3 Reasons You Continue to Repel The Things You Want

3 Reasons You Continue to Repel The Things You Want

If you continue to struggle with attracting the things you want in your life, its time to pay attention to a few things you may be doing on a regular basis. These patterns can easily be overlooked but each one is crucial to your success. If you don’t examine them, you will certainly find yourself in a tireless spin of wanting to attract but never quite getting what you set out to attract.

This can have you doubting the attraction process and often times people give up trying all together and return to a life of struggle. Its important that you realize that you have created an entire system of patterns and beliefs regarding the way you are already living. Whatever you are presently experiencing is deeply engrained into your psyche. You cannot expect to live a great life of successfully attracting everything you want while you have an old standard pattern already imbedded within you.

You can’t ignore the little things because ultimately those little things turn out to be big boulders in your way. The three reasons below are all too common as well as over look but they play a big part in your success or your lack of success.

The 3 Common Reasons We Repel The Things We Want

Reason #1

One of the most common patterns we have, which creates mayhem in our creative process is that we often continue to focus steadily on the matters which displease us. How much time do you complain about the situation you are trying to change? How much time do you hang out with people who embody attitudes and lifestyles which do not support the goal you are working towards? How often do you complain that money is tight, all while you are working to manifest more?

How much time do you spend engaged in those sorts of energies? A 30 minute conversation about how hard life is can turn into 3 hours of your energy directed to that matter. After the conversation is over you may leave with it on your mind, for a lot longer.

The amount of time you give to a matter which does not serve you, can add up over the course of a day. Energy goes where you place your attention. Are you directing your attention to the things which help you attract what you want or are you giving your attention to people, places and situations which further help you repel all that you desire?

Do you remember as a very young one when the older folks would advise you to be careful of the friends you choose, because you would become like them? It is true that we adapt subconsciously what we engage in most. Observing the people whom you spend most of your time with while in the creative process is also an indication of our ability to repel or attract what we desire.

Reason #2

This second reason may come as a surprise even to you, but it’s worth looking at very deeply. The reason is that, “you don’t really want it.” In order to be attractive to the things you want you have to be completely open to receiving them. Often, we think that we want something but deep down in the core of our being we are not ready or we are afraid. There are numerous reasons we may push away from ourselves the very thing we say we want, but there is a reason for this.

Even thought you may say that you want something, inside you may have an internal battle with that same things. Take for example a young man who started a thriving internet business. At first, he was not successful, he struggled to get sales and everything he did seem not to work. On further observation he realized that he had a wall to his own success. He realized that in his mind he worried that if he had become financially free he would loose his zest for living and become lazy and uninspired. The moment he realized that simple idea which was holding him back, he changed it to this idea.

He changed his old idea to, the more money I make the more inspiration and resources I have to create more amazing products. The moment he shifted that inner tick, his business took off.

One woman who had been unable to walk for several years, despite numerous therapy treatments and expensive treatments, realized that she did not want to be healed. For the first time in her life she was getting lots of attention from her husband and family members. She had always felt neglected by her parents and everyone through out her life. Now she was basking in being cared for. So, no matter what was done to help her, secretly she did not want to be healed. Only when she realized that she was the one standing in her way of healing, she became healed.

You must question yourself. Do you really want, what it is you say you want? Can you agree to wanting it with all your being?

Reason #3

This third reason may resonate with you, if you have not taken the time to fully learn the methods of correctly manifesting what you desire. That third reason, is that you have not connected the dots. There is a practice and a method to manifesting. There is a lot of information out there that would have you believe that you simply need to stay positive and wish upon a star, when there is much more to being in sync with your desires.

You are already conditioned to repel what you desire. You live in a world of belief which tells you that you must work very hard, and that certain things belong to certain people. There is a lot of mental conditioning which has been very disempowering. Much of this is still deeply engrained in your mind.

Every practice you engage in is designed to remove those old conditionings so that your mind becomes more free to create. There are many parts of the manifesting process that you have to take into account. Manifesting is a process, it’s a state that one must place themselves into, in order to be in connection with their desires.

Manifesting is a bit like dieting, imagine if you worked out very hard every day but after your workout you consumed loads of pig fat and alcohol? In order to be attractive to the things you desire and not repel them, you must be aware of all the parts which support that process of attraction.

When you understand all the parts to the process, harmony is made in your mental, spiritual and as well, your physical life. When there is disharmony nothing works, regardless of how hard you try, you repel rather than attract. However, when there is harmony you are attractive and what you desire moves towards you with ease.


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