powerful. Yet, it is not the words by themselves that are powerful. It is the word with the image which produces results. Ask yourself this question, which comes first, the words or the mental image?

When you have a developed ability to visualize you can see and produce mental visions even with your eyes wide open. Also, because you have an active and developed ability then you are the sort who visualizes even as you are speaking. This means you have to be careful of what you allow your mind to produce as you are engaging with others.

Greater Life Leaps

In order for anyone to change their life, they must first be able to visualize a new life possibility. You simply cannot change your present conditions without first having a new vision.

People who are not good at visualizing often remain trapped in circumstances that don’t change. They get trapped in what is, without ever exploring greater opportunities. To those people, there is nothing else besides what they have presently going on.

On the other hand, those who have the ability to visualize enjoy exploring various possibilities in their mind. Its why they are skilled at what they do. Because of this mental exploration new opportunities continually open themselves up to them.

Life is forever changing with someone who has the skill to visualize very well.

Development Is Key

You may be thinking to yourself, “why can’t I have such great abilities?” Well you can! Even those who already have a heightened ability to visualize can still improve their ability by doing small techniques every day for a few short minutes.

In very little time you will see improvements. This improvement grows much more powerfully over time. There simply is no greater tool or secret to achieving incredible results in life but the development of your spiritual eye in order to visualize to produce results. Make it your priority and do so daily. Small, incremental sessions add up to massive results.


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